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  1. Anyone have replaced the plastic splash guard from below engine bay with metal sheet or
  2. Anyone with Mugello Blue in Chicago?
  3. Interesting.... satin finish RS4 cab...
  4. is dealer crazy for asking $73k for a used RS4?
  5. I find it quite humurous!
  6. I find it quite humurous!
  7. Hey what happened to the thread with the B5 S4 beating the RS4? Did someone on the B5 S4 forum...
  8. Please help in my decision for a new car!!
  9. Installed Milltek exhaust, what to do with stock exhaust system?
  10. Anyone try to crack the code in the game on this site?..........................You...
  11. so excited!!!!!
  12. PSA: In Western Mass. '08 Avus silver on silver leather with 2800 mi for sale
  13. Turning Radius............
  14. New RS4 Owner!!!
  15. Anyone ever try a Toyo Proxy T1-R tire?
  16. someone said they thought the car in Iron Man was an RS4; looks like an R8 to me........
  17. Come get your $80K ill fitting cheap piece of garbage....
  18. this kind of marketing makes my eyes sad
  19. When to get new tires...
  20. Instrument Cluster Rattle, who's got it?
  21. I want a better suspension! But is it easily reversible? (DRC)
  22. Ladies and Gentlemen, Riverside Audi's Online Parts Website, AudiPartsDepot.com is now live!
  23. OT: GTR Looks?
  24. Did every one receive the Audi book "Passion for Progress"?
  25. B7 drive train slop
  26. Too funny not to share
  27. Roof spoiler Install Help
  28. voice command button?
  29. Brand and size and type of SD cards
  31. Suspension Installation
  32. RS4 on Google StreetView .. LED fogs? Anyone here
  33. RS4 Exhaust
  34. Brigdestone tire question
  35. Pricing question for 2007 RS4 w/ 13000 miles
  36. Question for Fluff
  37. Anyone else going to quattro de Mayo this weekend?
  38. RS4 in Iron Man Commercial(more)
  39. Anyone tried these yet?
  40. TPMS for aftermarket wheels
  41. New owner(long)...
  42. RS4 Clear Corner Mod. Done, finally! warning...looong
  43. the power of three
  44. Im looking into the Magnaflow Catback. Any opinions about it?
  45. Question for those with H-Sports and stock suspension?
  46. An RS4 Cab from across the pond
  47. Time for new tires
  48. Burning through oil!!!
  49. Why finding a good shop you trust is so important
  50. Proud New Owner
  51. what do you guys use to store tires neatly? I have 12 winter tires I need to store and I figured
  52. After several weeks driving the Milltek non-res, valved. I say
  53. Again - I am amazed by the perfect car
  54. Info on the next RS4?
  55. STaSIS SL update (long...)
  56. The price of gas.....
  57. Why various V8s sound different
  58. Nice huh?
  59. Looking into purchasing an 07 RS4...
  60. chan, it's friday.
  61. RS4 Tubi Exhaust
  62. Anyone have a Passport SR7 installed in their B7RS4?
  63. Hey fellow cab owners, anyone tint their windows? Post pix pls
  64. Would love to know how people are launching their cars.
  65. to downshift or not to downshift? that is the question...
  66. Black RS4 on bay bridge in SF with Ti Package and Michigan plates...anyone? anyone?
  67. lol @ dealer trying to give me a "deal" on new summer tires, 375 a pop for PS2s....
  68. :: ECS Tuning :: Selection of Audi Collection Items - Now Available !!!
