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  1. was on the St. Charles yesterday...
  2. Photo Magazines?
  3. Looking for a recommendation for an online photo printing place
  4. OMG... it's got a red dot!
  5. photo editing sw recommendations?
  6. Adobe Lightroom Beta Available
  7. So you want to be a portrait photographer?
  8. Must resist extra purchases
  9. Opened a flikr account
  10. help... i suspect the issue is me, not the camera/lens...
  11. Creative photo I shot tonight for the wife with the new gear, 20D+200mm f/2.8L+420EX.
  12. I have the DSLR now (Canon Rebel 350D), so should I diffuse the flash or get a hotshoe flash that
  13. 1/04/06 4pm 30,000 feet high
  14. LaR H 88: does your 70-300 IS USM make a noise?
  15. Reports are coming in of a new Canon DSLR.... -
  16. narrowed it down to nikon d50, km maxxum 5d, pentax *ist dl...can anyone sway me one way or the
  17. Nikon P1 vs. Canon SD 550............Thanks guys!
  18. New guy :)
  19. Who wants to help a n00b out... New to photo
  20. some of last years favorite pics
  21. if you had a choice between the canon sd550 (7.1mp) or S2(12x optical zoom), which would you choose.
  22. 75 degrees in Socal and the waves are BIG!
  23. Anyone have experiance with the Canon S80?
  24. One way to get "sharp" Eagle pictures. . . .
  25. Looking for a larger SD card for my new D50. Does speed matter, or do I just go for the cheapest
  26. some pics from the national aquarium in baltimore... enjoy! BWW
  27. New gear test shots. 20D + 85 f/1.8L + 200mm f/2.8L...Wow!
  28. 20D vs Rebel XT?
  29. Ok, how about this?
  30. Nice my picture made TV today...
  31. has anyone found the nikon D200 in stock anywhere yet? i've found...
  32. Coworker is selling a Nikon D50 with a 18-55 lens, 256 card, battery and charger.
  33. Just north of La Jolla Shores.
  34. OT - Jim Bond - any more info on you Porsche? 14++ hp? wow?
  35. What is a good web/book for learning better (digital) photog techniques?
  36. Just picked up my 20D.
  37. any reason NOT to jump on the 70-300 from Canon given the rebates?
  38. Saw this guy's gallery in Lahaina, Maui. Good stuff. Worth a look.
  39. This forum is so peaceful compared to awot. So, here are some peaceful dogs for you
  40. Check it.
  41. Happy New Year from Brookfield Zoo!
  42. Finally got my new gallery up and running
  43. Key West Photojournal <bww>
  44. Christmas Morning: Haleakala, Maui
  45. What in general, is a good ratio for panoramic pictures ?
  46. What's a good macro lens for a Canon?
  47. yay got my new to me lens
  48. keep a tripod in the trunk.
  49. Recent sunset pic.
  50. Your thoughts on these photo's?
  51. Buying new gear! After forfeiting Xmas gifts this year for camera gear I feel like a kid -
  52. what the heck is in the corners?
  53. Nothing fantastic, certainly by AWPhoto standards, but...
  54. Can you guys give me some ideas for track day camcorders?
  55. Merry Xmas from Key West
  56. Something to post (BWW) you need 1600x1200
  57. here's a good looking aerial photo i took. I love aerials, so I figured I'd share
  58. RKA, i believe i have you to thank for these ;)
  59. Just got a D50 for christmas :) Looking forward to spending some time on here
  60. Come on guys. Where are all the pictures of decorated houses, trees and holiday gifts?!?!
  61. uptown NYC
  62. A little wilderness shot for you all.
  63. so i took the plunge... just picked up a brand new D70s w the 18-70mm AF-S lens!! i love it!!
  64. 85L CA test
  65. Need some camera advice. Looking to upgrade from a 3MP P&S camera. Picked up a Canon S2 IS.
  66. Some pics from my trip to CA...
  67. technique advice... need help in city settings
  68. Eagle revisted. Applied new PP techniques to an old photo. Comments?
  69. Been playing with selective coloring the past few nights along with new PP techniques...
  70. argh.... I um, need a new short telephoto lens.... ideas please!
  71. Guess the price tag:
  72. How do you like this one?
  73. Noob question for the day... will lenses that fit my N80 fit a Nikon DSLR?
  74. my puppy.
