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  1. Looking for a Gen I Nikon TC 14E... Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  2. few snaps from my drive into work this morning...
  3. go figure. after all this time, i finally buy CS3 and CS4 is about to come out.
  4. RRS...
  5. Vincent Laforet... "Reverie"
  6. Leica S2 30x45mm 37.5 megapixel CCD sensor in a weatherproof body...
  7. Paul Simon is crying
  8. First time taking race pics!!!!
  9. 11:47pm Just purchased from Adorama. B&H was out of stock )-:
  10. Pwnt by Aperture...
  11. Switching brands - just placed order for 5D MkII, anyone else?
  12. 5D MarkII = No 10-22
  13. Show of hands....who is shooting in RAW...then converting to .jpg on the PC
  14. Sample 5DMrkII images from somebody on flickr....
  15. Psst...set of two spankin new Pocket Wizard Plus II's for $330...
  16. What would be your choice for the best all around lens for a Nikon DSLR?
  17. To rent or not to rent...that is the question!
  18. 1st image in a major North American publication...October issue of Freeskier.
  19. X-post from TOF: Sooooo happy that the college FB season is here.
  20. 1st vacation with DSLR camera. My initial impressions...
  21. Goodness, I haven't been "up" on the camera world since my road trip
  22. With 5dmk2 this little titan is getting swept under the rug..
  23. Wind walking
  24. 5D markII announced (finally)...
  25. Interesting article on Leica on today's WSJ
  26. Flash Zebra FTW!!!!!
  27. 1d focus issue explained...
  28. noooooo
  29. I think I'm gonna buy a 1DMKIII unless something at Photokina is announced.
  30. If you are going to do a video about a flash capabilities
  31. Any SD card reccomendations?
  32. Off camera flash rant....
  33. PhotoShelter closing the Collection
  34. Test your eyes & monitor. Post results
  35. Haze in landscape shots...
  36. WTC lights from my roof deck...
  37. "Dear Adobe..."
  38. help with 'website' design for class
  39. Lens recommendation.
  40. not exactly photo related... but you might know: Microphone suggestions
  41. wow, 24mp full frame camera from sony for $3g's
  42. Looking for advice on next lens purchase.
  43. How much to ask for a used 20D?
  44. Time to upgrade from IPhoto
  45. whats a good/small P&S with a good lens and manual settings?
  46. took a little road trip this past week...
  47. thoughts on Bogen/manfrotto 055MF3
  48. Humbling.... (longish)
  49. I actually sold something this week
  50. Looking for Audi Artwork
  51. Sources for large format prints on stretched canvas?
  52. Looking for thoughts and impressions on Nikon Digital Body like D50/70/100..TIA..
  53. 5d mkII?
  54. Oh boy... I really want it, but that's a lot of money...
  55. Antialias filter....
  56. Infrared Lake
  57. High Sierras photos
  58. Sony A900 ad leak
  59. anyone have a link to composition basics....
  60. Picture from a friends wedding..
  61. Ancient Bristlecone Forest & Mono Lake pictures
  62. just got CS3...now i only need to learn how to use it!
  63. Thuth, get in touch with me to get a credential to the Grand AM weekend at Miller
  64. A few from my niece's bday, mini-studio setup ..
  65. Lightroom or Aperture?
  66. What should I realisticaly expect to pay for a used Canon EF 300 f/4 IS USM?
  67. Bokeh S4
  68. Duck on the waters
  69. Visiting vegas soon, should I bring my tripod?
  70. Snaps end of the weekend. GF and her pals.
  71. New bag recommendation?
  72. Barnacle Geese & two swans in the morning sun
  73. New Sandisk SDHC cards: 30MB/s
  74. Yes, I do take pictures of people too. First offering: my 1yr old nephew Mathieu
  75. Infrared Fall
  76. question about new body....
  77. New Nikon D90 seems pretty intriguing..... first dSLR that can do video..
  78. Here's something interesting: Nikon and Microsoft have signed a patent cross-licensing deal
  79. So none of those photo vests from the Olympics photogs have found their way to ebay yet...
  80. I want one
  81. Infrared Swamp
  82. Let's play 'guess the EXIF' (no cheating) <read: his technique seems to need work>
  83. Looking for some tips and pointers on how to shoot a family in a park...
  84. Advice on selling equipment....
  85. Stoked.
  86. Played with LR2 camera profiles today
  87. fack! Samsung 204t just died. Replacement options?
