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  1. Sunset at Lake Winnipesaukee on the 4th
  2. Bag packed and ready to go
  3. P&S for < $200.
  4. Going to ALMS @ Limerock this weekend with my G9...can you guys give me any tips?
  5. Currently posting at the base of Devil's Tower, pictures to follow shortly
  6. LOL! Canon repair quote!
  7. Printed Photo Albums
  8. Thinking about getting a consumer DSLR kit ... looking at the Sony Alpha A200 setup. Thoughts?
  9. DSLR noob: Okay, so ow can I improve on these shots of the moon?
  10. Flickr Users: How Every Flickr Photo Ended Up on Sale This Weekend
  11. 135 mm
  12. A few shots from recent trip to Peru
  13. so is the 28-135 IS kit lens garbage or am I just a noob.
  14. A slightly different approach to fireworks photos. I didn't have my tripod, so I had to shoot....
  15. another flower picture,
  16. straight from the cam (sophia ritratto)
  17. Price on Canon lens in Shanghai MUCH more than USA
  18. been a while... some 4th shots...
  19. More 4th of July Photos.
  20. obligatory fireworks shots
  21. No thats not a miniature Bunny sitting on a dog
  22. ThinkTank Hydrophobia
  23. New to dSLR..input please...
  24. Three shots from around town..
  25. which lens for fireworks: 18-70 or 50 1.8?
  26. time to sell the d70s body, where should i list it?
  27. A silhouette picture from last evening...
  28. Pics from a boat cruise in Toronto
  29. Two Butterfly's...C&C Welcome
  30. Just ordered 10-22...hope it's as great as everyone says. Wanted tokina 11-16, but o well.
  31. Some Recent Stuff
  32. I posted a while back looking for online proofing / ordering solutions...
  33. Can anyone recommend a good photog magazine? TIA
  34. Just installed Aperature 2. Now the fun begins.
  35. Bag for a D40 w/ 55-200 Lens?
  36. Lens filters for Canon XSi?
  37. Happy Canada Day!
  38. Sandisk CF sale at Calumet
  39. too many stars tonight....
  40. Digital P&S photography books: any recs?
  41. Nikon D700
  42. Review: Sweet laptop + slr camera combo bag. lowepro compuday pack. with pics.
  43. posing (feathers)
  45. Ogunquit, Maine.....not JUST for same sex dating!
  46. Rode up to Mt. St. Helens!
  47. Adjust your monitor/Video card settings.
  48. Flower picture.. comments/critics welcome...
  49. Too many fires in California...
  50. Got my new D300 but I suspect I may have a dead pixel...
  51. manfrottooo
  52. Autoweek article
  53. Is there a good SMALL bag for an XSi, a 70-200mm f/4L + kit lens + 50mm?
  54. Vacation Camera Choice BT:
  55. took a few of the 'kids' this weekend
  56. recent shots
  57. manfrotto 3021 with bogen 3047 head for 125 a good deal?
  58. Spot metering sunset- XSi
  59. Does anyone have any experience with in camera focus calibration the the Nikon 3 series?
  60. I feel like my mountain pictures continue to lack something for whatever reason. I just can't seem
  61. What focus and metering modes do you typically use?
  62. vietnam gallery
  63. My first "product" shots - c&c welcome
  64. Is there a way to determine from Exif data if IS was on or off?
  65. Color vibrancy issue with new DSLR camera (Canon XSi)
  66. Flood photography from Iowa mk 2
  67. I took a little road trip last week. Snapshots inside.
  68. I've always been a Fotki user but i'm thinking of swapping to smugmug. Any experiences of both?
  69. got the new Gitzo GT3540LS today - pretty impressed
  70. Firefox 3.0 Final is out
  71. A few shots from the Rockstar in Squamish this weekend.
  72. 3 bums, a bird, a skateboard trick and a world record.
  73. Tripod/light stands...
  74. Ok. Made the leap from 'point and shoot' to a full featured DSLR...
  75. Automobiles without feathers
  76. Anyone selling an SLR?
  77. a few of the gf from yesterday ..
  78. Cheapo 8x6 graphics tablet today for $32 on woot.com
  79. Flood photography from Iowa
  80. Moving picture question: Anybody here film with an HV20 or HV30? I'm working through some settings
  81. Anyone shoot with the Canon 100-400L?
  82. how do you get this type of finish?