  69. Let the infighting begin...
  70. RS4 vs IS-F on Webrides
  71. Where's everybody getting detailing supplies? I need everything including a random orbital.
  72. SRT8 Jeep or Wrangler Unlimited (second car)
  73. RS4 tire pressure
  74. Has anyone have any experience with Neez wheels...
  75. Shop manual or DVD for 07-08 RS4
  76. The reality of relativity
  77. M5 and RS4 on the 'ring
  78. So who's the imola RS 4 at Planite Granite in Sunnyvale?
  79. VAG-COM location for 2007 RS4
  80. Tires - PZero vs. Pilot Sport Cup
  81. Anyone have a crowbar and a giant shoehorn?
  82. LPP Install
  83. Black RS4 with Titanium package from Steven's Creek?
  84. Need an R8 for our online show
  85. Ummm......... Nogaro Blue RS4 with Titanium package?
  86. So, how crazy/improbable/impossible would it be to put A5/S5/R8 LEDs into our RS4s?
  87. Well, I just jumped on the tuning bandwagon
  88. Top Gear piece on the C63, IS-F, M3 and RS4. Nothing shocking but
  89. Spotted Daytona Gray RS4 parked in Moline, IL near John Deere Commons
  90. Anyone up for a driving GTG?
  91. MTM 10mm spacers with stock suspension?
  92. Problems with checking my voicemail on with the iphone. Any of you experience the same?
  93. RS4 is underpowered and doesn't handle good enough, so I had to add this to the stable...
  94. RS4 Avant?
  95. Brake question: I was coming to a stop on Saturday and my car sounded like a garbage truck coming..
  96. Need some quick feedback
  97. Will the carbon fiber steering wheel from the PPI R8 fit in the RS4?
  98. Detailer's Domain: Audi RS4 with Swissvax Mystery
  99. And I thought changing pads on my A6 was easy...
  100. Anyone here have the eurocode carbon hood??
  101. holy crap!
  102. Titanium wheel bolts?
  103. Has anyone remove the center screw/clip in the front fender well?
  104. Resale of K40 Calibre?
  105. About to be a new owner...need advice ;-)
  106. First Post, new owner
  107. RS4 Video: Check out the redline, 9k!!!
  108. Hey guys...group buy?
  109. RS6 2004 18" Stock Rims On My 2007 RS4
  110. Kmarshall's Sprint Blue RS4 on 20" RS147 monolite wheels.
  111. VW Group looking to buy Ducati....I like it and not only because I own Ducatis and Audis.
  112. 275/30x19 Tires
  113. Forza2 or Granturismo5?
  114. Poor RS4
  115. Milltek Non-Res, idle sound clips
  116. Let's say I wanted to order a replica stock wheel, Ti, with rubber already on it.
  117. CAR UPDATE: Electrical Part III. You are going to like this one folks...
  118. Newb question. If I posted a youtube video, where do I find the friggin link?
  119. OT: Tramp Stamp
  120. gruppe m intake stats...
  121. is there a forum member with a sprint blue RS4 from Wyoming?
  122. Spotted RS4 on Orchid... just awsome!
  123. Glut Orange RS4 - Opinions?
  124. Speed World Challenge GT @Long Beach Grand Prix Race Is At 4 Pm On Sunday! Invite (GMG S5 is there!)
  125. Looking for a pic of an MTM spacer on an RS4.
  126. Just got the word!!!!!
  127. Saw an Ariel on the freeway this morning. Guy was wearing a helmet for his morning commute :)
  128. Remove resonators from stock exhaust?
  129. Koko test top speed of Lamborghini Gallardo in street race; Interceptor wins!
  130. Riddle me this Batman-: Weight difference between M3 sedan and CF roof coupe ?
  131. has anyone try the nitto invo tires.
  132. RS4 wheels part number
  133. Seeking A Spare Tire
  134. Just flew in from test driving the M3 and...
  135. Roof spoiler
  136. does anyone know why tirerack lists 3 different PS2 tires for our cars?!?
  137. Euro Wheel in my RS4
  138. I just figured out the passenger side mirror tilts down when in reverse...duh.
  139. OT: paging parikh1234 - Got a few questions for you..
  140. what's the difference between valved and non valved miltek systems
  141. Black Tip Milltek Catback System - Almost here
  142. Smoke detector issue
  143. Guys, please help me diagnose this creaking/rattling before I go nuts.
  144. TPM Sensor Issue
  145. 2007 RS4 for $56,800...is this a good price?
  146. RS4's look amazing on the track...
  147. Help pick a new car for my wife...
  148. GIAC chiptuning still a possibilty....
  149. A well running Stg 3 will walk an RS4 pretty hard...
  150. Stg 3 b5s4 vs. RS4 In a hypothetical way, Who wins on the expressway
  151. Lowering
  152. Exhaust question
  153. any good videos of a miltek resonated fullback system? cant seem to find any good ones
  154. Cab-stravaganza!
  155. Evo 9 RS as a track car
  156. RS4 sastified with power?
  157. Blue tinted headlights?!?!
  158. For all of you that of a clear bra setup on your car...
  159. fault code question
  160. RS4 build
  161. Black RS4 leaving Boston seaport district Friday?
  162. fix for creaky glovebox:
  163. Just Purchased 2008 RS4
  164. i truly hate every one of you rs4 owners...
  165. Audi RS4 Lease Rates - April 2008
  166. water spots
  167. Ferodo Brake Pads OEM Sensor question
  168. powder-coated stock wheels mounted...