  88. My new Evinrude meets toughest EU emissions Inspection
  89. Minolta Maxxum / Sony Alpha Mount 500mm / 1000mm anygood? i need help guys!
  90. Here's your 50D... 15.1 megapixel
  91. Nikon D90.
  92. More fuel on the fire...
  93. Monitors?
  94. just a 'snapshot', but wow, ...
  95. Was snapping some photos of my family room....
  96. what did I do wrong?
  97. Lens Storage BT: Where do you store your not-in-your-bag lenses?
  98. 300/2.8L & 2x TC test shot
  99. Canon 50D...ooops!
  100. My darker side...
  101. I'm in love... 300 F2.8L
  102. Blue Jay
  103. Some shots from York Maine
  104. Sigma 500 + 1.4 TC does the moon...
  105. Has anyone here played with Microsoft's PhotoSynth creation software? Looks like a pretty neat
  106. taking a digital imaging/photoshop class this semester
  107. It's that time of year again...
  108. Provence, part deux
  109. What does AWPD think?
  110. First attempts with the Sigma 500/4.5 EX APO HSM...
  111. Can't shake the idea of an RSS BH-55...
  112. Lightroom 2.0 is simply amazing.
  113. BT: Camera/Laptop Backpack
  114. Magazine submission dilema...
  115. Need some advice please (long)
  116. need help in picking next lens - and i have read way too much about it
  117. Before the mens 100m final
  118. Got a nice shot of the car with some lightning last night
  119. My 50mm @ 1.7
  120. Canadian National Exhibition...
  121. HELP!!!! i need a new web server...
  122. what is it called when you take - pictures with not enough light
  123. Moon photo attempt #2...
  124. help, non SLR options?... wanting to upgrade from my P&S, but
  125. These images from the 100m Fly race last night are cool...
  126. A couple of mother&child portraits
  127. Rebel XSi 12.2 SLR for $750 w/ 18-55, starter kit, 4gb, printer...
  128. Nikon BT: D80 vs. D200?
  129. why do my JPGs look different in my browser(s) than they do in Vista Preview or LR2 ?
  130. Quarter Million Dollars of Digital Photo Gear in a Single Photo
  131. A few from today... the Tour of Utah ~ stage 2
  132. i got a gig to do interior shots...what do i charge?
  133. Combining video and high resolution images
  134. question re: Markins & RRS
  135. Canon Rebel XSi kit + 350mm zoom $1,057 ....or.... Sony a350 body $699.......
  136. Press riser for Swimming
  137. some samples from vacation in Provence
  138. Halp! Need advice on Nikon lens and/or technique
  139. What camera/lens do I need to get these shots with the subject in focus and blurred background?
  140. weird colors with circular polarizer shooting through a plane window
  141. Real vs not real
  142. Anyone on Dgrin
  143. Bored...So I'll post another....Waterfall In Pennsylvania
  144. Little Demetri - 5.5 Months Old.... Tell me what you think...
  145. color check?
  146. any nikon flash experts?
  147. suggestions for unique sunflower pics?
  148. Has anyone taken an online class at BetterPhoto.com? They seem a little expensive. Any opinions?
  149. Stowe VT car show
  150. External flash batteries....
  151. MichaelTM...how was Forsythe?
  152. Anybody interested in a barely used Canon 10-22?
  153. Anybody have a good source for pre-cut mats for 8x12 prints?
  154. Looking into a large format printer. Is anyone fimilar with the epson stylus pro 3800 and
  155. Opening Ceremonies in 1:05 minutes at the Olympics. Should be pretty wild. Not raining now!
  156. Sigma 30mm real photos, no charts
  157. Wimberley Sidekick and heavy lenses - almost learned the hard way :)
  158. In Beijing shooting the Olympics. Walked over to see some friends from SI at the media center today
  159. Anybody have issues with ACR vanishing from Adobe Bridge (CS3)?
  160. Anyone have a 10-22 I can borrow?
  161. First HDRs...need some help
  162. Borders versus Borderless..... discuss
  163. Olympus/Pany Micro Four/Thirds
  164. Which way to jump
  165. First strobist shot
  166. 500mm f/6.3 Mirror Lens
  167. Gone
  168. RRS BH-55: is this overkill for a super-duper novice?
  169. Some more from the swamp - this time with a mammal!
  170. Spider
  171. Paging Kris Hansen
  172. New camera.
  173. Some photos from my motorcycle ride today
  174. It's so quiet... how about a game of
  175. well, it's happened. i've been ripped off, used w/o permission, credit, or compensation, ...
