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  1. Lowepro bags - lifetime warranty
  2. Flash
  3. Phoenix light rail ...
  4. Alpinist re-launched
  5. Some good...some bad....
  6. Just scored this on Ebay for under $200
  7. How can I improve this photo?
  8. Some shots from a recent trip to Napa / San Francisco, CA...C&C welcome!
  9. Howdy all. Kind of an odd question. Does anyone know where I might find a wholesaler for Canon
  10. TonyBenino's 08 Audi S4 Photoshoot!! ~kHahnPhotography
  11. Trying my hand at landscapes...Covered Bridge
  12. Couple recent shots of our MDX ...
  13. My 5D (mark I) and Sigma 50mm 1.4 arrived today.
  14. Would it be possible to PS out people in this picture?
  15. just ordered a bogen 190CX3....
  16. First outing with my D90 today...(Chinatown)
  17. Waterfall in the winter
  18. Happy Chinese New Year
  19. I've just joined the dSLR world....
  20. Need prints FAST...like same day fast!
  21. Where's Waldo?
  22. New Toy
  23. I think I'm going to have a poster made of this shot.. I printed it 8zx10, and I love it..
  24. Guess the new lens. 56k no
  25. chad, i'm looking for a follow-up review of your satori, ...
  26. 5" of snow and some wind...
  27. Best photo sharing/internet print service. Fotki?
  28. Which frame?
  29. super takumar 50mm f1.4 + D300 =
  30. Is this the photo bag forum? Ok then, I'll give my review too...
  31. anyone interested in helping for a cause?
  32. Tree
  33. Anyone know how I could touch this picture up (remove blue)? The setting was wrong on the camera.
  34. Since we were discussing photo bags.. Here's mine. Tamrac CyberPack 8...
  35. Thoughts on a new lens for my XTi?
  36. DANGER
  37. Continuous lighting advice needed - first indoor photoshoot
  38. 1Ds2 for $2400?
  39. canon users with live view... want video too?
  40. possibly an odd question... is it possible to make mini slides? if so, where?
  41. Frozen lake TT photos
  42. found
  43. camera dreams.... i had a dream that someone gave me a 50 f1.2L
  44. Here have fun: spot the Canon vs Nikon ratio
  45. Bag Review: Lowepro Vertex AW 100 - PART 1
  46. benfica09 - did you ever buy the leica before your trip? i was waiting for a quick review
  47. Anyone have the 17-70 lens? How do you like 'em?
  48. help me pick a camera
  49. does anyone know why the tokina 11-16 2.8 is always out of stock?
  50. Where to buy a CD with Owl Calls?
  51. 17-50mm: Tamron or Sigma?
  52. some images from trip
  53. Anyone know if the Nikon D50 takes 4Gb or more of SD memory?
  54. I've always found Lightroom 1.0 to be sluggish in most tasks. Is v2.0 any faster?
  55. PSA: D700 & D3 firmware update now available for download
  56. b&w kaesemann CP: hit/skip? is there a better CP filter for the $ or cheaper?
  57. i have a chance to pick up a Tokina 28-80 for 150 but there is one problem
  58. SLR n00b question.
  59. H/S on film camera
  60. Can you tell which pic was shot with the newer, and much improved camera?
  61. thoughts on this sunrise, please
  62. Printing on glass?
  63. Like my 'new' Spotmatic?
  64. Made it to Yellowstone over the weekend and only got 1 decent picture
  65. Some shots from my neighborhood park today.
  66. Just picked up Canon 2.8 100mm Macro USM from CircuitCity for $318, $470 everywhere else
  67. Red Shoulder Hawk
  68. © 2006...
  69. finally pulled for a legit tripod - will be my first and last
  70. What did I do wrong here?
  71. The trouble with owning a lot of gear...
  72. When you say "Fast lens", what does that really mean?
  73. Custom WB using Gray Card in Canon DSLR
  74. weirdos and other people
  75. What can i do better?
  76. Just got a Canon G10, very excited. I'll take some sample pics tomorrow.
  77. How much should I sell the Nikon 18-55 kit lens for?
  78. Anyone got advice for a basic studio setup?
  79. Has anyone bought anything from Soniccameras.com?
  80. 70-200mm F2.8L IS - $1300 on Craigslist
  81. So with the Inauguration Tuesday, should I go to the parade or the swearing in ceremony?
  82. Door
  83. Took some shots of some decrepid Philly scenes last weekend......
  84. Lar H, quick n dirty samples from the 50D.
  85. Anyone ever ordered a lens from Amazon?
  86. i put together a gallery of my Best Of 2008
  87. Recommendation for a Nikon D90 compatible large aperture lens for portraits
  88. some rolling hills to calm your day.
