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  1. Canon Rebel XT lens suggestions?
  2. Writers & Photographers Wanted for New Mag
  3. Very innovative idea, but I suspect most of us won't be trying it any time soon
  4. What is the standard photo size between 8 X 10 and 16 X 20? Thanks
  5. OT: Hilarious video on digital cameras
  6. Thoughts on this lens?
  7. What do people think the best Canon mount lens <$350 for everyday shooting is?
  8. Looking for recommendations on monitor calibration tool?
  9. Bridge...
  10. Moderator: Why was my telling other photographers a horror story about dealing with a photo
  11. first timer. (be gentle)
  12. Tagging programs for photos?
  13. What are the optimum settings for Autostitch...
  14. Pier
  15. so I'm a hack compared to the photogs on this forum, but my work is on teh web now
  16. Aperture for OS X - finally an app that knows how to handle RAW files
  17. Highlights from the mini honeymoon in Mendocino
  18. free photostitching software?
  19. Ithaca Water Falls - Vacation from CT
  20. Opinions please...Sydney pics while on holiday...
  21. Purdy...
  23. Just bought teh sd400...
  24. Looking for inbetween compact and dSLR: Panasonic DMC-FZ5 ??
  25. Point n' shoot digi cam recommendation?
  26. VIR400 Rolex Pics
  27. Sports Photo BT: Comments?
  28. Photo from this weekends shoot pumpkin picking with my son.
  29. Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED vs. Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 II
  30. Took a few photos of the Golden Gate Bridge last night
  31. Got to rent some awesome lenses for this weekends project...f1.0 50mmL/24tilt shift/10-22mm/14mm etc
  32. For indoor photos, anyone have experience with Tungsten film? Or blue filters?...
  33. Official Service Advisory for D2H Meter failures. D70 CF card read issues
  34. If anyone is interested, I am keeping a little travel/photo log of my 3 month trip through Europe...
  35. Pic I like
  36. Europe...
  37. Icer Air 2005 photos added to my web site and up for viewing
  38. Just some shots from a local river overlook this past weekend.
  39. A better IR pic
  40. What sort of lighting techniques should I use for interior/exterior architectural photography?
  41. Thoughts on my purchase...
  42. Need a mirror cleaning...(advice)
  43. Lobster from yesterday's dive in NJ waters.
  44. Workaround for night photography and no tripod
  45. Car or Camera?
  46. what to do with old 35mm cameras?
  47. Some shots from today's Elise autox...
  48. some pics from wednesday to represent the fire side of AW
  49. I just found a Canon EOS 10D at a local pawn shop for $700 with two lenses. Is that a good deal?
  50. ooooh. I'm hoping you guys are using glass plates
  51. So I am going to be doing my first architectural shoot...
  52. Just got my IR filter today
  53. FYI - 5D in stock @ B&H
  54. Couple pics from the harbor.
  55. Went on a short drive this afternoon...
  56. My pilgrimage to the last frontier...Alaska!! (BWW)
  57. A couple from the weekend...
  58. not trying to stir sh1t... i dont' want any of that canon vs nikon vs other crap
  59. so I chuckle everytime I look at this photo
  60. Too Good of a Deal to be True?
  61. Shot from the D70 and the 28-70 f/2.8 from Saturday's wedding
  62. Your opinion on this B&W?
  63. Warning for the D70 users out there
  64. Being a tourist
  65. I'm sure nobody here is using these batteries, but just in case...
  66. How do you photograph lightning?
  67. So why is "cropping" such a dirty word?
  68. Some extraordinary images
  69. Pics from honemoon in Swizerland/Italy
  70. Opinion on Nikon D50? Upgrading from a Canon SD400, want an inexpensive SLR.
  71. What to do with 24 Canon 1DmkII's?
  72. Looking to buy Canon EOS 20D - Advice?
  73. Can someone explain Di vs traditional SLR zoom lens?
  74. Attack of the killer Red Dragon Fly
  75. Photos of New 2006 A8 - Not the usual shots
  76. trip to Maui (and mini Canon S2 commentary/review)
  77. Some treats from Mom's garden (4 images)
  78. Does anyone know where I can look up information on photographer's rights in Canada?
  79. Need help getting new camera..
  80. Which one do you like more?
  81. playing around and took this random shot
  82. Looking for a good night shot...
  83. Anyone know of sites with EROTIC NOT TASTEFUL B&W nudes.....
  84. Anyone know of sites with TASTEFUL NOT EROTIC B&W nudes.....
  85. Just got back from vacation.
  86. My pics from the Aurora on 11-08-04
  87. The Aurora Borealis from 9-10-05 from Lake George:
  88. Portraits of my son w/ new L glass.
  89. A few more practice shots. An unrestored, mostly original edsel...
  90. Castle Point, 9/11/05
  91. photos from teh lake...
