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  1. From this weekends shoot....
  2. Photo galleries: They are all fine. I do recommend the TAVIA gallery in order to start this week
  3. Hey RKA. This post(pic) on the B5S4 forum made me think of you.
  4. My 1st post on this forum with pics from my new to me Canon Digital Rebel XT. Subject matter: Birds
  5. As good as it gets !
  6. I am looking at getting an SLR. Is this the going rate?
  7. Mac users: what do you use for your workflow and image storage/browsing?
  8. Upgrade from 350D: 30D w/ grip, 6.5k actuations for $750 - good deal?
  9. Anyone here familiar with Savannah School of Art & Design...
  10. what is a good budget landscape lens for around 200 and under
  11. 580ex II showed up last night... so far, pretty happy with it...
  12. How is it that the lens on my 400$ camera does 36-432 with aperture down to 2.7 and a 1000$ DSLR
  13. Comments on Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS?
  14. Trying some pics of my salt water tank
  15. bored.....so I went out last night and took these...
  16. $300 good price for 17-85 and hood?
  17. Geek-chachos- why would my PC quit recognizing my DSLR.
  18. fish
  19. Is Ebay the way to sell a Nikon D70?
  20. Anemone
  21. 1/1/8
  22. Snow is a great backdrop.
  23. Does shooting RAW slow the camera down?
  24. Anyone catch 'Travels to the edge' with Art Wolfe?
  25. My best pic yet but I only got the camera a few days ago.
  26. Happy New Year everyone!
  27. Thinking of adding a lens to my D40...
  28. stupid question... does color space setting in camera make any difference if shooting RAW?
  29. So, I decided against all of the "Only Buy a $1,000 Tripod" advice. . .
  30. ick - printing from lightroom, unless using custom profiles, is a f'ing pain in the ass
  31. My first camera... I'd like to share
  32. Lightroom Users
  33. Advice on restoring old b/w photographs
  34. any takers? :)
  35. Eagle shots from Thursday
  36. Talk me out of a 40D. I currently have a 350D (Rebel XT), but I see myself buying a 40D very soon.
  37. =( After all the excitement, huskies come out under
  38. Tell me what you think of this photo
  39. Fast/Portrait Lens for Nikon. Question>
  40. Took another canoe trip.
  41. Lightroom users + watermark lovers, check out this plugin
  42. IS or not to IS?
  43. A few Eagle shots...
  44. Is there much difference between using a generic SD card over a more expensive version?
  45. Friends
  46. made a very akward capture this morning... and by akward, it's just off somehow...
  47. Travelling all day, Boston to Hartford to DC to Charlotte
  48. I guess I will pose this question to the photography crowd.
  49. no more putting it off. which version of CS3 to get?
  50. I hope everyone had a Happy Festivus... Care to share some pics? OK, I'll go first...
  51. Wasn't someone wanting to sell a 12mm - ? here a few days ago?
  52. And off the North Carolina for UConn Football's Meineke Car Care Bowl =D
  53. That time of year =)
  54. Why does my Sigma 18-50 always make
  55. where do these "spots" come from? They are there in one pic and not in the next one.
  56. First D40 pic post in here. Hope you like
  57. Since I have learned with some confidence that the outdated Sigma 28 - 70 and Quantaray 70 - 300....
  58. and more toys on the way... it's been a good christmas for the camera bag
  59. So, I pulled out my Canon AE-1 tonite (vintage '79 SLR)
  60. Actually that post about the hasselblad reminds me...
  61. anybody here doing their own inkjet photo printing?
  62. Just inherited a Hasselblad 1000F with lenses and accessories.
  63. Any Canon DSLR owners here experience an ERR 99 message with their camera?
  64. Well...ended up getting the daughter a D40...she loves it.
  65. RAW shooters using Macs, take a good look at Raw Developer
  66. Trip and a summary of pictures
  67. Seattle Camera store recommendations?
  68. is a 28mm good enough for landscape or should i get a somewhere between 15-18mm
  69. 'not feeling creative' holiday pictures.
  70. Unique shot!
  71. Can someone please explain the differences between the D80 and D40x?
  72. D40x kit in stocking...
  73. Happy Christmas Everybody!
  74. Holidays, family, camera, meals, boredom between meals and a birdfeeder = fun with nature
  75. Stock Photography
  77. I know the camera of choice here is a SLR but if you own a digital point and shoot...
  78. Merry xmas from Chip..... the dog
  79. best printing I can get locally, on a sunday? Target, Wal-Mart, Ritz, etc?
