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  1. My BRAND NEW Nikon Coolpix is FUBAR... Need advice...
  2. Evolution 8 MR.... Aero C/F goodness.
  3. Best soft case for Canon SD800?
  4. Heard back from Sigma, they're replacing m 24-70 f/2.8.
  5. friends wanted me to take pictures for their dad...
  6. first post here, wanted to share some concert shots from last night's Pat Monahan show...
  7. Shots from up on our hill at Infineon last night, races were going on.
  8. First posting here. This is why I want a D80
  9. Detailed car....asshalf photoshoot
  10. just a couple from Barbados
  11. Airshow pictures
  12. Anyone know any good places to sell photo equipment
  13. Any recommendations on how to shoot a heart on ice?
  14. A recent picture from Oak Island
  15. WTF? USPS says the Canon repair facility in Jamesburg NJ is an invalid address
  16. Grasshopper
  17. Parking across from B&H three times a week can be hazardous
  18. caught a pretty sky the other day...
  19. Went out yesterday morning for a canoe trip.
  20. This seems to be a little bit more than just weather sealed.....
  21. Fall falls.
  22. late fall
  23. ATTN: Nikon NX users - Ver 1.2 update is out!
  24. Spider munching on a bee (kinda graphic if you don't like spiders)
  25. Icer Air photos from San Francisco
  26. Tried my hand at shooting some wildlife this weekend...
  27. Tried some HDR shots this weekend. Is there a method to making them look more natural?
  28. Software to grab a frame from an AVI and save as a JPG?
  29. Some pictures from california
  30. Monkeys on the volcano in Bali Indonesia!
  31. Critique?
  32. i'll rant and say that whoever's judging these Sigma contests is an idiot
  33. any recommendations for good/cheap nimh AAs?
  34. New Sigma 30mm 1.4 with Dust !
  35. Halloween fun
  36. Anyone have the Canon EF 300mm f/4.0L IS? Do you like it? Compared to 100-400mm?
  37. Heres my take on the Malibu Fire.
  38. Sandisk Ultra II 8gb $91 with google checkout
  39. fall foliage part duex
  40. Comet Holmes is visible now near the zenith of the heavens, a little north at midnight.
  41. Autumn on The Hudson
  42. watching the post-game celebration of the World Series, their equipment gets soaked w/ booze
  43. Does anybody understand how aperture relates to exposing a subject with flash?
  44. a quick autumn contre-jour pano
  45. Vanderbilt Mansion - Hyde Park, NY - 10/28/07
  46. Just got back from five action packed days in NY...
  47. I LOL'd.
  48. forgive the noob question but why is it that when I shoot in the 'basic" modes on my 30D the ISO..
  49. Maryland Blad Eagle...Conowingo Dam... C&C welcome
  50. Photographing Yosemite in the Winter podcast
  51. Opinion wanted....going on a 7 day vacation....take laptop for picture storage or buy more flash
  52. Was 'hired' to shoot a new up and coming local band friday night... <updated>
  53. Finally found some fall colors!
  54. Like father like son....
  55. Sunrise from this morning
  56. How big of a print could I get out of this?
  57. Night shots.
  58. High Def Camcorder BT: Looking to spend about $1K or so.....brand? storage type?
  59. So, what is this new kind of really fast memory card that is faster than CF?
  60. Inspired by tanner
  61. How's this for a lens plan...
  62. DID NOT PHOTOSHOP - Band Shot
  63. I did not climb a cell/fire tower to get these, but..
  64. Moon photos... which one is exposed "properly"?
  65. PSA: Walmart B&M has 2gb Lexar Platinum II (80x) CF cards for $25 a pop
  66. TT owner caught supporting the world's oldest profession (photography inside)
  67. Laguna Seca Sports Car Championships Photography
  68. Phil's review on the 40D
  69. One more from last night at the Port of Long Beach
  70. Climbed up a cellular tower to take a picture of the New England foliage. . .
  71. Best way to gauge the market value of used camera equipment?
  72. This weekend will have the biggest full moon of 2007 if anyone likes to shoot it.
  73. a few from disney (hdr)
  74. One from tonight...
  75. Handful of ALMS-Speed GT images from Laguna Seca last weekend. More to come, these
  76. Recommendations for low light shooting
  77. not a lot going on over here...want to comment on a picture>?