  83. New lens: Super-Takumar 135mm f/3.5
  84. RRS B-Series flash bracket - amazing!
  85. Thoughts on creating an AWPhoto FAQ?
  86. Formula Un :: Montreal
  87. Remember I pointed out that image search engine? I interviewed the CEO
  88. Need a 40D/28-135 or XSi/18-55IS kit?
  89. Gallery #3:
  90. Dirty Dag
  91. White feathers against the evening sun
  92. Is it possible to create borders in Lightroom?
  93. Dammit... Had a quick shot here at my day job, portrait type shot of a group..
  94. gallery #2:
  95. i don't get it... what's the point of the Rebel XS?
  96. I love a stormy night
  97. so the 28-135 lens that comes with the 40D kit.. is it good? I need a good lens for pee-wee football
  98. Bird story!!!!!
  99. some white feathers
  100. those of you that do weddings and portraits... what are you using for client previews / ordering?
  101. Curious where your photos or the photos you're going to buy are showing up online?
  102. snapped this at the Belmont yesterday....
  103. First day of real shooting:
  104. if one doesn't have Photoshop, which program to trust to render the real picture? *edited*
  105. More feathers! (warning: samba costume content...)
  106. what do people take pictures of first with their brand new camera? *noob warning*
  107. What do old guys photograph at a Samba Festival?
  108. This forum is going downhill
  109. H/S: $350 shipped for mint 17-85?
  110. New idea... Post what you see out of your back window!
  111. Nothing overly artistic, or recent, but I love this shot, because of the content..
  112. A quick performance comparison of card/card reader performance... (ExpressCard34)
  113. a few from vietnam trip
  114. Had to post this here....
  115. Waterproof bag BT
  116. Any woot or steepandcheap type site for the photog???
  117. so whats everyone favorite lens;)
  118. Sigma 18-200 anybody?
  119. Sigma 50-500 anyone?
  120. Found on POTN... spent an hour browsing the site.. effin amazing
  121. Macros - week 4
  122. KRob and Redbull
  123. Anyone have a B&H code for a Nikon VR 55-200? TIA
  124. First attempt at HDR
  125. Used the 300D (rebel) as a second body with my 70-200 over the weekend...
  126. anyone in NY/NJ has a 1D Mk II they don't need?
  127. Indian Wedding
  128. We have a photography forum??
  129. Kris you jerk...
  130. First pics from my new 40D. This is just playing around with settings so critique if you'd like, but
  131. Need some lens advice
  132. Any Experience with these?
  133. Messing around with the 100mm f/2.8
  134. My son is ready for the NBA finals....
  135. new lens.
  136. haven't actually gone out shooting, but i did pick up a PS book...
  137. Ok, so I went with the Nikon P5100 over Canon G9 and I am very happy.
  138. Any thoughts on the new Sigma 120-400 or 150-500?
  139. finally updated my site...
  140. why doesn't anybody make a high-quality 16-35 equivalent lens for small-sensor cameras?
  141. Feathers. Lots of them.
  142. A couple from Germany
  143. Has anyone been following the ridiculous number of Sigma telephoto zooms recently?
  144. Looking for a digital SLR. Buy the older 30D and save some $$ or buy the new 40D?
  145. What do you think about this (Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Autofocus Lens)... as a compliment for
  146. Thinking out of my box
  147. Yay! Finally joined the SLR family. Picked up a 40D yesterday.
  148. Week #3 macros - part 2
  149. Anyone make any money shooting kids organized sports??
  150. Change of pace for me... Some captures from the Blue Angels Air show this weekend...
  151. So now I am PP the wedding shots, and as I look through the almost 600 shots or so
  152. Planet Yonge-Dundas Square
  153. So it's fishing season here in VT.. And I"ve been seeing some guys out in our rivers...
  154. The end of the road...
  155. Well I shot the wedding yesterday, overall if I was to give myself a grade, I think I would get a B
  156. Some pictures from Artomatic 2008
  157. Week #3 macros - part 1
  158. One of our balloon passengers had some really nice camera gear this morning...
  159. it's really amazing how much longer a batter lasts in a 30D thank a 300D
  160. A few from an RS4 meet today
  161. Got a Leica D-LUX 3. So far it's kinda meh. It's slow. A few seconds to autofocus, a few seconds
  162. Heading off to Limerock (CT) from Sudbury MA tmrw at 6am, hopefully i wont fall asleep taking photos
  163. Kitty Pool
  164. first attempt at fake tilt-shift photography... what do you think?
  165. Lexar 4GB SD rebate....
  166. Zaino does a body good!
  167. I just Bought a canon G9, Is there any good free website that explains
  168. Recent Balloon photos
  169. First ever fashion show - H/S???
  170. Some birds from today
  171. Couple from today
  172. Finally pullin' the trigger on the Canon G9.....what size memory card should I get?
  173. Speaking of crappy track photos
  174. Shot I took in Tybee Island
  175. does anyone have Image Rescue for Mac?