  80. Cheap DSLR...
  81. Do the 5D or 1D series bodies have viewfinders that actually make manual focus possible?
  82. Central making circles. Merry(early) Xmas early to you all
  83. New to the world of Digital SLR. I just picked up a hand me down Rebel XT...
  84. 40D for $1150, very tempting, bad time of year
  85. 3 weeks, 8 countries, sun, snow, day, night and 2,500 shots later and I'm in love with my D40x.
  86. impulse buy: ProStrap wrist strap
  87. Micheal Jordan anyone??
  88. canon 300mm 5.6 non usm - great bang for buck lens - but has its limitations
  89. Those lookin for the 17-40 f/4L pics... heres a few
  90. My favorite new subject says...
  91. Does anyone have a tripod rec?
  92. Laptop BT: If you had to be on the road for 2 months and needed to post-process...
  93. Anyone have experience with refurbished Nikon products?
  94. What to look for in a tripod?
  95. <giddy> looks like the 10-22 will be in my stocking this christmas!
  96. I am interested in buying some gloves for winter shooting, but I want them to be very tactile
  97. Xmas came early
  98. Found this on a shoot.
  99. Heading out for NY in the morning...
  100. In case you missed it: Pentax $100 rebate
  101. Some More Bald Eagle Pictures
  102. Sample contracts?
  103. This guy does some serious post processing.
  104. Pic taken at 926mm, sun not even already all up, no tripod. Simply amazing.
  105. How do I increment the auto numbering on file names?
  106. What software do you use? I want to keep it as simple as possible.
  107. How to protect camera from dust? Is the lens cap enough or shoud it stay in the bag always?
  108. We'll call this one an impulse buy.
  109. Nice Pics from SF Air Show
  110. anybody know where to buy 8 ply mat board? I cant find it local
  111. sooo I pulled the trigger. 28-135+225$ for the 17-40L f/4
  112. Canon xti accessories: Need gift ideas for my cousin's wife that is under $30
  113. anyone selling xti kit lens? im in the nyc area
  114. I have a powershot S200 and all my pictures look "grainy" in low light. Is that normal or can I fix
  115. What's a good website tutorial on "real" photography?
  116. Is working in a particular color space better than another?
  117. Hawaii - first pic
  118. gorillapod users - need realworld input
  119. any leica fans in here? looking at the c-lux 2
  120. gimbal head vs. ball head
  121. I should have known to post this Q here instead of AWOT...any input?
  122. Canon G series, specifically the G9. Anyone with hands on experience using these? Seem great.
  123. Paging cj99si: How did you get your smugmug galleries to show the large version of the images
  124. What caused the bloom around this lamp?
  125. 12/10/07 Solitude, UT
  126. buddy just finished his web site, what do you guys think?
  127. Nikon Shooters: Anyone moving to the D3>>>
  128. Any tips on Christmas portraits or candid shots ?
  129. Happy Holidays! I almost didnt get a picture card done this year.
  130. NIKON D40X
  131. online Gallery advice.
  132. just got one of these p&s for $100
  133. lens delimea
  134. Got an extra tripod. Anyone need one?
  135. super small bag recommendation?
  136. Alright, time for opinions!
  137. shiny
  138. Study break...
  139. New EXIF and Beyond podcasts got posted including an interview with Ken Light
  140. Which mat color?
  141. Chicago Trip Pictures.
  142. Post a self-portrait of yourself...
  143. Would anyone here consider a new gray market camera. I ask because.......
  144. update thread on MTN Creek Shoot
  145. A pic of my A-1:
  146. Digital Camera/USB BT; I recently bought a Fujifilm s700, which works great
  147. Christmas gift digital camera BT: For the girlfriend
  148. Canon XTi body $479 at Dell..
  149. Some recent shots
  150. Anyone know a good site/lab to get medium format developed and scanned?
  151. Anyone with a BH Photo discount code for:
  152. 5% discount at DFC for the next 5 days...
  153. Just got my Nikon D70
  154. Light Meters: Why do I need one? How do you use it? What's a good entry to mid-level one to have?
  155. What's a good place to find stock illustrations of food/herbs/flowers in this style?
  156. Point and shoot question
  157. Pics from my back yard
  158. building stuff
  159. never shared this one
  160. Shot a little "eye candy" today...
  161. Photo challenge.. Inspired by a great book I have called "A Day In The Life of America"
  162. Big Surf is in the air... Mavericks official waiting period starts today
  163. The Film Dilemma
  164. been on the road for work for nearly 3 weeks! home for two days before i go out again. pics...
