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  1. You Turkeys!
  2. HELP! Looking at Kodak v1253 for my daughter for graduation..hit? skip?
  3. I need some advice.
  4. Anyone try this wireless card yet?
  5. I got the 300/2.8 accessories Michael suggested!
  6. Gitzo & RRS toys have arrived
  7. New 80-200mm f4
  8. What says you nature photogs...
  9. Some shots of the brook at the end of my driveway...
  10. Dick Cheney hates photo gear
  11. It's Spring and the sun is setting - gotta look good!
  12. how much is a used 1ds mk2 worth?
  13. What Flash units are folks here using/happy with?
  14. Trip to san diego... mostly nature shots... please critique...
  15. Gonna be a great photography week
  16. Where do you guys rent your glass from ?
  17. so the new firmware for 1D MkIII is out (1Ds MkIII as well)
  18. Interesting thread on D3 vs Canon bodies and Nikon vs Canon glass
  19. did you guys see Canon lenses increase in price at B&H?
  20. I would really like some reach without breaking the bank, but I dont want to
  21. Aquarium of the Pacific
  22. Five of the many photos I took over the weekend.
  23. One of the most photogenic places I've been to...
  24. Funny photography pics
  25. It seems everyone loves the G9, but I have a few quick questions
  26. Random Act of Kindness
  27. pluck the feathers, add some teeth...
  28. And the sad part is
  29. Nikon D80 or Olympus E510??
  30. for you lightroom / windows users - easy / repeatable method for DVD burning?
  31. last month i toyed with getting a new lens (70-200 f2.8L)
  32. Mac iPhoto question...
  33. Looking for a picture...
  34. Canon Lens BT: 300 f4 IS w/ TC or 400 f5.6 w/ TC...
  35. Just ordered a Cannon SD850is from Amazon, Anyone have this camera?
  36. should i sell my 28-105 lens after getting a 12-24mm
  37. i learn as a newbie never get plastic frames they suck ROYAL
  38. Help -Looking into getting a 'real' camera since we have our first child on the way....the Rebel xti
  39. paging Justforfun
  40. have you guys seen this video - eagle drags goats off a cliff?
  41. A quickly made collage of my Vegas trip pics
  42. Thanks for all the help with sizing and framing
  43. So, you think you can do macros?
  44. Super-quickie product photo shoot
  45. Some shots of a friends subaru
  46. Recommendations for my first digital SLR?
  47. Ever wanted unlimited encrypted automatic off-site backup for less than $4.00/month?
  48. Jeff you are now the search subject of LensRentals
  49. Advice for shooting a swim meet?
  50. so we've been asked to do some interior architectural shots... any good reading
  51. which lens tokina 10-17mm or 12-24mm both around the same price of course the 10-17
  52. for all of you that think having a wife / SO that's not into photography is a bad thing...
  53. HOW did I miss this section of Audiworld?? I'm here now...
  54. trigger pulled / wallet empty (again)
  55. Whatcha lookin' at?
  56. A few Randoms
  57. First try at product photog.
  58. How did the photographer get this look?
  59. how much to charge hourly as a freelance photographer?
  60. Working on making a photobook (little audi content)
  61. Aperture Plugins Are Ready
  62. Can I use 300x UDMA cards in my non-UDMA 30D? are they backward compatible?
  63. a new bird at the swamp
  64. Light painting the audi...
  65. New photography subject
  66. Anyone going to Watkins Glen for opening weekend? I will be there shooting it..
  67. How can I photoshop a photo to look like the video in Top Gear?
  68. Considering using DNG. Anyone have any opinion on the matter?
  69. What computer you use to do your post processing?
  70. If anybody needs extra memory cards... Lexar 300x cards are heavily rebated right now
  71. randoms from last night
  72. Newcastle upon Tyne
  73. City of Tokyo as viewed from top of Mori Tower.
  74. Newb advice needed. I'm using Picasa now but would like some white balance and
  75. Thinking of buying D300 with 18-200 tomorrow....stop me?
  76. Hey, can some of you guys with 70-200mm f/2.8 L (nonIS) post some of your 100% crops?
  77. Help with print size
  78. Just placed an order for a Canon 70-200 F4L IS. Excited....
  79. Don't keep a Taiwan made canon 18-55mm IS. I have had two and neither one is as sharp
  80. Waterfal-bow....
  81. bo honest....