  92. blue 18, blue 18, set hut hut..... Football pics!
  93. For you Ansel Adams, landscape, or astronomy fans...
  94. Let us remember...
  95. what do you think of this photo? the streep lamp kind of ruins it, but can be removed easily
  96. HOLY SH!T, i've been an Audiworld member for 2 years......
  97. couple of shots I've taken. Crappy camera :\
  98. Practice. I like this location.
  99. Trying to install PS Elements 2.0 on 2 computers, but don't have the serial for the 2nd...
  100. In Memory ..
  101. For you US folks...
  102. Nighttime pics by NYC...
  103. This guy has some of the coolest storm/cloud photos I've ever seen
  104. PSA: Dell has the Canon 17-85mm IS USM for $420
  105. Cat photos w/ my new 17-40L
  106. New Sony R1
  107. Thoughts on the 18-200mm Sigma Lens w/ Rebel XT?
  108. Sunset in Maine-BarHarbor
  109. online photo upload service
  110. Request for all photographers...
  111. sunrise in Haleakala, Maui, HI
  112. Anyone want/need my kit lens that came w/ my Rebel XT?
  113. Last day of the 2005 Grand Prix of Mosport
  114. Day two at Mosport
  115. Please critique
  116. R8 at Mosport
  117. New shots of the A8.
  118. neat night in the Windy City
  119. Wifey is taking an intro class in 35mm photography....any camera suggestions?
  120. "waves"
  121. We've come a long way.
  122. Historics
  123. I shot this with my Nikon 5100 point and shoot.Edited on Picassa. Opinions?
  124. Ashbridges Bay Park (Toronto)
  125. Question for Nikon D70 Users
  126. Navy Pier fireworks...
  127. 100-400L + 1.4TC + moon =
  128. What's the rumor on the upcoming Nikon lenses?
  129. Question about Nikon DX lenses
  130. A few from Europe...
  131. Hanauma Bay panoramas
  132. posted these in ot 1st on accident- the reflections and background are what I like about these
  133. What would you rather have, Nikon D2X or Canon EOS 5D?
  134. Looking at samples from the new 5D...do we really need 12MP???
  135. My friend on his super motard bike in Las Flores canyon, Malibu. Let me know what you think.
  136. Like my new SF1 bumper?
  137. Algonquin photos
  138. Went hiking this evening...
  139. I kinda like it
  140. Cars.. lots of cars!
  141. heading to Chicago, planning on taking my 24-85 and 50mm lenses
  142. Dang! I just noticed there's a photography forum!
  143. Does Casio make good cameras? Just got one for a present
  144. wish I was better at photomerge... or talking panoramic pictures...
  145. Can I use my old Nikon AIS lenses on any of the Nikon digital SLR's ? I only want Aperture Priority
  146. Any comments/suggestions on my n00b pics?
  147. Ok so I lied...FYI: NEW Canon Lenses, like RKA mentioned 24-105mm f/4L & 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS
  148. FYI: NEW Canon EOS-1D Mark II N
  149. FYI: NEW Canon Speedlite 430EX.
  150. FYI: NEW Canon 5D specs are on the US site. Full frame, 9-point AF, 12.8MP, 2.5"LCD.
  151. Nice night out
  152. BUGS! Link your bug pictures here.
  153. yellow cast from low-light good/bad?
  154. x-post. my dog from this weekend of tree cutting
  155. Promaster AF18-200SR EDO
  156. Canon 24-105L f4 IS...
  157. I see a lot of awesome pics in this forum...
  158. Are there any decent photography forums?
  159. X-Post. took some new pics with my new Rebel XT
  160. "The Conductor"
  161. Check out my sig...
  162. noob question: filters
  163. Chicago in the morning
  164. Chicago at night
  165. DC Resource Review of the Pansonic FZ30
  166. Anyone have experience with both the Canon 17-40 f/4L and the 10-22 f/3.5-4.5?
  167. Canon 20D Packages (long!!)
  168. Anyone in the Boston area have a super-wide angle lens for Canon that I can borrow for a day?
  169. Thumbing through some pics...found this one of my M5
  170. some mini's from the SoW event this weekend MBWW
  171. Canon 50mm F1.4
  172. What do people think of the Sony Cyber-Shot?
  173. comments, criticisms?