  89. a few with new toy =D
  90. Canon 5D Mk2 in Presidential news:
  91. Geese in flight
  92. BW or Color help me pick
  93. Well chastise away but I wound up going with the sony. Had a blast at the game and got some decent
  94. Thom Hogan: Price Increases Ahead in US
  95. "prado layer" via google earth
  96. Found a Canon BG-E2 battery grip for cheap but can't figure out if it will fit the 40-D
  97. Philly area shooters - who wants a quick and easy wedding gig?
  98. Anyone know of any sources that have a 5DmkII in stock? Looking for one right away. Thanks.
  99. Pileated Woodpeckers(3) have been visiting my feeder
  100. No more outside bird shooting. It's winter show me your cage's birds (I'll start)
  101. <grumble> It's annoying as <beep> that I'm having more trouble finding batteries
  102. Close but no cigar. Just thought I would share my futility.
  103. slowly catching up to my camera..
  104. Edit: What would you pay for a used Canon 70-200 f/4 L Series USM lens retails for $570 at B&H?.
  105. CF cards. What should I be looking for in terms of write speed / buffer?
  106. Mating season!
  107. Sunrise pics
  108. For sale: Canon A590IS P&S
  109. Shooting a Night Heron at night: a fool's journey
  110. it was SUCH a nice day out today!
  111. Noise reduction software
  112. Finally got a D700
  113. Ok. It's down to these (WA lens options)
  114. camera straps -- custom
  115. PSA: 3-Pack SanDisk Extreme III 4GB CompactFlash Card $19.99 AR ($10 Shipping),
  116. Looking for an "affordable" Nikon/Sigma everyday zoom lens with lowest F stop
  117. ACR gurus
  118. New, new, new!
  119. Another memory card question- will a 4gb HCSD card work in a canon sd600
  120. Memory card question: do I need the fastest possible CF udma card on a D700?
  121. Some wedding shots (bww)
  122. Cybersyncs shipped, arriving Monday - can't wait
  123. Shadow
  124. Canon 50 1.4 or Sigma 50 1.4?
  125. Vienna for me in 3 weeks
  126. Infrared Palm Trees
  127. Rat a tat tat!
  128. Anyone need a Sigma (Canon mount) 18-50 f/2.8? I pulled the trigger on the Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS.
  129. PSA: Canon updates firmware for 5D Mark II
  130. Thoughts on the digital Leica/Panasonic Point & shoot camera's?
  131. I'm giving away 6 tickets to the Epson Print Academy in Seattle, SF and LA
  132. Rock
  133. should i get rid of my tokina 12-24 f/4 for the new Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
  134. went on my trip - feedbacks welcomed
  135. Haha! Sam Hassass posted his experience w/Nigerian scammer selling a 40D on CL
  136. what prime lens should I get first, 50mm or 85mm?
  137. Our local raptor
  138. I have the fall blues )-: Winter with no snow landscape to shoot is boringgg
  139. Now I'm considering the Canon 17-55 f/2.8 EF-S w/ IS
  140. I have one thing to say: Prime lenses RULE !
  141. Cali trip attempt #2
  142. Uh oh...
  143. suprised 'redneck-theme' bday party
  144. Scanning old photos... Suggestions?
  145. Want to buy a DSLR for this weekend's playoff game. Actually been eyeing them for a couple of years
  146. newb software: what do you think i need?
  147. New Years in Paris
  148. Some amazing and funny wildlife pictures
  149. FREE! Lexar 8 GB, 133x Professional High Speed Series, Compact Flash Memory Card
  150. What did I do wrong? ISO setting?
  151. 50D users, any nice low noise high ISO images to show off??
  152. What do you guys think?
  153. Anyone have an image @ 16mm on a 1.3x sensor?
  154. some from this weekend (tree included)
  155. What - macros? But it's winter...
  156. not trees, but what i saw while walking today. two sides to the pier
  157. While were on the subject, I thought I'd share. Tree
  158. Different tree
  159. Tree
  160. New glass....it's wide.....2 -4 are HDR
  161. smugmug, zenfolio, what else are you all using for hosting?