  165. Christmas portraits.
  166. Got a canvas gallery wrap of this...
  167. Confinement in b/w
  168. need tips on how to keep the lenses clean or cleaning it in general
  169. Anyone have tripod-buying tips?
  170. Bay Area folks will apprecite this. Got mentioned on the SF Gate Photo Blog...
  171. Outdoor fill flash tutorial
  172. Canon XTi $590.99 with free shipping from Amazon!
  173. %*@$&@#!*%@#*$#@!*$! Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 @!*#$!(@$!(#!*@*[email protected]#**[email protected]*#
  174. Help on a good lense that does a good job all around. I have.......
  175. Monitor calibration devices...Eye-One Display 2 still the pick of the litter?
  176. Signature Pics
  177. I added more pics from the friday 3 girl shoot:
  178. Need to find flash diffuser for my SB600
  179. Thinking of getting myself a non-point and shoot camera for xmas.. (SLR)
  180. I'm a photo n00b. Gf just bought me a D40 2-lens kit for xmas. Any advice on taking better pics?
  181. <BWW> i am a Total amature but i love this pic i took!!!
  182. New Audi owner/forum member
  183. Shot our holiday cards today...here are some out takes and candids...
  184. Best place to get a quality panorama print?
  185. Some amazing pics from NASA...
  186. What are some great, and very lightweight, and compact tripods?
  187. Looking for a used Nikon D70 w / 18-70 kit lens... What's a good price? <500?
  188. Does anyone have a recommendation for a messenger style bag (Canvas/Casual?)
  189. rebel xt or rebel xti for my 16 yr old son moving up from the powershot series?
  190. Any suggestions on photo editing programs that are easier the Photoshop?
  191. What's reasonable?
  192. So i have a cheesy photo of myself.. i would like the crop my face and copy it into a cartoon..
  193. Rats I lost my product key to capture NX.. what can I really do at this point ?
  194. a couple shots form south africa
  195. need memory for my xti - is this good enough
  196. So, who thinks this is a scam?
  197. why does the h5 cost more? cuz its older?
  198. Night shots of Montreal. Critiques welcome. (bww)
  199. Follow up on my original post: Decided to go with a Nikon D40x w/ the Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens
  200. Major brush up needed...and some recommendations requested
  201. Digitial Picture Frame BT
  202. *POLL* Whats everybody's current Camera & Lens(es) Setup?
  203. Buy 5d with 24-104 for $2950 or wait for 5d mk II
  204. Do you think that photographing citiscapes with construction on some of the major landmarks hurts
  205. This isn't no L lens, but
  206. Few from the holidays...
  207. I'm looking for a good all purpose lens for my Rebel XTI
  208. Cheap self portrait
  209. newegg selling open box D80s for $660ish
  210. new sig pic - nothing special, but so easy to do w/a tripod.
  211. Canadian Rally Championship at Tall Pines
  212. newbie with a Nikon D40 - it is my brothers now i want one
  213. dusted off the camera for my thanksgiving weekend...
  214. Tonights sunset...
  215. PSA: new egg is having insane deals on memory cards!
  216. Better late than never?
  217. "My frist DSLR" BT: Nikon D40x or Canon Rebel XTi/400D
  218. How about this picture...Bald Eagle C&C Welcome
  219. 2GB of memory or 19 inch monitor and 1 GB ?
  220. Photoshop Experts......
  221. Playing with candid flash photo portraits of a relative.
  222. So, I've tried Lightroom twice.. I just don't like it. I'm much happier with ACDsee and PS....
  223. Ultra II 2GB CF Cards at Bestbuy for $24.99 including shipping.
  224. Afternoon cappucino
  225. New toy post................
  226. Tried my hand at Lunar photography last night.
  227. My G-Unit promo photos!
  228. Looking to buy a DSLR
  229. Boulder Falls
  230. S4 B7 forum rules (0:
  231. Going to be displaying some photos for sale(need some advice)
  232. X post of my fun shoot on Friday night.
  233. Funny
  234. Nikon BT: Will these lenses work on current Nikon DSLRs? If so, which ones?
  235. Holiday Photo help: noob needs some advice... please help!
  236. newb DLSR questions re: d40
  237. so I am headed back to Italy in January, I need some input on what gear to bring..
  238. New Orleans City Hall
  239. Obligatory. Nothing special...I just had to....
  240. "The Legal Landscape of Street Shooting" Podcast
  241. Lens help... I'd like to get a new lens but need some advice
  242. Some shots of the wife and kid from the pediatricians office today...
  243. Searching for sigma 10-20 sample galleries I ran across these
  244. Should I buy a used Canon 540EZ? Any serious issues?
  245. To my fellow Flickr/AWOT peeps be sure to read this (relevant to non Flickrers too)
  246. newbie post...
  247. 430EX help?
  248. Tried out my new 10-22. Man I need to use to this thing. You have to be looking up to fit it right.
  249. an HDR image of Comet 17p/Holmes and nebulae in Perseus with EF300mmF2.8L
  250. has anyone heard of/watched 'The Shot' on VH1? reality television show about photography