  78. took out the 50mm 1.8 again, playin around with it, got this pic i kinda like, C&C pls
  79. The more time I spend with my 10-20 Sigma, the more I like it...
  80. Well got to use my new 10-20 in the field. First try at landscape/wide. What do you think?
  81. attended a friend's wedding yesterday. bride started flipping out about the photographer...
  82. Bird
  83. What do you think?
  84. I love my girlfriend
  85. New to me....
  86. what's the consensus around here regarding CF Cards...one 8 GB or two 4GB?
  87. Need advice
  88. Some random shots...
  89. A few from last nights photoshoot:
  90. got some new toys to play with
  91. Taking motorsports photos
  92. Got my new Sigma 10-20. Looking forward to using it up in Door County, WI this weekend
  93. was at best buy earlier today and they had a 40d on display. the grip is awesome!
  94. B&H got 0wn3d
  95. Canon rebates announced
  96. Quick not-so-secret pro-tip: apply "high pass" filter, use the lighten overlay. booyah.
  97. First pics from my new 40d and 400 f/5.6 lense from tonight...
  98. Need some flash help (resources/technique)...
  99. My new Subject
  100. Just made the leap to the digital SLR realm.
  101. A Recent Shot.. UConn First Night
  102. need some sharpening help...
  103. and so... it's coming - Canon 200mm f/2L IS
  104. Audi R8
  105. First time shooting RAW
  106. Mara's first birthday...
  107. Shoes
  108. was wondering if it alright to post some camera equipment for sale on here? Thanks.
  109. RIP Daphne
  110. Considering buying a Canon 400d (XTI) and a 400 f/5.6 L lense....more
  111. Singh Ray filters
  112. Have those fall rebates for canon started yet? I heard they are mid october, but im horrible at
  113. Anybody know of any good sites to look for discount coupons for bhphoto.com? =)
  114. Best place to get a used 30D for my daughter
  115. a few from recent shoot.
  116. Need a Point and Shoot recommendation
  117. Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
  118. im at your track, drivin on your petit's.
  119. Congrats, Jim!
  120. A gorgeous subject will make up for poor skills anytime....
  121. Attempt at creativity and tribute....
  122. Another waterfall panoramic
  123. Kris Hansen/ Others (wide angle question)
  124. Took a hike up Mount Tom in Woodstock VT yesterday.. Glorious day..
  125. Blue Angels photos from Sunday's San Francisco Fleet Week Event
  126. What is a good ratio for keeping the photo clean when you resize? TIA
  127. New camera...
  128. so my first attempt at HDR astrophotography ....
  129. Angry with Pond Management....
  130. Its that time of year... Blue Angels...
  131. I know this is not new to you guys but I just got a tripod and have been experimenting
  132. My Audi on Laguna Seca
  133. A recent outing
  134. Nikon's Small World Contest...
  135. A couple pix from my weekend in NYC
  136. Here's my first miniaturization.
  137. suggestions for halfway decent, relatively inexpensive ($300<) pink P&S camera?
  138. Pine..
  139. pssst...
  140. fog...
  141. So Delicate
  142. Opinions on this processing?
  143. What is everyone using to store RAW offline?
  144. Went to NYC for the Mens Health urban athlon
  145. Sigma 24-60/2.8 (Canon mount) @ Amazon for $200
  146. Shooting indoor concerts.
  147. Tripod Choice
  148. Rainbow
  149. Fall is here!!!!
  150. When is wide too wide? Shot some balloon activity with the 10-20, and am torn...
  151. Making the move to the dark side.
  152. Shooting RAW and other stuff
  153. Waterfall in the fall
  154. he's going the distance....
  155. Canon Canadian Fall Rebates...
  156. Grapes...
  157. So what's the verdict on the 40d? dpreview doesn't have an official review yet
  158. Coming back from my 2nd Football [email protected] Hartford
  159. Chasing steam trains in northeastern China
  160. 200$ for a XTi??