  162. best lens to use for hiking
  163. Wedding photo: Woman and I are doing a destination wedding in Mexico and found these guys.
  164. Fuji s100fs XZ (extended zoom) opinions?
  165. Finally some sunlight and cold weather
  166. Used lenses - good sources?
  167. Photo DIY Stuff
  168. Crazy HDR
  169. Happy new year year AW photo forum folks
  170. Getting ready for New Year's fireworks dispaly..
  171. Pics from Peru. Critique welcome. BWW
  172. Buying an original 5D...Questions...what would you offer...
  173. Thoughts and opinions wanted on Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens...
  174. Camera Strap
  175. Critique pls...
  176. f/8 and be there
  177. Help Please. Can anyone recommend a good-inexpensive all in one printer?
  178. Nikon Owners: Anyone own a 28mm 2.8? Broke my 18-55 kit lens, looking to replace with a Prime
  179. What Photography sites do you visit on a daily basis... feel free to post yours as well
  180. iammatt does milan
  181. Couple of New Pics of the A4...
  182. Anyone done engagement shots?
  183. Trying to find a new home for my D40x kit
  184. What is everyone using for LCD screen protection on their cameras?
  185. just got back from 7 days in Chicago. glad i live in california now!
  186. Going strapless
  187. What am I doing wrong?
  188. Just picked up a refurb XTi body for $300
  189. wOOt! D80 for xmas. first shots evar
  190. Help with taking some pictures?
  191. Anyone have a 24/1.4L? Thinking about getting it as a walk around prime on my 40D.
  192. Any DSLR Deals to be Had?
  193. my small photo-related xmas present:
  194. Anybody here have a Nikon 55-200 lens with VR for the D40? I notice a strange quirk with it...
  195. just got el cheapo lens as xmas gift
  196. What can a film Hasselblad be had for now? Where can I go about purchasing one?
  197. Stealing Santa's Cookies
  198. It's been a bit icy outside of Philly the past week, decided to break out the D200 and shoot some...
  199. Best place to order some XD camera memory cards? Tired of my dinky 32mb
  200. Just pulled the D90 out of the box and dinner arrived
  201. Pics of my vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico.
  202. Stopping in to say hi & happy holidays!!
  203. Is this some fancy photoshop plug in one click action or something more involved?
  204. is a DSLR capable of capturing a bullet coming out of a gun?
  205. well thank you!
  206. happy bday to me:
  207. a tip of the hat to to B&H, ... & merry christmas to me, ...
  208. Lightroom problem, it cannot start because of a "Server Busy" error
  209. Snowy drive
  210. picked up a 5D Mk II this morning
  211. Snowy morning!
  212. Venice
  213. Canon 5D, 2200 clicks, $1250
  214. Higher iso on the Canon 5d mark 2
  215. Neat little "tripod" for my ultracompact
  216. Snow...finally
  217. Here are a couple of duck shots I took today.
  218. looking for lost videos of nikon D3 torture, ....
  219. time for an appropriate tripod and head...
  220. xmas lighting pic tips from boston globe photog:
  221. 5d mark 2 video
  222. 2008 Best of.
  223. Photos from my SE Asia Trip
  224. Photo forum noob here. I just bought some metallic finish photos of my 6 mo. old boy
  225. Photo noob, best place to buy good used equipment, namely a starter DSLR?
  226. christmas came early
  227. Anyone notice this about 5DMii photos on the net?
  228. Since the bird embargo has been lifted...
  229. I have a confession to make, so here it goes. Hi, my name is Mike and I'm a birder
  230. Hit/Skip... Canon 200 f/2.8L Version 1
  231. Officially tired of PC cords triggering my flashes
  232. Anyone get their holiday photo cards done yet?
  233. sunset was amazing last night.
  234. Goose coming in for a landing.
  235. Just got Canon 5D Mark II
  236. is this a repost?
  237. Just wanted to share this guys website.
  238. Does the Nikon EH 5 charge the camera battery while providing AC power?
  239. 4/3 system lenses: Zuiko vs Sigma lenses
  240. Some photos of the ice storm we had in New England
  241. Which 300mm lense?
  242. We got the decorations finished today
  243. RKA...I made this just for you!
  244. some test shots in Portland...
  245. Nikon shooter BT: 70-200 2.8 VR vs. 80-200 2.8
  246. Just took the DSLR plunge, picked up a Nikon D40 kit, $350 new in box at Circuit City
  247. Should I buy snow tires or canon 10-22
  248. Mother Nature showing off for the camera.
  249. PSA for the Canon People....
  250. Out Cutting the xmas tree