  176. Returned this week from 10 Days in NY...4 of those days spent in Wildwood, NJ.
  177. To any freelancers out there...
  178. Spent 2 weeks in Rome, Mykonos, Santorini, Istanbul, Ephesus, Athens, Naples, Pompeii. . .(BWW)
  179. what is a .xmp file? and why are they showing up in my pictures?
  180. I got my Sigma 30mm back today
  181. What are the current recommendations for a nice LCD display (20-24")? Eizo, Lacie, etc. TIA.
  182. thoughts on the Nikon 80-200 f/2.8D ED lens
  183. Need help selecting... Pick your fav
  184. took my camera to the Cubs game for the first time... (lots o pics)
  185. Vinage camera people
  186. Anyone ever send their camera in for calibration?
  187. My first HDR shots. I no longer want to shoot single images since I've found this.
  188. What's the going rate for used 30D bodies in excellent condition these days?
  189. Lightroom - colours washed out using export to jpeg
  190. Good price on Canon 430EX?
  191. Canon 40D Owners Check in --- Picture Style Settings
  192. Well that was unexpected... Lightroom 2.0 is now available
  193. kid pics...
  194. FYI: Amazon's post-mortem on the S3 failure last Sunday (or why your smugmug site went down)
  195. a bird
  196. Batch conversion of photos to 1920 x 1080....
  197. Few from the Vineyard
  198. Can't seem to get this looking the way I pictured...Opinions?
  199. Photos from the US Olympic Swim Team camp at Stanford.
  200. Random collection of nature photos from Helsinki area
  201. Anyone near Salisbury MD?
  202. some of my best friends just had their first baby
  203. Anyone know how to reset or clear meta data tags for a folder full of pictures?
  204. My first bird of prey!
  205. Hello from Saskatoon....
  206. Recommended free photo sharing sites?
  207. Haven't posted in a while, but I have been busy!!
  208. been researching my first lens purchase. In the couple of months shooting with the 28-135 40D kit
  209. So I got to play with panning a bit at Waterfest, on the drag strip... And the AutoX..
  210. Tripod and circular polarizer advice, please?
  211. 25 free stock photo websites
  212. My first HDR. I took this shot after reading a few tutorials but BEFORE I learned what AEB is..
  213. More Wisconsin lake pics
  214. Found this new Canon camera phone at Fredmiranda forum
  215. Question about naming/hosting photos...
  216. Just found out that my cousin across the pond in australia is really into photography.
  217. Lowepro vs Tamrac
  218. One recent photo I took after a vacation in Oregon...
  219. smugmug still down <irked>
  220. My son, Fourth of July:
  221. A couple IR conversions I've finished
  222. a few from practice, yesterday morning, ....
  223. HD video BT:
  224. My 4 year old Minolta Maxum 7D is dead. In short, whats the 'hot" body right now under $900ish
  225. whats everyone using for display calibration? (if any .. )
  226. Light Box for viewing transparencies?
  227. dSLR noob here. Just wondering where you purchase your equipment.
  228. R.I.P. Morgan :-(
  229. For those interested: a couple of test shots with the 300/2.8L + 1.4x TC
  230. Some pics from the lake cabin
  231. Best setting for low light with a zoom lens?
  232. Site recommendation for learning to us a SLR camera
  233. How can I remove dust inside a lens (can I?)
  234. 300/2.8L IS first light
  235. LOL, Hassy comes out with a 50MP (Kodak sensor)...
  236. 35mm SLR, who still shoots w/ one and why should i keep mine?
  237. Need some help with motorsports photography...
  238. A few (feathered) test shots from the new lens over the weekend
  239. B&H Sunday afternoon. More toys and wanting more......
  240. bee on flower, C+C pl0z!
  241. Some rally photos and some randoms
  242. New to iMac at home, how do you guys structure your photo collection ?
  243. Pics from last week's trip to Portland (re-AWOT)
  244. I'm looking to take some photos and am new to this... Nikon D40 = good?
  245. Oh Canada
  246. Back / Front Focusing?
  247. Strange picture after download from camera...
  248. Wedding sunset
  249. I borrowed a Canon 85mm f/1.2L Mark II. crap.
  250. Carbon fiber gimbal head?