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  1. OK, for those not yet sick of my heron :)
  2. backdrops... muslin, paper, vinyl, canvas, etc... can someone give me a quick rundown
  3. more luck at the swamp today (will just keep adding here)
  4. so - how big is your digital photo collection?
  5. lighting guys... for use with shoe flashes... umbrellas or small softboxes?
  6. folks i need to make a quick softbox or method for shooting some small packages
  7. Got noise?
  8. got a new toy delivered today.
  9. First attempt at indoor sports...
  10. Anyone got a canon kit lens and/or 50mm f/1.8 to part with?
  11. Macro lens, looking at canon 100mm f/2.8 macro. Seems pretty amazing for 400, thoughts?
  12. 35/1.4L first test shot
  13. Canon BT: anyone else get a lot of Err 99 in cold weather?
  14. The Essex Ct Eagle boat trip....a bust
  15. Going to Germany a week from tomorrow
  16. Quinceanera from this past weekend.
  17. Screen printing, test shots
  18. M Coupe at cement factory
  19. kiLLar
  20. Processing
  21. some trees..
  22. Any interest in a Sigma 17-70 (canon)? $250
  23. Any experience w/ Filmtools Gripper vs. Stickypod?
  24. What products are people using to clean their sensors these days?
  25. couple of questings in regard to printing/framing
  26. hmmmm.
  27. Rent Glass or Lens Rentals?
  28. my uncle, the basketball superstarrr ..
  29. Trees at the golf course
  30. so it's a little cheesy and 'mushy'... but my wife and I put together
  31. When the heck is canon going to release info about the 5d mk2?!
  32. anyone do any video hosting on their own?
  33. pick me a new Tripod....
  34. Airplane photography, anyone?
  35. Anyone here use panorama brackets?
  36. Now that I have photoshop elemnts 6, how can I learn to use it
  37. New snow on old flowers
  38. who's up for a self-portrait thread? To put a face to a name kinda thing
  39. A few of Katie (5 mos) from the weekend...
  40. Leica's CEO, Steven K. Lee... sacked
  41. Shots from the yacht!
  42. Ok, late I know, but my pics of the eclipse and one of the aurora.
  43. Nikon lens deal
  44. Experience with Sigma lens being recalibrated?
  45. I hope you all get 100% on this quiz
  46. Canon EF-S 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS
  47. Noise and night shooting, Some questions
  48. argh... color management guys... I know we've covered this in part before...
  49. Finally beginning to shoot in RAW and picked up CS3
  50. Just got the LaCrosse charger in last night...my previous charger
  51. Walk around for NYC.. 70-200 2.8L or 17-40 4L
  52. Anyone have a recommendation for a right angle viewfinder for Canon SLR's?
  53. Anyone else see the aurora borealis tonight? I'll post my pics of it tomorrow night.
  54. another from Grandada Spain...
  55. Lunar eclipse anybody?
  56. Re: my earlier post, I decided to repeat my lens test under more standardized conditions.
  57. How do you figure out the aperture of a telescope?
  58. Setting up Canon PowerShot SD600 for quality pictures.
  59. Looking for photo editing software
  60. Anyone know anything about muslin backgrounds?
  61. Center Point Focus vs Tracking focus..
  62. Lunar Eclipse tomorrow (Wednesday) night
  63. Color or B/W?
  64. Canon G9 first impressions...
  65. Photo contests and the terms set forth....
  66. Granada Spain part 1...a brief walk around town...interesting doors.
  67. CT River Expeditions ~ Eagle Cruise...Interest?
  68. question about DX lenses (nikon)... i thought the focal length for dx lenses were as marked?
  69. White lens users... cover your nut sacks, this is going to hurt....
  70. End of an era...
  71. 1DsM3 first light
  72. Q: When is 200mm not 200mm? A: When its a Nikon lens
  73. messing around with post processing
  74. First Tracks
  75. Eagle has landed
  76. D300 out for it's maiden voyage...
  77. any thoughts or whoa's on either of these cameras.
  78. made it to the Chicago auto show yesterday.
  79. Ok I'm retarded.
  80. Amatuer Prego photo shoot
  81. a juxoposition of pictures from a city known for terrible food, and another for culinary perfection.