  75. sweet site for you photo guys
  76. Plant photography.
  77. Just experimenting a little. What do you guys think?
  78. Another Nikon battery recall...
  79. Okay, can someone find me a DSLR for under $700 with a lens? Can I find a decent one for that
  80. Today's attempts at photography.
  81. my kid's 4th birthday party....
  82. went to the mountain the other day.
  83. So after handling both the 20D and Rebel XT this weekend
  84. Took this this evening---I like it...
  85. What's the trick to photographing carbon fiber and having it look really good?
  86. This is going to get addicting...
  87. Need lens advice/help
  88. thinking of making or buying a light tent of sorts.
  89. I like this shot....
  90. A few quick Chicago street shots
  91. Bubble
  92. At my wits end... is this image desaturated for anybody else?
  93. Picked up the new camera today...
  94. I went out for a lil while today to shoot some frames
  95. Nikon Digital SLR advice
  96. 85mm, and it has a small red stripe around the end.
  97. macro is pretty nice on the 17-85mm EF-S
  98. what sort of filter should I use if I'm shooting in daylight but the ground is all snow?
  99. Anyone know how i can take the date stamp off of a digi pic?
  100. Trumpeter Swans on the way to breakfast.
  101. anyone have any inside info on when the Nikon 18-200mm VR will be out?
  102. Grand Central - NYC
  103. Does anyone in here use Bibble for RAW image editing?
  104. Will some dedicated coursework help photo technique?
  105. Before....
  106. Nikon Coolpix 5700 any good?
  107. Rockers
  108. Informal Sigma 18-50 f2.8 test
  109. Something I Shot two mornings ago - Random sunrise over the SF Bay
  110. okay, so I got a Minolta 5D body
  111. Winter Photos- S4: 0 Snow: 1. I got a bit overzealous.
  112. Niagara Falls
  113. Winter bird life is abundant in the Skagit Valley. . WA.
  114. DSLR thoughts Minolta 5D or Nikon D50
  115. anyone have any comments on the Olympus E300 DSLR
  116. Pictures of my favortie subject.
  117. any advice for shooting in the snow w/ my Rebel?
  118. Got my Sigma 18-50mm f2.8! Some street shots
  119. Help me choose between......
  120. First time posting here... Trying to decide between two cameras. Opinions...
  121. With a bit of luck and timing...
  122. Sunrise pics from the Harbor.
  123. Some pics that were sitting around and i had no time to post process
  124. I really liked how this one turned out
  125. Flickr or Smugmug for photo hosting ?
  126. Anyone know where to find the car and driver winning photo ( for the Canon 20D)?
  127. the first bunch of shots from my new Canon 5D...
  128. Think I'm about to order a Sigma 18-50mm f2.8. Anybody want to talk me out of it?
  129. Pol(e): What is your current setup?
  130. Moon shot. <critiques>
  131. A picture my dad took from his cottage on the weekend.
  132. Detailled review of Apple Aperture. Cliffs: Not so great
  133. With 2 studio lights, is it possible to have one catch light in the eyes? How?
  134. Ferrari
  135. How you like this shot?
  136. What is the opinion about flickr.com?
  137. Has anyone ever used a portable photo storage device like this?
  138. Comments/Critique?
  139. seasons greetings...
  140. So, what does this board think of Panasonic FZ5?
  141. looking to buy a decent camera for christmas
  142. Thinking of buying a new Digital SLR
  143. DARN did not even notice this forum for a while! some pics, why not?
  144. some new TT pictures.
  145. so this pick sucks...but i'm blown away with the color and rez...
  146. after much research, i'm pulling the trigger on the new D200.
  147. saw Art Wolfe give a slideshow last night on his new book
  148. Print Labs BT - Where do you get your digital prints from and how do your rate them?
  149. A few shots I took today at the lake.
  150. Some pretty different pics here...
  151. Does anybody use a printer strictly for photos?
  152. What's the better portrait lens: canon 50mm f/1.4 or the 85 f/1.8?
  153. Need recommendations and references for a wedding photog in central NJ area.
  154. My first floater
  155. Has anybody used smugmug for prints? I'm looking to get a 20x20 print for a gift
  156. sometimes you just have to hand-hold
  157. Leaves and Car
  158. Okay, let's have it...your best holiday pics!
  159. Rally photos (BWW)
  160. digicam BT: looking for something simple and small.
  161. Does anybody in here shoot a Sigma 18-50mm f2.8?
  162. Portrait lighting recommendations?
  163. The big and the hungry one
  164. I just upgrade from My konica/Milnota Maxium 4 35mm film to konica/Milnota Maxium 5D...any
  165. This a good camera or decent deal? I already bought it..so its too late..
  166. can someone point me to a good Canon EF Lens info. page?
