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  1. How is your silver interior holding up?
  2. Clutch hose problem
  3. Are you "taxing" your stock suspension? Looking for that last $500 deduction?
  4. RS4 Convertible
  5. Is there some hatred by S4 drivers for RS4's? . . .
  6. Picture from MAM this past weekend.
  7. Paging RS4SPKS
  8. RS4K8 Here?
  9. NEED HArness for track days
  10. the weekly Philly area MRSCC meets are starting up again!
  11. Quick question: what size socket do I need for the RS4 lug nuts ? Thanks.
  12. Tire pressures too high?
  13. RS4 Registry Update: 1294 cars
  14. Need to liven things up. Let's see, we did some oil , then we did more oil, then even more oil...
  15. Stock vs Euro steering wheel head-to-head comparison.
  16. Anyone know stock offsets on RS4's?
  17. [REMINDER] TONIGHT, TUE April 17th -- GTG @ The Stand in Encino (SFV) 7pm
  18. Anybody have the JHM short shifter installed?
  19. vs. CLK63 Black Series vs. E92 M3
  20. They replaced 4 injectors on bank 2 and replaced the pressure regulators on both banks........
  21. Well its about time I live up to my username...considering making the leap and have a few Q's
  22. well, it's been a week since I ordered a new windshield, and I still don't have it.
  23. RS4 and R8 pic from R8 training.
  24. Whey debadge?
  25. Engine Health: Essentialube ?
  26. Finally Audi is getting it right. Check out the specs on the new A5/S5. They state an almost 50/50..
  27. You guys who bought aftermarket suspensions are smoking crack. (read the whole post before flaming)
  28. Has anyone changed their oil? Wht tools are needed?
  29. First Oil Change and some questions
  30. NE1 want to dicuss tires?
  31. 10x18 ET25 on B7 RS4
  32. ABT Superchager to 530bhp...now that would find a home for my money!
  33. Guess I'll be changing my name from avp to avpRS4...
  34. Test drove a 335i and new TT yesterday
  35. ? for the Oil Guru's over here.
  36. Anyone here have the Sprint Blue RS4 in Milford, Ohio?
  37. With all the speculation about simple power mods, there is one point that is being overlooked...
  38. The new issue of EVO, its Cover Story on the new M3 mentions the RS4 no less than five times........
  39. This car seems to have a much deeper growl than the RS4
  40. TSB Performed Update 13...
  41. How much could I get for OEM exhaust and suspension?
  42. Daytona Grey RS4 in Daly City, are you here?
  43. Happy birthday to me..
  44. Goodbye...
  45. How is the US spec driver seat holding up?
  46. A comparison between my two very different cars, but a comparison nonetheless....
  47. RS4 woes. Advice please...
  48. Forged Wheels-
  49. M3 revealed in 4door version!
  50. (FYI) May 07 issue of Sports Car Market page 127 under Fresh Meat. It notes that recently on ebay...
  51. GMG Long Beach GP Sale on Stasis Products and MORE!!! Through 4-18-07
  52. went through with the gunmetal wheels (pics)
  53. Speedometer inaccuarcy...
  54. i've been thinking...the best bang for the buck in terms of tuning for the RS4....
  55. Xpost: So Mr. Kevin/V8 is b6s4's new hero (even though he's got the 25th anniversary b7)
  56. rear brake pads?
  57. Just curious......
  58. What is the news on the performance upgrade from Audi?
  59. Official 1/4 mile Timeslip Database for those interested...
  60. help!!
  61. Dont let tihsyloh see the audiworld homepage. Caution: posers inside
  62. Dr. TSM flew in yesterday from the mother land. Diagnosis "V have a Bad Engine "...........
  63. when you change tire, do you need to replace or reset TPMS?
  64. Wel not terribly interesting, but I dyno'd my car at 4800mi to see what the ECU remap does
  65. Anyone been to NY Auto Show?
  66. Any pics of Black optic or Titanium package on phantom black?
  67. Another question for RI RS4: How can you sleep at night?...
  68. Coolant reservoir leak?
  69. Question for Scott (RI_S4)....
  70. Interior color
  71. dave, here's a question to ponder
  72. Good news: huge door ding is now gone...
  73. RS4 Options Question
  74. Phantom Black RS4 in parking garage yesterday a block away from the NYIAS anyone here????
  75. Ibis White RS4 Available
  76. Feast on this one, boys--->
  77. It sounds great and comes with free stuff.
  78. RS4 Just go rearended.
  79. Dave, you knew it was coming. Top Tier Gasoline TSB
  80. Paging Der Kimbo: I have a question for you regarding wheels in general.
  81. A suggestion for those who will track their cars. (edited)
  82. Look what showed up at the office this morning
  83. Premature Brake rotor run-out?
  84. optic pack?