  82. amazing what the Houston Parks Department wants to charge for photography in their parks
  83. for tripod hunters - here's a granddaddy of CF tripods at "reasonable" price
  84. Thinking of switching out my Tokina 12-24/4 for the Canon EF-S 17-55/2.8 IS.
  85. Per my post about Rick Dole changing to Nikon, he has the following for sale. I am not the seller
  86. Was just chatting with fellow motosports shooter Rick Dole (one of the top 5 in the world) and he
  87. huge noob issue..... and I feel like an idiot for not knowing this
  88. My three boatercross photo contest pics
  89. Proud new dad! *New toy*
  90. any suggestions on resale value of a dRebel (300D) with 18-55 USM lens?
  91. Opinions on Nikkor 16-85 or 18-200 as daily-use lens?
  92. I've been lurking here, and thought i would post a few pics, let me know what you guys all think.
  93. Great interview in European Car magazine this month on Keith Sutton..
  94. Looking for a cheaper way to go Mac?
  95. tripod and ballhead advice... tell me I won't be dissappointed with this:
  96. Trying to catch some feathers with 24-85 nikkor. Need other gear if I want to get closer (-:
  97. Vroooooooom!
  98. My first family portrait was a success!!!!!!
  99. MichaelTM YGM
  100. sweet... snapped this at Piedmont Park in Atlanta
  101. went to check out Pete (NASA Racer) race at Buttonwillow. Some shots. He's the #20 Radical
  102. Photos from today's boatercross competition (WARNING: lots of pics...)
  103. Shot a TON of pictures at Buttonwillow today...
  104. My cousin is engaged and has tasked me with shooting his wedding. He offered to pay me, but instead
  105. do you guys think the graffiti ruins this picture?
  106. Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion
  107. continuing some processing.....
  108. going on vacation, need a wide lens - Canon 16-35 II owners - happy?
  109. Boatercross
  110. is this a decent beginner tripod setup?
  111. I assume you guys saw this?
  112. say what you want - some birds are just so graceful!
  113. Anyone else catch the new Canon lens announcement with the XSI?
  114. Just ordered 5D....
  115. Woohoo XSi being shipped
  116. Need a crash course in model photography. Any advice?
  117. hey guys. coming at you from OT. had a question a/b a photography book.
  118. A4 and RS4!
  119. Peekaboo!!!!
  120. Waiting to come out and play....
  121. So I got a new toy
  122. Looking for new camera
  123. Not a good day for the cormorant
  124. Image editing programs... suggestions?
  125. Dag pics...
  126. Canon G9 + 580ex + off camera shoe cord = fun
  127. Lion with a bit of lightroom PP.
  128. stuff in the yard
  129. Am I the only one who finds The Luminous Landscape uninteresting?
  130. Lightroom question...
  131. x-post: Looking for a P&S under $250. Casio Exilim EX-S10, Hit/Skip?
  132. flashes on a bright sunny day
  133. some pics from the zen gardens in Kyoto
  134. few 'family' photos... anything good in here, in your 'humble' opinions? ;)
  135. Starting to play with D300. Spring time on a recent Phoenix hike. No touchups.
  136. few car pics
  137. Today was pretty much a non-photo day. Went to one garden
  138. Newbi question
  139. finally finished my remodeling project!
  140. interesting firmware hack...
  141. x-post- - - - Final Diner shots from yesterday.
  142. Did another real estate shoot today...plus a couple of random shots from today.
  143. Overclock your flash
  144. Photo paper question.
  145. Lightroom 2.0 Beta released...
  146. Some pix from my a bridal collection I shot this weekend for a new designer out here
  147. not quite as extreme as Chad's shots, but some skiing shots of my own..
  148. OT: Anyone reccomend a supplier of dram cheaper than crucial.com for Mac-Intel's?
  149. Need some tips on a Diner shoot today
  150. some images from my first day in Kyoto
  151. A handful from Denver today
  152. From the past 3 days...
  153. Wedding reception shots - ideas anyone?
  154. Must See spots for a Photog in London and Barcelona?
  155. what's the rental place people like? rentglass.com and another one?
  156. Quick question - DC trip on Sunday - rent a 17-55/2.8 or 10-22?
  157. Some images from Nikko.
  158. Does anybody care to optimize this terrible point and shoot camera picture for me? TIA!
  159. I'm still in shock
  160. Deal or no deal?
  161. Canon 5D for $1,599 @ B&H
  162. and now for something completely different...