  82. Gorillapod SLR review
  83. A shot from tonight...clients...pregnancy shot...
  84. Camera Suggestions, please
  85. Good Macro Lens (D-Rebel)?
  86. Any medium format users?
  87. Anyone in market for 70-200L f2.8 IS?
  88. i'm looking for new camera, thank you for any feedback
  89. winter, i wish i have a better camera
  90. So a prego friend of mine may want me to snap some picture of the belly
  91. looking for advice on rechargeable AA batteries
  92. watcha think?
  93. surely this is a snapshot and not a photograph... but it's a cute one!
  94. Would excessive shaking be bad for a camera? (ie: long trip on a bicycle rack)
  95. Painting with light, anyone every try this?
  96. Looking into getting a new camera... $$$
  97. I believe in the saying, "If it's too good to be true..."
  98. From Off Topic Section - wnut started this...can anyone help?
  99. NASA Sandblast Rally Cheraw SC
  100. Wimberly F-6 Sidekick Flash Bracket in the classifieds...(pics added)
  101. some new various pics ..
  102. Color or B&W?
  103. Does anyone have the Nikon SB-800 Speedlight Owner's Manual PDF? Can't find it anywhere :-(
  104. I think it's one of my better pics. Fog in the park...
  105. Is this the (renowned) ebay wireless flash trigger I need for the 430EX?
  106. Went to the Chicago autoshow this past weekend
  107. Impressive clouds at sunrise
  109. Small Old cars...
  110. And now for a question that's never been asked on any photography forum: 5D or 40D?
  111. Even if i'm a canon guy,
  112. Mom and cubs
  113. What size/brand/resolution monitors do you all work with?
  114. looking to rent a zoom lens, but not sure which one...
  115. Since I cannot stitch panos together I had cj99si do one of mine for me.
  116. Took some more pictures on my second trip to the Philly Auto Show. Improvement?
  117. What are the good places to buy used gear?
  118. Nikon D40 18-55 kit with xtra battery on sale at amazon $452 shipped
  119. D300 on sale for $1679 at OneCall....
  120. Not as exciting as a D300, but picked this up...
  121. D300 arrived last night!!
  122. So can the focus sensor in Canon DSLR's be confused easily?
  123. A bunch of shots taken with my Canon PowerShot A95. Beginner here so C&C is welcome.
  124. Has anybody ever done a Panoramic HDR?
  125. Somebody on the other forum said someone is looking for this...
  126. Been up all night so I had a go at HDR
  127. i know i'm a cell phone whore. a foot of snow outside, haven't made it out there yet. so...
  128. I'm about to order a copy of cs3 and was looking to see what the best tutorial is.
  129. Picture request...
  130. A few (ok a bunch) of shots of our puppy
  131. Nikon ALMOST.... almost got it right with this lens..
  132. So I forgot how hard Sports Photography is... Darn!
  133. does a monopod help in steadying a shot?
  134. My Canon AE-1
  135. Holy chit... One MONDO lens....
  136. OT*poll* Whos the youngest here?
  137. A few pictures from my Disney Cruise to the Bahamas
  138. re-vamped the site....
  139. anybody know of a good quality ExpressCard CF reader?
  140. I want to get my trip photos and make a DVD time it to music etc for family.
  141. *sigh* dreaming of 21.1 MP FF
  142. 24-70 f/2.8L gripe....
  143. What do you get when you move state and leave your son a geometric dome home?
  144. LOL looks like Canon will need another color dot in addition to blue
  145. went over the border into Lake Geneva WI on a date last night...
  146. I have noticed that prints tend to always look darker than the shots I view on my screen
  147. A few Scotland pics...
  148. Bored last night...
  149. it's going to be happening more and more now... how many computers can i use CS3 with?
  150. My brother's homecoming from 6 month deployement
  151. Strange and cool at the same time.
  152. any "must see" sites in Madrid Spain?
  153. some pics of my toys....
  154. OK... I need another point of few... Nikon shooters, set me straight...
  155. don't think i ever posted about my Turkey trip...
  156. C&C4ME tyvm
  157. Indoor Pole Vault C&C
  158. I thought I should try again, but serious this time...
  159. you know how when you've had problems with things in the past, and you get something new...
  160. A quik trip across America.
  161. WWAWD? Used 20D or new XSi 450D?
  162. It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........
  163. Spent 24 hours in NYC.
  164. ALMS Sebring, FL
  165. it's time.
