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  1. D400
  2. Wicked Antarctic time lapse from Jordan Manley...
  3. Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP still on sale for $517
  4. BT: Anyone have any experience with the sigma 18-50mm for canon?
  5. My recent trip to Chicago
  6. I love the "natural" lighting of a christmas tree.
  7. So yesterday i made an impulse buy and bough a Kodak Z1285
  8. just got my first DSLR, Nikon D90
  9. Photo Contest, again... but more exciting now!!
  10. Any Nikon guys have the SB-600 external flash?
  11. Is today's woot a good deal?
  12. Where do you guys recommend online digital prints and framing online?
  13. Vertical Real Estate!
  14. Christmas pics!
  15. need help here with roof
  16. Can someone explain something to me about a lens backfocusing?
  17. From a photography standpoint, which one - 3 days for new years eve in Paris or Venice?
  18. A very disappointed Nikon user rants about the D3x specs
  19. iammatt does oregon
  20. Any suggestions on tweaks to this photo?
  21. How do I modify the "Artist Name" out of my EXIF data?
  22. WOOT!!!! the 5d mkII i preordered is in stock! picking that bad boy up now!
  23. Some Ferrari Sex
  24. while I wait patiently for my 5d2, received a couple of new toys for my trip to India and Nepal
  25. Monitor recommendations
  26. London.
  27. Olympus E500
  28. Ordered a 12x12 photo book from Shutterfly last week
  29. did i read correctly that CS3 does not support RAW files from the 5D mkII?
  30. iammatt does seoul south korea
  31. Got my camera back Monday
  32. hemispheres magazine travel contest 2008
  33. My Kitchen help at Thanksgiving.
  34. Sorry about the repost Tristan, heres a couple new ones.
  35. PSA - Conjunction tonight - Moon, Jupiter, and Venus in the SW sky after dusk
  36. PSA: D300 for $1350 shipped with free CF card and discount code: "DS160X"
  37. Lens choices for motorsports photography?
  38. picked up three(3) - 8gb sandisk extreme III (20mb class 6) SDHC for $15 shipped
  39. Looking for a Nikon D40x for parts, broken or cheap. TIA
  40. What do you northeasterners shoot in the winter time?
  41. Took the dags to the park this weekend. Brought the gear along: (C&C Welcome)
  42. d40/d60/d80
  43. Seahorse
  44. what filters do you have? and what are some must haves besides UV obviously?
  45. Has anyone had good luck with used/open box lenses from Adorama? I think I'm now 0 for 2 with them.
  46. Going to Disney World, for Christmas. Got these 2 lenses. >>>>
  47. Looking for input on the diff's between a 40D and XSi Canon
  48. Nikon's answer to Canon's 1DsMrkIII...
  49. Just got a D90, what kind of SD card should I get from a performance perspective?
  50. Small POS Options? Girlfriend favours small w big screen....
  51. I thought I understood DX, but now I'm confused. Given a D70 or D40 body, these 2 lenses give
  52. taipei taiwan
  53. thinking out loud, .. my new d300 from b&h arrives via brown santa, tomorrow ...
  54. Pointless poll: Do you naturally lean to landscape or portrait. I think i'm 90% landscape
  55. Tripod recommendations < $400?
  56. hong kong
  57. Paris [BWW]
  58. Anyone have this lens can comment on it?
  59. Need AW's advice on a new camera
  60. What more would you do to this picture?
  61. Could someone recommend a great carbon or other uber light tripod?
  62. Fly like a Subaru
  63. nanjing china
  64. <BWW>RomeMykonosDelosRhodesSantoriniIstanbulKusada siEphesusAthensCapriSorrentoPompeii
  65. CS4 & Content-Aware Scaling
  66. Is there a digital point-and-shoot with a REALLY simple interface and few menus?
  67. need bokeh? alienskin bokeh plug-in
  68. tokyo
  69. few recent ones ..
  70. Worth a repost after Noeltykay such good work, I needed to look at something bad
  71. $110 shipped for BG-E2 a good price?
  72. any good specials for 4gb CF cards at the moment?
  73. Anyone interested in a Sigma 12-24 EX (canon)?
  74. trying to decide between d300 and d700
  75. The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here!!!!
  76. New camera body decision, 5D or 50D?
  77. Sony A350 and Tamron 18-250. Good combo for SLR newbie?
  78. Gallery Wraps BT
  79. just sold my EyeOne Display 2...need something that works on Vista
  80. Looking to pick up my first DSLR, have been looking at the D90 and XSi. Is there a place to buy good
  81. went to the zoo
  82. What could be causing the halo effect in the these pics? Also, why is there a refletion of the
  83. Hi, I need a little help choosing the right filter..
  84. anyone know of a slideshow application i can embed into a web page?