  85. hope aoa is listening, things I would have liked to have included with the RS4: key-less-go, ...etc
  86. List of 502.00 approved oils <available> in the US. Anyone do this?
  87. Brake noises/feeling on wet or dirty surfaces
  88. NEW Discs Already!!!!
  89. Bike Rack Question
  90. Brake pads for RS4...NOT S4, NOT A4. Dealer wants $658 to change
  91. RS4 named "World Performance Car of the Year" at NY show
  92. Quick vid of my exhaust
  93. Custom RS4-Logo Floormats on flEbay
  94. OT. V10 powered R8 prototype burns while testing at the Nurburgring...
  95. Phantom Black Track Pics
  96. Paging absoluteis: Where did you get your LPP and V-1 remote installed?
  97. Did dxben's car blow up again?
  98. Factory fill 0W-30?...
  99. Finally talked myself into a new phantom RS4!
  100. RS4 lease residual
  101. Talk about your fuel problems
  102. Shortshifter Kit
  103. RS4 In CT On Merrit last night 4/8
  104. How do people like sport mode?
  105. I have read the few relevant posts, and wonder whether there is a current
  106. Hello-just under 1500 miles-First Oil Change Advice(akaNYNogaroS4)
  107. Does anybody know the release date
  108. Most Stealth Car Ever?
  109. with all these oil posts I did some research and found the best oil for our cars.....
  110. How about... Rotella T synthetic 5w40?
  111. Discount on RS4?
  112. Did my light bulb change this weekend, in honor of Easter ;P Thx Sparkhill for the guides
  113. check it......
  114. I know it's a small thing, but.......
  115. Engine oil color?
  116. NEW B7 Audi RS4....the easter bunny comes early
  117. Another question for RI RS4 (we need to pass a collection plate for his consulting sevices)..
  118. So with all the concerns about fuel dilution of the oil.......
  119. How does Audi service stack-up against the other premium brands?
  120. Happy Easter to all my Cognac drinking RS4 friends
  121. Attention to Detail
  122. No offense, but you'll be driving a Buick by then...
  123. Know thy enemy well and prepare for battle ;-)........
  124. If fuel dilution occurs - does the Oil temp increase ?
  125. RS6
  126. To RI RS4: Do you wish the RS4 came without FSI?...or prefer with it?
  127. Any one selling used milltek catback non-resonated valved system?
  128. New Issue of Automobile, great RS4 info, S5 and even M3!
  129. What are you guys using to condition your leather?
  130. Oil question for the "average" RS4 driver (long)....
  131. From the oil discussions..you all having oil dilution problems?
  132. Fuel Additives...
  133. Confused - How in the hell did a 5 series (E39) non-M5 keep up with 'us'?
  134. Shift Knob?
  135. Anyone run a dyno pre and post the 5k ECU remap ?
  136. After weeks of looking for a pre owned Imola RS4 I finally gave up and bought this instead....
  137. Aftermarket Exhaust Poll:
  138. Now this looks nice!
  139. ECU flash that is being done by AoA any one know
  140. Evil, I just ran into this post on Fortitude
  141. Source for Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W-40
  142. So Evil, what's the latest on your RS4 misfire? Have they drained the gas tank yet? : )...
  143. Parikh?
  144. Phisherman Fakes the Funk with Bogus Email Scams
  145. Brake Pad Question....
  146. BMW has announced that it's dropping manual transmissions for all 2008 models except the M3 and M5
  147. AWOT but DUB Bling Bling < High Preformance ΒΌ mi = ROFLOL
  148. Does anybody else wish Audi would build an RS4 CS?
  149. Possible bad press for Audi if their supercar "halo" R8 has misfires with our engine.
  150. BMW knows it's behind the "eight-ball". We know little about it...
  151. Got my Milltek non-res non-valved installed!
  152. More photos of that RS4 with Titanium Package from NYIAS
  153. TPMS? detects differences between, or just low vs high? anyone agree w/2psi less rear for track day?
  154. $605 for new RS4 wheels
  155. gimme that Cat, Mack, DD, Cummins oil!!!
  156. Audi FSI engine misfires
  157. New York Auto Show pictures are on Fourtitude including many of the Misano Red RS4.
  158. quick pic of Condor Gray RS4, will get better pics later (if anyone cares)
  159. Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 Group Buy !!