  169. Mid year 2007 revision list
  170. CAR UPDATE: Complete electrical rewiring, PART II. It's getting there...
  171. FYI: Loads of RS4s in New Zealand
  172. First Mods Complete
  173. Milltek downpipe cats possibly are going bad!...
  174. Shifting
  175. Ghetto yellow RS4 goes up for sale. bids?
  176. stereo upgrade
  177. My journey towards an RS4 cabrio has ended...
  178. Worth the price????
  179. Best place to get the front license plate blank?
  180. The "beasts" of Audi
  181. does anyone know if they change the brake fuild in the 25k mile service?
  182. in for service she goes....what a medium list of issues
  183. Black/Ti Pkg/window tint, in Greenwich/Glenville...Pizza Hut...you here?
  184. 10 inches of snow tonight and with the AWD RS4 am I scared???
  185. Thank-you FarnbacherLoles...and Stasis/Ohlins
  186. do we really have any pad options for this car? I think im due for new pads and i dont want to go
  187. Has anyone got a chip for this car yet? Seems like some guys are getting Intakes finally
  188. anyone looking to upgrade your brakes? i would be interested in the stocks
  189. For those of you in the Chicago area...
  190. pics of my RS4 + GruppeM intake installed
  191. Damn, curbed a wheel. Repair or replace?
  192. Can TPMS be turned off?
  193. Uh oh, the dreaded leaking shock syndrome...
  194. Am I a weenie, or does anyone else think some cars may be getting...
  195. My next car
  196. SD Memory card newb question
  197. Northen NJ, RS4 Owners Out there?
  198. Thought i would share some new pics of a freshly cleaned RS4...mmm...shiny.
  199. Stock wheel with satin black powdercoat
  200. This as to be the funniest Top Gear episode/race EVAR!
  201. Dealer Service Charge
  202. CAR UPDATE: Complete electrical rewiring, PART I (long)...
  203. Intro and some pics to share
  204. Can a CD Changer be added if you have an IPOD interface with OEM Stereo?
  205. Can't seem to find MTM spacers. OemPlus and Joe Hoppen only sell the 15mm and/or 20mm
  206. interesting...
  207. pure sex...
  208. so if i have a 6 CD changer, whats the best way to integrate my iPod into my rs4?
  209. How much of a difference will there be at sea level?
  210. Took the RS4 for its last track event today. Good times!
  211. What is the most power the Automatic Audi Transmission has seen?
  212. Around town - 40mph who shifts from third to 6th?
  213. Follow up on Milltek, Non-res, Valved
  214. My RS4 for sale in classifieds
  215. question for those who owned b6 s4/a4's before the rs4
  216. OT: encounter with 08 vette...
  217. Anyone here have the part number for the N335 intake air change over valve?
  218. Pics of the new RS4
  219. DRC, can anyone explain in detail!
  221. what do you think it would cost to get a normal RS4 upto the level of that MTM clubsport
  222. Pics of my 2007 RS4
  223. Question regarding insurance when tracking
  224. Bridgestone RE 01R 275-30-19 question
  225. Is there anyway to install a backup camera through the OEM Nav/Radio?
  226. Tire pressure question/help.......
  227. Track season prep Part 2 complete.
  228. Where exactly is the "Cliffs of Insanity"? Reading about them they seem like good places to take a..
  229. RS nuts Fancy a bit of a GiGGle ??????
  230. New summer shoes... this time 18" with 275/35/18 (edit bigger pics!)
  231. budget RS4...
  232. New KW Pics
  233. How much did any of you pay for your clearbra? Please specify if it was custom or precut kit.
  234. RS4 owner impressions of M3 Sedan
  235. Hey kevin(fluffhead), r there any other rs4's coming this Sunday? My buddy with the black rs4
  236. Thanks Sparkhill and Reggie..... just installed my XM splitter and re-VAG'ed my ride
  237. A Show of hands please!!!!!!
  238. Another Iphone thread.... quick question
  239. RS4 as daily driver??
  240. Anyone running Milltek non-res, valved? Is there a drone at idle with the valves shut?
  241. I was at the BMW dealer the other day and saw a 128i cabrio optioned to $41k !!!! A 1*28*!!! Wow
  242. Need Assistance..............RS4 Rear Seat removal
  243. Five more.............................................. ....What do you think?...........
  244. Resonated vs. Non-resonated
  245. for Toblerthedog....and anyone else thats excited for Playoff Hockey!
  246. removal of lower half of air box
  247. Damn - just finished cleaning and waxing the summer wheels - getting ready to put on
  248. How I spent my B-day - or lots of RS4 pics!
  249. Reminder to all our forum users. FS ads of any kind are not allowed in the regular forums unless
  250. Pics from track day