  85. Last nights sunset...
  86. mdwsta4â„¢uroslut = noeltykay approved!
  87. Yay, Canon services
  88. anyone else order the 5dmk2? I'm being told mine should be arriving next week.
  89. Took some night time macro shots.....yet more symptoms of chronic boredom.
  90. if anyone's looking to have canvas printed, i highly recommend Uprinting.com
  91. Cheap lens kit for point and shoot camera? Looking for opinions. TIA :-)
  92. RED's... it's officially announced
  93. Couple of new Fall pics in my Sig
  94. What do you folks think about this Sigma lens -- 28-300 macro+telephoto?
  95. x_post from AWOT: looking for a rugged compact camera
  96. guys i need help, i am looking for first dslr camera
  97. A shot from Vanderbilt Mansion/Hyde Park NY from last month
  98. F-Stop Lotus bag pics and first impressions
  99. Kirk ballhead and plates ok?
  100. HD Camcorder
  101. FS: (can I do this here?) Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS *Absolutely MINT*
  102. Can anyone link me to some nice B5 S4 related wallpapers? Thought maybe you folks would
  103. Strap test... I don't recall if the thread was here, or TOF.. But, I tested my Tamrac quick release
  104. Anyone use canon FD mount to EOS EF converters to use some of canon's older lens? I have a canon Xti
  105. what is everyones take on the rebel xt? will be using it for a starter DSLR. pros, cons?
  106. 5D for sale $1325
  107. What can "Brown" do for me?
  108. does anyone shoot in a smaller file format (like sRAW for example) on a regular basis?
  109. SDHC card for photos
  110. First couple of pictures from my D90
  111. September 2008 Canadian Rockies trip
  112. Rally America - Lake Superior Stages
  113. recommendations?
  114. going to Canon NJ service center today - anyone need anything?
  115. Here's a BIG bunch of pics from Galapagos for those interested.
  116. another pretty impressive video taken with the 5d mkII
  117. suggestions on filter holder?
  118. 50D is a bunch of poop
  119. Amazing... Simply amazing
  120. This time scales instead of feathers...
  121. Anyone here still shooting film on the side for fun?
  122. Anyone tried these?
  123. Why is my lightroom so fvck3d up?
  124. camera bag recommendations?
  125. Happy Halloween!
  126. AB Cybersyncs are pretty good
  127. WAnted Audi Quattro Rally
  128. Adorama is having a print sale
  129. how lame is this?
  130. So, looking to finally enter the world of DSLRs.
  131. first time i went out to actually take pictures since i moved.
  132. This guy was about 40ft from my office window this afternoon...
  133. Ordered a D90 with the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR yesterday.
  134. When is the next Canon rebate program that will include Camera bodies?
  135. EOS-1DS MARK III for $7479 and 40D for $1019. Good prices? My wholesale supplier just
  136. DealExtreme experiences?
  137. So in a moment of boredom, and the desire to use more of the pics from PLM...
  138. T*, powered by Canon.
  139. had some fun yesterday with the 100-400 i rented.
  140. Gambled on a nice sunrise...
  141. Impressive 5dmk2 footage
  142. Last hoorah for fall..
  143. Chasing down the sunset last night
  144. hi! some outdoorsy snaps...
  145. Holy hell - just went to B&H - it's a fckn' institution...thoroughly impressed w/ the logistics!
  146. Fall in Minneapolis
  147. In need of some beautiful cars! Audi Calendar...
  148. PSA: Lightroom 2.1 out
  149. Just had to pull over and take a pic of this guy this morning on my way in:
  150. Recommendations for a muslin background?
  151. 1Di rumor
  152. What kind of laptop/camera backpack would you recommend?
  153. Off to NY tomorrow. Spending Friday from 9AM to 7PM in Manhattan shooting.
  154. Photos from Laguna Seca ALMS
  155. Nikon D90
  156. I'm a noob, here is my attempt @ HDR.
  157. I am so going to try this. Neighboors already know I am nuts (-: I just need one to push the A4
  158. Going to Key West for my honeymoon. Need recommendations on a wide-angle Canon lens
  159. Am I expecting too much of my 24-70L to have sharp images at 70mm and f/2.8?
  160. Webster's Fall
  161. Blue Ridge Fall
  162. Is there a preferred brand of SDHC cards?
  163. RIP Alpinist...
  164. Yours truly at the Petit...
  165. Wife with the dogs
  166. Some more fall colors
  167. Anyone in the market for a cheap Vivitar 283?
  168. Cool photos of the sun
  169. A Ballooner Eclipse
  170. Lookin' for my 1st SLR and a lens as well. What's everyone selling?
  171. Some fall foliage shots from this past weekend
  172. anybody in the market for a Canon 28-135?