  174. 10D vs. 20D
  175. Crop Factors...
  176. Size for WEB RULES(guidlines) !!!!
  177. A couple shots from the Racer Factory event @ Streets of Willow
  178. picked up the canon 17-40L today, pretty impressed so far!
  179. Should I pick up this lens? Sigma 24-70mm f/3.5-5.6
  180. Sunrise/Sunset pictures. Let's see them!
  181. My '02 1.8TQMS, Espana
  182. Canon 5D...
  183. Few from the weekend
  184. Canon SD300 hit/skip
  185. some new work
  186. snails
  187. Pictures taken with my Sigma 70-300 f/4-5.6 APO Macro Super II
  188. Pics of our (the wife's) new ride: TSX.
  189. can i see some nice thong shots?
  190. anyone good with photoshop with spare time.. x-post
  191. flickr.com has some interesting stuff
  192. oh crap... It's all downhill from here.
  193. Need pointers on getting that perfect portrait. Check this site out.
  194. Some wonderful images on this website...
  195. Besides the casing, is anything different b/t the older (grey) and newer (white) Canon 70-200 2.8L?
  196. Still one of my favorites.
  197. Nice DoF widget for OS X Tiger folks
  198. Photoshop Elements Question
  199. Meteor showers tonight and tomorrow(8/11-8/12). Get a fast lens, extra battery and tripod ready.
  200. Lavalette NJ
  201. Posted some new pics to my website...
  202. Comments on these pictures? I don't know why nothing turns out
  203. Looking for a inexpensive beginner Point and Shoot digital camera. Any reccomendations?
  204. my 50mm f1.8 finally came. Thing is noisy as hell
  205. Anyone here have a Nikon D50?
  206. Canon rumours - 5D?
  207. Going to be updating my photography site soon.
  208. Any thoughts on Mat cutters?
  209. has anybody here had a pic(s) printed on to canvas?
  210. What do people here use to clean their filters and lenses ?
  211. cleaning day
  212. macro attempt
  213. My first "shot" at urban photography and a question for people with experience
  214. "Self Portrait"
  215. All sorts of Manuals, Parts Catalogs and downloadble PDFs of photo equipment
  216. so I read the manual for my Elan 7e and my 420ex flash
  217. another chicago picture, not as nice as Chupacabras. I already posted it in OT (forgot about this 1)
  218. Some shots from the Chicago Botanical Gardens
  219. Anyone here have a Canon SD400? Pic request inside...
  220. Couple more sun setting shots from tonight. Added another pic of my girls evo8 from the same night..
  221. a few of my shots from San Jose Grand Prix 2005 (BWW)
  222. Landscape photo BT: how can I get mountains to show up in the background?
  223. What is a good SLR camera?
  224. A couple from a few weeks ago...
  225. A wildflower
  226. Teaser PICS of ALMS @ Portland (BWW)
  227. City perspective...not your typical view of a skyscraper.
  228. fresh pic of the boy
  229. Some pics from the weekend
  230. So, after shooting four rolls of film over the past few weeks, I have reaffirmed
  231. Canon P&S options...
  232. Heh...
  233. can someone tell me how to set my Canon SD500 to RAW capture?
  234. First pictures from the SD300 this weekend...pic away.
  235. Decided on body and lense, Rebel XT and Tamron AF18-200 DI-II
  236. Copenhagen pictures...
  237. Badlands
  238. Tripod/Head options
  239. flower pics no pshop or anything
  240. Photoshop Question....any "OEM" versiona available?
  241. what do y'all use to add your name/sig to your photos?
  242. soft photo from the 20th century...
  243. Anyone here have trouble with composition using P&S digital camera?
  244. Thinking about buying the Rebel XT, but from what i hear the kit lense is less
  245. Picture from my office window 5 minutes ago!
  246. New sunset pic from last week at the beach, and a few hotrods in the link.
  247. Some night shots of the McBoost A8
  248. w00t, just found a Speedlite 420EX on B&H for only $119!
  249. Some old shots of Pennybacker Bridge
  250. Looking to pick up some new L lenses.. thoughts on these selections?