  161. Gaffer Tape.....
  162. Are the eyes too soft?
  163. When is a good time to use the Lens' hood?
  164. Ethical type photo question....
  165. Photographic joke of the day...
  166. More camcorder advice please
  167. it's so much easier to type in the dark now...
  168. i know everyone uses PS, but has anyone heard of or used pixelmator?
  169. Anyone have a link to a tutorial on...
  170. What are your thoughts on this sunset in Jamaica...
  171. 580 EX II
  172. lol
  173. light and shadow
  174. 2007 Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix...(mega BWW)
  175. I really like this XTi
  176. So I received my Sigma 10-20 EX.. it's a W I D E lens for sure!! =) It's fun..
  177. Canon rebate time coming...
  178. I'm finding it impossible to take great photos of FISH! Went to the GA aquarium
  179. I like to share at least one photo from a weekend
  180. Hasselblad, Again
  181. taking IS shots with mah new 70-300mm IS canon lens
  182. Need suggestion on settings...
  183. What's a good sub $500 camcorder
  184. To all Photographers who like to take photos of Food:
  185. sitting at home, finished a paper early, didn't feel like going out... so i played with flashes...
  186. UConn Huskies Anyone?
  187. Sisters Maltese
  188. More from Oz...
  189. "We don't want any"
  190. 100-400L sample...
  191. What is the replacement camera for the Nikon D70? Was it the D80?
  192. Been shooting/networking a ton lately.
  193. Waiting for the light...
  194. Pulled the trigger on the Sigma 10-20 EX... need more wide angle....
  195. has anyone ever heard of or used Twin1 wireless remotes?
  196. I think I'm smitten (5D)...
  197. Just started playing with my 30D and Sigma 18-50 2.8
  198. Chicken
  199. Advice please....good deal, or meh?
  200. Shooting and processing RAW images
  201. x-post: NYC Transit vandals critique ad photographers work:
  202. I want to start shooting on the side as a part time job...where to begin?
  203. Nikon D3 high iso pics
  204. Anyone bought from this merchant?
  205. Paging f3d aka The Drunk Rodeo Clown.
  206. who needs stickypods :)
  207. Do I need to read the manual for the DS800..or just wing it like a typical guy.
  209. Just picked up a Canon Rebel XTi with kit lens and 2GB card....
  210. Should I have any concerns about getting a "first off the assembly line" Canon 40D?
  211. I figured I'd make this it's own post... BWW...
  212. Some of my favorite shots from TT-East in Charleston SC....
  213. xpost from AWOT: some pics from my Alaska trip
  214. 9/11
  215. like new 5d and 24-70L lens for 2500..hit/skip?
  216. flowers at my apartment just as it started to get dark.
  217. The Photo Blog turns 1 today
  218. Any exp with Buydig.com? They have B&H beat by about 50.00 on the lens I want
  219. Flash BT: Canon 580EXII vs. Metz 58 AF-1C
  220. Algonquin Park
  221. PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPHERS....I need your input....
  222. Sahara sunset...
  223. Just did a pretty cool job for Mountain Creek
  224. Dropped the hammer on a 30D
  225. This is so crazy!!!
  226. My first model shoot! mww
  227. More schtuff for C&C...
  228. 20D
  229. Any Canon HV20 owners here?
  230. suggestions for which two photos to enter into a contest?
  231. when to use 'infinity' focus point?
  232. A few from last week.(Bugs,birds,sand, and a pano)
  233. I love my 80D
  234. 81,000 shutter actuations...nice
  235. Some UE today...
  236. "Dot"?? ***edit Canon Rebel XT with 18-55mm lens***
  237. DSLR
  238. F22 Raptor
  239. Halp. My dogs are trying to eat my Giottos Rocket.
  240. 1st stickypod attempt
  241. Tips for using 580EX II???
  242. opinions on parting with old Film equipment....
  243. Hey Truth
  244. after some more time in the water, now I have newfound respect for wildlife photographers
  245. caught some pretty neat weather recently
  246. Will a new monitor do the trick?
  247. Using a computer to format a memory card can wreck it
  248. Tail Lights in the Dark
  249. Just got a stickypod, so crazy pictures shall be coming soon.
  250. Good small bag for a rebel XTi and a walk around lens?