  176. Tail of the Dragon photos =-)
  177. Some fun photos from the NE Spring Bash..
  178. bought an "L"...
  179. Rainy morning
  180. Guess the focal length.
  181. Not the best pic, but for those wondering about the 50mm MK1...
  182. Just got a Sony Alpha A700
  183. Man, 300 rebate on teh 5d kit, sell the lens, get 5d for ~1700.... must resist.
  184. Any of you guys have a Canon 15mm fisheye?
  185. Is there anyplace besides Lenrentals.com?
  186. So I'm surprised no one has posted any photos from Bay to Breakers yet, so I guess I'll start.
  187. Sunday's macros
  188. Three from today in Ocean Park Blvd/Santa Monica
  189. Took A boat trip
  190. Problems with new Canon HF10 camcorder
  191. Two from my three hour walk on the Venice boardwalk today...
  192. 60 fps stills / 1200 fps movies
  193. One of the first few with the Speedlite and a MK1 50mm 1.8...
  194. Ok, I looked at Canon G9 as recommended, and for some reason I was not impressed with it.
  195. ugh, not a good week for me and electronics
  196. I win!
  197. Not a good morning for the crab :)
  198. Opinion on this D40 combo, specifically the lenses?
  199. S4 Photoshoot - High Res Pics
  200. and ... some quick photos of my (quickly enlarging) pup
  201. I was chastised for talking about new Gitzo & RRS gear w/o posting photos...
  202. some HDR pics my brother's friend took
  203. on the flash topic - anyone used a Qflash recently, that can compare to a 580exII?
  204. Pulled the trigger on a 430EX...
  205. So lets say I was going to shoot (or try to shoot) an Airshow.....
  206. dusk time exposure I got off the back deck last night
  207. Self-lesson in shutter speed...
  208. Anyone used WA or Teleconverter lenses on a G9 or other P&S?
  209. 60 Photography Links You Can't Live Without - congrats S4_Obsessed.
  210. Few pics of the kid. CC welcomed
  211. Rent a 100-400L or rent a 1.4x for my 70-200 F4 IS for the F1 Grand Prix in Canada?
  212. Olympus w/ 20x optical zoom!
  213. Sea World - feedbacks would be cool -
  214. Eye-Fi now has geotagging and a cheaper base model.
  215. need a Canon lens recommendation for doing a rather cramped panorama of a warehouse
  216. Top 10 DSLR noob tips - go
  217. A variety of pics from the past week
  218. Was fun playing with my buddy's D3 this weekend. Have no idea what I'm doing of course...
  219. HSS leaves Dun Laoghaire (in the mist)
  220. Thinking of getting a DSLR...
  221. Have a look at this guy's site...amazing post processing...
  222. first photoshopped photo
  223. Camera Noob alert, So I'm looking for a digital camera. I was considering a sd1100, are there any SD
  224. Gentlemen. I am looking for a compromise between a DSLR and a point-and-shoot
  225. Canon people... I'm torn between the 70-200 F2.8L IS and the 70-200 F4L IS
  226. Just picked up one of these on woot.com...
  227. Snapshots from earlier in the week
  228. Sweet pics from Chile eruption
  229. photo shop guru, Can anyone make these wheels gunmetal centers for me?
  230. Photography ...cinematography/computer fun...my first Youtube ...daughters friends band
  231. So I decided to try out some HDR (never tried before). Not too bad considering it's my 1st time...
  232. Finally got a DSLR!! :D
  233. just installed PS CS3... now what?
  234. Help please!!! Getting frustrated trying to figure out Canon's SD models.
  235. My miserable attempt at HDR...i need more practice...but pointers from you guys?? helpppp
  236. Need Canon accessories?
  237. Got the new B&H porn in the mail yesterday.. Happened to notice that Tokina has new fast wides..
  238. Does anyone know if Nikon plans to release a 17-55 2.8 lens with VR?
  239. Any tips for panning technique?
  240. Finished going through our DC trip pics
  241. Shooting into the Sun... w/cloud filter.
  242. Smart water studies to improve performance!
  243. Batch processing in photoshop
  244. DSLR BT: mid range camera
  245. Newbie question lol...i have a Sony A100-H, can i shoot HDR?? >>>>
  246. Canon PowerShot G9 or the Nikon Coolpix P80.....any suggestions?
  247. Likes / Dislikes? Snapped this real quick today...
  248. Waterfall & piece of wood
  249. Camera BT: Fujifilm A600. My wife took some cute .avi clips of our daughter today
  250. Does anyone know anything about multicomputer photo database software?