  167. Happy Turkey day
  168. Can anyone recommend a telephoto lens for a D50? Will use mainly
  169. another weak point in 5D
  170. Which color temperature looks better??
  171. so what do you think of this picture...mayan ruin called altun-ha in belize...
  172. Can someone Im me and photoshop for me?
  173. Karting photos....
  174. A couple falls pics.
  175. So it begins. Just dropped $1600 on a D50 Kit plus a Nikkor 24-85 2.8F/4 D IF.
  176. Weekend X-mas card portrait photoshoot.
  177. Weekend portrait shoot for my wife's friend.
  178. Paging Kujo...others welcome
  179. 20% off Canon EOS 20D digital 8.2Mpixel SLR Body a good deal?
  180. Quattro Club Photo Contest.
  181. i dont understand much of this but yall might be interested....
  182. Opinions needed please: Olympus E-300 EVOLT
  183. This is amazing...
  184. $8 remote shutter button for Canon....
  185. We can take fine pics with some luck and Canon 5D, but shadows of dusts may be problem. :(
  186. Looking for best price on canon EF 85mm f/1.2
  187. How can I get rid of the extra flare from lights when taking night shots?
  188. I want a video camera for less than $400
  189. So I was screwing around with my 50mm and took these <BWW> <Edited for less BWW>
  190. Caught a rainbow the other morning. The photo causes an optical illusion...
  191. What percentage of photo's do you actually print out ?
  192. so i am looking for a harddrive dvdburner that can read my cf cards..
  193. Decided on the tripod setup
  194. So I am looking at the D50 and the D70s...
  195. Recomendations on a wide angle lens for a canon eos rebel?
  196. woot! $2400 in the fun money fund....
  197. After further research
  198. PCA Autox shots
  199. I took another picture with the Panasonic... attn: Mike S
  200. how to properly calibrate my moniter and editing for color/saturation/gamma
  201. Moon shot
  202. I've got good news and bad news. Good news: I got a speedlite 550EX for a really good price.
  203. Photo noob here - Need some help
  204. Pretty dedicated photo blog
  205. Should I search this?
  206. Nikon EN-EL3 battery recall (D100, D70, D50)
  207. Some shots from my new Panasonic FZ30 (Griffith Park, Burbank, CA)
  208. Post-processing n00b question: Good learning tool for digital post processing (RAW)
  209. I discovered a gold mine of free photoshop tools!
  210. Mt. Chocorua, NH...
  211. Butterfly Photo... A service review (open ended)
  212. tripod reccomendations?
  213. is there a way that I can "straighten" these out?
  214. Depth of Field, Focal Length, FF and 1.3/1.5/1.6 cameras...
  215. free to a good home - jobo 35mm tank set
  216. Is there a John H here? YGM regarding a lens.
  217. Shooting Action Shots and Using an Editor
  218. Initial impressions of the EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 with limited samples. (BWW)
  219. Tmax v. Tri-X black and white film...
  220. Got an email regarding my Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 AF-S for sale, was that from someone here? YGM
  221. re: the new Nikon
  222. sunset in Chicago
  223. Boston Skyline....
  224. Infra Red look....
  225. sequence....
  226. Opinion needed.???
  227. Kujo...... larger pics as requested.
  228. Nikon D200 Release, it's official
  229. Sugar Shack
  230. No artistry, trickery or sophistication here, it just turned out kind of cool.
  231. After seeing Kujo's pictures...
  232. Autumn in Chicago
  233. Going to buy a Nikon d50 today with D70 lens Kit
  234. Sunset in Canada
  235. Skyline.
  236. Apples Aperture......
  237. Canon 5D and the S4......
  238. Beginning Photographer
  239. Tristan...head up regarding Sony 717...
  240. going to a friend's wedding in Vegas at Caesar's, what should I bring?
  241. damn it........
  242. Just hacked my Drebel. Why the hell did I wait 4mos?!? It's like I just bought a new camera...
  243. PSA: Costco selling Nikon D50 package for $739 (includes 256mb card + Nikor lens)
  244. i know it's not talk like a pirate day,
  245. D200... If the price is correct and the AF is faster than the CAM 900 on the D70 I'm so in..
  246. Very cool office building I just found.
  247. Update on New Magazine
  248. **need basic PHOTOSHOP help*** asap
  249. D200
  250. Sunrise Park City Oct. 25 2005