  163. XTi Mode Dial issues inside
  164. Photos of my C5 A6 ... hope they are okay here!
  165. Do these pictures appear underexposed?
  166. Haven't posted here in a while...some random images recently shot...
  167. looking for pocket size camera. sony cybershot with touch screen or
  168. snow last night
  169. Any word on a Spring rebate program from Canon?
  170. some images from today
  171. couple of shots from downtown tonight
  172. VERY early in the morning
  173. Some samples from the Tokyo Fish Market this saturday early a.m.
  174. New lens and samples
  175. Car shooters?
  176. i'm out here for a couple of weeks to shoot some stuff so I thought i'd post here
  177. Another fashion show...
  178. JeffAhn, Droopy, Tanner, et al; noticed an exodus from SmugMug > Flickr....
  179. A little break from Herons - how 'bout some cars? or A car? =-)
  180. Adobe Photoshop Express
  181. Spyder3 Elite
  182. Hit or Skip: Used Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens for $350
  183. Newly minted wife wants cheap, easy to use,
  184. Ovation TV series..."The Genius of Photography"
  185. Holy crap, it's not just cars that are cheaper in the US - Canon 1dsIII = 6k sterlings?
  186. Happy Easter from SF
  187. My new website is now LIVE. Comments / suggestions / witty remarks welcomed...
  188. RRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH loosing it here (Nikon Lens)
  189. Pro Mods/Top Eliminator, Farmington Dragway (Pict Heavy)
  190. morning light is good too :)
  191. Some of my recent shots
  192. Wow, time to buy a used D200>>>
  193. Just curious how you would expose this image ? This guys work is for the most part amazing
  194. I like mine well done this is undercooked
  195. Poll: What do ya'll use to effectively carry around batteries...
  196. Spent some money over the past few days...
  197. dawn with...
  198. Photos in a parking garage...
  199. Hey guys, I just got this link from a company I buy from. Interesting product...
  200. Watchout I've got a Heron of my own! haha
  201. SF Bay Area PSA...Annie Leibovitz is exhbiting at the Legion of Honor until late May
  202. Almost on the spur fashion shoot with Jerry Ghionis
  203. Oh, by the way, I am madly in love with my 24-70L........
  204. Being a late adopter of Lightroom, I think I'm either going crazy or just experiencing growing pains
  205. My latest creation
  206. Heading down to Tampa, FL for UConn's NCAA tourny tmrw!
  207. Good day for swamp crawlin Michael!
  208. L'Oreal Fashion Week
  209. Not birds in a swamp...
  210. Critique
  211. When does the SD890 IS actually hit retail stores?
  212. Need advice for a shoot!
  213. I don't know how to feel about this...
  214. first actual shots from my new P&S: Canon sd750
  215. Quattroporte with my car wash helper pics (X-Post to Canadian Forum)
  216. Want to buy my first prime...
  217. When did this become a bird forum?
  218. ruffled feathers
  219. Lens Preferences (more n00bage)
  220. Latest EXIF and Beyond podcast episode: Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography
  221. Dawn patrol
  222. some pictures i grabbed at my friend's wedding last saturday
  223. anybody have a 75% off coupon for RRS?
  224. LOL. My neighbor the hawk getting his arse kicked by a bunch of crows
  225. I got a new gadget
  226. Quack!
  227. Family portrait
  228. Anyone ever DIY Shadow Box framing?
  229. Someone needs a life........................
  230. Update on the D200 deal with TNT...
  231. I think I made up for lost time yesterday... (9 pics)
  232. Anyone tried CHDK on Canon P&S's? Apparantly it lets you shoot RAW, DOF calc and other stuff
  233. I have a SONY Mini DV Cam that seems to be busted.
  234. Anyone here have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18? Impressions?
  235. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist...
  236. What says AWPhoto? $1k setup...
  237. going through some of my photos from my recent trip. pics a bit large - sorry... what do you think?
  238. isn't this craigslisting too good to be true?
  239. Can someone recommend me a camera? Looking to get a little more serious with my photography.
  240. New School...not that silly old timey skiing...
  241. sometimes the planets align...
  242. thought I'd share this beast, don't know if anyone else has noticed it on B&H yet...
  243. good light is good light
  244. Canon SD750 for $150 from Office depot
  245. poor man's 840mm f/8 :)
  246. Repaired Sigma, looks good
  247. Canon G9 is a damn good camera.
  248. You really need to see this image by Grant Gunderson...
  249. Equipment we just packed/brought with to Portugal, for those interested. 75lbs +
  250. Well I need to adjust my monitor that is for sure, my pics look about .3 to .7 stops underexposed