  173. I've decided that I dislike using the 'wet' method to clean the AA filter over the sensor...
  174. for anybody thinking of picking up a 50D at Best Buy... 10% off
  175. went home for the weekend.
  176. Can someone explain to me why I shouldn't go get a Canon 50D this week?
  177. A few images from a local Cayman owners gathering.
  178. Sunset colours....
  179. A few from the weekend.
  180. Foliage, and Hot Air...
  181. New shiny. :-)
  182. cousin's senior shoot
  183. Foliage on the drive home yesterday
  184. Petit Lemans
  185. Apple-picking day
  186. Winter?
  187. 8x6 tablet on woot for $40 shipped - H/S?
  188. First post to Photography forum...
  189. Caption this...
  190. what's going on with my 30d/batteries?
  191. Blue Angels photo tips for those in NorCal this weekend
  192. Some photos of the new ride (well, 3500 miles, 3 months old)
  193. any californians want to take a trip up/down to napa valley next month?
  194. Canon Rebel Xsi or Nikon D60 or Nikon D80
  195. AudiWorld's Petit Le Mans 2008 gallery is live!
  196. did any of you guys get an Eye-Fi card yet?
  197. Red Bull Rampage...
  198. Be gentle... it's my first time.
  199. Nuit Blanche
  200. What do you think about this processing....
  201. Scored a like new 17-85 for $325
  202. A few (well actually a few dozen) shots from the Petite Le Mans this past weekend.
  203. A couple from the weekend...
  204. went for a walk this afternoon.
  205. Some shots from yesterday..
  206. Used Nikon Lens search rant....
  207. Panning is harder then I thought. I need to work on this. No screaming Audi race car (-:
  208. Rain BT: I'm heading off to Hong Kong and Taiwan for two weeks, where even in October rain showers
  209. Oh, and panning these suckers is HARD.. I was getting dizzy after a while! =)
  210. My new wallpaper...
  211. help finding number of actuations on my nikon, ...
  212. Red Bull Rampage (day 1 practice)
  213. Where is the best place to sell a D70? Any ideas on pricing for body only in excellent condition?
  214. Aperture2 vs. Lightroom
  215. Another oddity from the yard
  216. Yippee! D40 finally coming home today! not too bad, but I've missed it for sure.
  217. Got my metallic and lustre prints today - interesting results
  218. whats the optimal size of images for the web for posting
  219. Some point and shoot shots.
  220. July's Wisconsin vacation cabin owner purchased a couple prints today
  221. This guy took some great shots.
  222. i was looking @ the D60, until i ready this:
  223. Anyone looking for a D3?
  224. Aspens in the Wasatch
  225. RKA
  226. This is going in my Santa letter this year:
  227. has anyone played around with the new Sigma 50 f1.4 yet?
  228. Division-III FB: Week 4 in the books.
  229. w00t! 1D Mk2
  230. Fall colour season
  231. going to be in FLA in November...any recommended beaches
  232. Does my xti auto servo only work on the center point?
  233. Some images from Miller Motorsports Park yesterday.
  234. Actually took some pics outside today
  235. I just got back from looking at DSLR's....I'm more confused than ever...
  236. Purchasing a DSLR Overseas
  237. 1080p raw clips of Reverie now online
  238. PSA: Don't try to throw your free Shutterfly 8x8 photo book together in 15 minutes
  239. Can anybody recommend an online photo printer for "odd size" prints?
  240. Truth, what time are you showing up at Miller tomorrow? You are all set. I recommend
  241. whose got a good deal for a 30D?
  242. how many can you count
  243. A bit too late for the sunrise light today...
  244. Ok.. Examples of no sharpening, and some sharpening..
  245. Some random shots from over the summer that I felt like sharing
  246. To sharpen or not sharpen? What does everyone do for sharpening?
  247. Just reading that the Biever family (no jokes. John is an SI shooter, his Dad was the GB Packers
  248. Did I post these yet? Recent balloon shots..
  249. And week three is here and gone: Concordia @ #4 St. Johns
  250. Just got a bunch of goodies from B&H.. =) New strap, hand strap, backpack straps..