  166. Froze my ass off for 5 hours this morning, waiting for the eagles to shows.
  167. Shots from a grey day...
  168. Minty Nikon D200 and extras going up on the block!!
  169. What are these worth? I have two Canon AE-1 Program Cameras one of them with a Hanimex MC..
  170. Some new toys!
  171. Anyone want to buy a nice 24-70 EX f/2.8 Sigma?
  172. Canon 450XT (Rebel XSi)
  173. Cell Phone cameras: Post your best shots with your worse camera!
  174. x post: my trip to Italy
  175. What are the proper precautions for bringing dslr into cold weather and back inside?
  176. Camera (300D body) SOLD
  177. SD.... SDHC... what the heck?!
  178. damn, it's cold outside!!
  179. Latest copy..... Front focuses noticably at 70mm... Grr......
  180. help me out...should i be shooting in RAW?
  181. Still a photo n00b trying to figure out how to process RAW.
  182. need something close to canon 10-22 lens but not as expesnive
  183. are the Panasonic Lumix P&S digicams any good? they seem to have some good features
  184. Took another shot of the moon. Did I do better this time?
  185. Should I keep the battery that the Sigma techs left in my 30D then shipped it back?
  186. Big change at B&H
  187. P&S camera suggestions? toss up between SD1000 and G9
  188. 25 degrees out, still went out shooting!!!
  189. Filter Poll: What stays on the lens longer, the UV or circular polarizer?
  190. My first post here in the Photog forum...
  191. Moon.
  192. Driving from Navada to Maine, need suggestions.
  193. Quechee Gorge in winter.....
  194. FORUM POLL: What state are you from? I am in NY
  195. Anyone care to make me a simple signature pic out of one of these two really bad pictures?
  196. Who makes the smallest ultra-compact digital camera?
  197. How can you determine largest picture size?
  198. Another 17-40 Shot 56k need not apply
  199. if anyone's looking, B&H has D3 in stock right NOW. Not on the website, gotta call
  200. Meh pic but played with HDR.
  201. Not completely photo related but
  202. Winter here, no races to shoot
  203. Okay, dos mas
  204. Only if she wasn't so nosey...
  205. Got the 17-40mm today....
  206. Canon Powershot SD750
  207. uh oh.... you ever bid on something as a goof... and win?
  208. Ford Slaps Brand Enthusiasts, Returns Love With Legal Punch
  209. Quattro!
  210. Last day to vote for my picture....!
  211. So now Sigma wants me to send them my camera and the 24-70.....
  212. need advice on a camera
  213. What has happened to Canon quality control???
  214. A few Mavericks Photos...
  215. can anyone recommend good freeware software for photo editing?
  216. Any love for this shot?
  217. Workflow BT: When exporting RAW into Tiff (or whichever one you prefer), which resolution?
  218. Having trouble taking clear pictures with my new DSLR...
  219. Thanks to whoever recommended Lensrentals.com.
  220. It seems like many here could use this.
  221. I can't wait... It's Mavericks time!
  222. Need an inexpensive point and shoot.
  223. GoPro Digital Hero 3
  224. When Shrimp attack! Some new tries at shooting my tank.
  225. My only remotely interesting pics so far....
  226. i could use some guidance on simple off-camera flash setups...
  227. My newest subject
  228. Published photos
  229. Fun with light-painting
  230. Just ordered a Canon 17-40mm f/4 L
  231. Does anyone have a Canon 50mm f/1.8 they want to part with?
  232. someone point me to a used Mamiya buyers guide?
  233. Lensbaby. thinking about getting one for my XTi. what-say-you AW?
  234. getting a D80, is this (noob) package good?
  235. Intro & Return to AW.....
  236. Ten Month Checkup
  237. what one do you like best?
  238. wanted ....cheap $ complact flash cards....where to buy?
  239. Quick question: Do Nikon film SLR lenses fit Nikon digital SLRs? TIA.
  240. some still life...
  241. I wanna be rich!
  242. Took a trip to Myrtle beach
  243. Please vote for my picture as well...! Mature Bald Eagle with a Shad
  244. Say Cheese!
  245. Anyone want to buy a really clean Giottos MT-9180 tripod?
  246. Thoughts on this lens?
  247. Came close to a new body twice this weekend!
  248. Which lens would you choose
  249. I'm lovin the gallery2 software.
  250. Please vote for my jellyfish picture, a semi-finalist for a NW photo contest!