  160. Friendly Warning: Crosspost to some phishing for credit card info
  161. RS4 named "world performance car of the year".
  162. I realize I am fairly new the the Audi family...been on the BMW/AMG side mostly
  163. The RS4 is the most expensive A4 you can buy.
  164. vs. Yamaha R1
  165. Reputable dealers around Baltimore?
  166. My new Recaro !
  167. The great oil experiment (or is he f-ing crazy?)
  168. To those offended by my post this afternoon
  169. Signups now open - Bertil Roos HPDE+ 10/9
  170. RS 8
  171. New options for 2008 RS4...
  172. Ok, this takes the whole highway racing just a bit too far
  173. The RS4 makes me happy when not driving it too
  174. Does your brakes have these vents/tubes???
  175. Misano Red RS4 at NY Autoshow (photos appreciated)
  176. Thinking about upgrading to a 6spd 2008 M5
  177. NE1 with phantom black do the black optik grille?
  178. Burning oil smell
  179. Talk Me Into Buying a New RS4 (coming from a 997)
  180. It's a race on Nurburgring.The M3 CSL VS AUDI RS4 ... ;-)
  181. OT: For those with toddlers/small children, just installed Safeguard Go...
  182. NY RS4CE: are you on this forum?...
  183. Upgrades confirmed
  184. Video: Audi RS4 Avant vs BMW M5 E60
  185. Will these wheels work on my RS4?
  186. message for RI RS4
  187. Took delivery yesterday!!!! Daytona Gray/Black Interior from Riverside Audi!!!
  188. fark...has anyone had to replace their windshield?
  189. I'm going to test drive an RS4 this Friday.
  190. Looks like the RS6 will have some altered bodywork for distinction. :)
  191. here it is. the competition has arrived. new M3.
  192. SDcard issues, anyone??
  193. To cover or not to cover, that is the question.
  194. are the OEM P Zero's directional?
  195. Big Spacers
  196. Called dealer to find out about '08 RS4 colors, got R8 order placed with AoA instead?
  197. MMI Update (RNS-E)
  198. VAG Codes PO305 #5, PO307 #7, and PO308 #8. As I said............
  199. Rare Car questions (x post)
  200. Wow.. the 5-6krpm 'kick' is starting to get *really* noticeable as I put on more miles
  201. Nice RS4!! Rutland/Mendon VT area on Saturday NY plates...
  202. Holy whack automobiles, batman ! I converted my RS4 into a Prius !
  203. Audi RS4 drifting on Stowe circuit at Silverstone
  204. Is there any way to buy touch-up paint for Daytona Gray? Dealer says no. I need a......
  205. Mugello Blue RS4 in the back area of Old Orchard mall yesterday around 9:45PM.
  206. anyone have the p/n for the black optik RS4 wheels?
  207. Gallardo Nav ...
  208. Gallardo Nav ... ???
  209. NEWSFLASH ON RS4 UPGRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  210. A few more (clean) pics after suspension install (56k no way)
  211. Spotted my first RS4 yesterday in Boston. Muegello Blue, tinted windows and Jersey plates.
  212. Yellow check engine light came on today for the third time. I am sure it is from.........
  213. Saw a silver (avus i think) fully debadged rs4 at the MAC club in Portland yesterday..you here?
  214. ECU upgrade/reprogram?!?
  215. Help, I can't find the Audi Exclusive color section on the de. website...
  216. Throttle body failure
  217. Euro wheel
  218. My RS4 doesn't sound like it used to
  219. It was only a matter of time for this beast to come alive.
  220. ecu/computor faults from mods
  221. who was it here that put the H&R springs on their RS4?
  222. A pic of dirty Daytona Gray with new StasisOhlins set-up and 10mm spacers.
  223. Track day anyone? 2-litre FSI turbo Audi engine is said to punch the car from 0-100kph (62mph) in...
  224. Condor Gray RS4 pics. (not pdi'd yet)
  225. Another happy StasisOhlins and GMG customer.
  226. Autoweek has a nice blurb on the Stasis A3 Challenge
  227. Open airfilter kit for the B7 RS4
  228. subwoofer installation in RS4??
  229. .....better than sex? Misano Red RS4 Avant. Take a look....................
  230. A picture of my car.......Stasis/10mm
  231. gunmetal wheels...anyone have a paint #??
  232. You know, this RS4 Forum sucks big time.
  233. RS4 with full mods and climb kilimanjaro (15K trip) vs R8
  234. Saw a Picture of a B7 RS4 with a Automatic transmission....??
  236. Engine splash guard modification (and oil consumption note)
  237. A backhanded compliment for the M3's engine. Audi seems to be the the ...
  238. Interesting compliment...
  239. Give me your honest input...
  240. saw my first RS4 in the flesh today, actually 2 of them.....
  241. Audi Friends and Family discount on RS4?
  242. Midrange power issue
  243. Summer wheels are on...
  244. Anybody use the fold-downs just to better hear the exhaust?
  245. Blue tooth range issue
  246. Sparks from the Exhaust
  248. RS5? Still don't like the wavy waistline or the rear-end
  249. what is the stock cell on rs4 600?
  250. RS4 vrs Ford F-250 Braking Test - Audi Won! (er, Lost)