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  1. Question for no Front License plate crew
  2. Vijay's garage was nice, but it isn't even close to mine.
  3. how many miles is your RS4 now? Do you feel power gain along with mileage? mine....
  4. LMAO ! My RS4 is faster than the manual M5 ?! hehe
  5. Breaking in RS4 on Beltway 8 New Year's Eve?
  6. Whats the process behind retrofitting the Euro steering wheel, and do the buttons work?
  7. anyone using spacer?
  8. Anyone running the H&R swaybars?
  9. AoA launches new microsites
  10. Anyone have the stasis kit or the milltek exhaust that lives near Newport Beach?
  11. Not bad to finish 3rd in this bunch.
  12. A few questions about european delivery.......
  13. New Website : Audi S_RS
  14. Tire Performance
  15. Just picked her up. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. H&R springs installed
  17. anyone know any for sale sprint blue RS4s? PP and sunroof. Doesnt matter if it has RSA.
  18. 2 Phantom, 1 Avus RS4's at MV Audi in So Calif
  19. OT: anyone know the conditions at Jackson Hole, you guys had good snow.......
  20. after 7 months of ownership, I have 2 complaints about the RS4....
  21. What is the part number for the filler plate with alum. strips for the Phantom Black RS4?
  22. Silver RS4 w/ ski rack in Tahoe yesterday... you here?
  23. Steering / Turning radius
  24. On TV: MotorWeek RS4 test - I heard it was on - anyone who watched it please report
  25. If you want to see one in yellow....its on the floor at 47 and park in NYC
  26. How hard do you drive your RS4 day to day?
  27. Nice new wheels available at TireRack in RS4 section...
  28. Happy New Years from the folks at MirrorWorks Detail!!
  29. Does anyone here subscribe to Car magazine(UK based)? New issue has E92 M3
  30. Papaya Orange RS4 w/NY plates spotted in Silver Spring, MD
  31. Okay....the obligatory first pics....I know, it's the same car as everyone else!
  32. How would you describe the ride comfort in the Rs4 with the stasis kit as compared to stock?
  33. Ok...who's gonna be the nerd that buys these
  34. SF Bay Area write-up. . . I guess they're not BMW fans, ;^)
  35. Got some pics of winter setup...
  36. Options on the RS4
  37. An honest B7 RS4 to stage 3+ B5 S4 comparison
  38. OBD-II diagnostics
  39. How many days did it take you to get thru break-in period. . . 15 for me.
  40. RI RS4.......please link me to your break-in protocol....
  41. Specs on the RS4 braking system...
  42. Cross-post from allroad board - Charleston, SC GTG...
  43. Painted front and rear bumpers to match Avus Silver RS4 body color
  44. Audi dealers can be SO clueless!
  45. Anyone know if this GruppeM B6/B7 S4 intake fit the B7/RS4? If so any dyno #'s? is $700 worth it?
  46. Captain, we now have Warp Speed! I rolled past 5K yesterday and what a.........
  47. Is my car permanently stuck in "S" mode....
  48. Oil change and computer reset?
  49. First day of ownership.....first problem.....
  50. Who's Misano Red at Inskip.........
  51. From The German Car Blog - No RS4 Cab for US
  52. STaSIS Motorsports Signs Daytona 24 Hour Champion for 2007 SPEED World Challenge Touring Car
  53. oil change questions
  54. SF Bay Area - I just passed a delivery truck at 12:00 pm pst carrying
  55. My Daytona Grey RS4
  56. Picking her up tomorrow at 9am!!!!
  57. Milltek VALVED Catback, Back In Stock...
  58. Full Time Half Sport Mode
  59. Only 2 more days left to get the best pricing of the year on Motor Sport suspension and brakes!
  60. so i test drove the RS4 yesterday - it's absolutely amazing... however, i was really depressed
  61. South Florida Dealer Recommendation?
  62. Evil Buddha on what page of the new evo did you find those track times??
  63. New Winter Shoes just in time for another dump!
  64. speaking of exhaust systems...someone else promised dynos back in Early December....
  65. No luck searching this forum or the Wheel and Tire forum for info on the
  66. So who has Milltek downpipes and catbacks installed?
  67. Sport Mode observation
  68. Ibis White RS4 available. Super Hott Car. Act Fast!!!
  69. Sync Seats with Key
  70. Beautiful RS4
  71. If you had to pick one word to sum-up the RS4, it would have to be:
  72. Oil Leaks
  73. I need this rim! "The Dymag carbon/magnesium wheels have nearly half as much rotational inertia.....
  74. The RS4 is the 32nd fastest car EVO has tested around the track........
  75. Smokey RS4?
  76. "They did a BAD BAD thing"
  77. Changed oil yesterday... a few observations...
  78. Dead Battery
  79. oil change
  80. RS4 - 08 model?
  81. Don't buy an RS4 just yet ...
  82. Will the USA ever get the RS4 Avant?
  83. US 0150 Update to RNS-E
  84. why no CD info output??...
  85. For those of you who prefer to park their car "miles" away from all others
  86. looking for a carbon fiber mtm hood like in this video
  87. Are RS4 going to have Tip?
  88. Radiator fan Won't Shut Off
  89. (old) Audi RS4 german funny commercial, its mislabled as B7 but its B5 avant misano red, enjoy!
  90. Does anyone have a photo of the stock RS4 exhaust system and headers?
  91. FYI, new EVO has the RS4 beating the M5 on the.........
  92. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! How does Santa get to drive the Audi R8 in Need for Speed Carbon.......
  93. Santa's Sleigh available...testing the market!
  94. 4800K + and still only one QT :-)
  95. Is the 911GT3 or the 911TT faster around a track???
  96. Be careful out there, I had two seemingly loaded idiots in a Monte Carlo almost.......
  97. To all my friends and fellow AW'ers, I wish you...
  98. Happy Holidays from GMG to our AW friends and extended family!
  99. Very favourable article in the New York Times automobile section on the RS4 - except for the price
  100. Help with RNS-E Head Radio Unit
  101. Vag-com for TPMS....
  102. Happy holidays to all the fellow RS4 owners....and maybe even the B5 S4 owners:)
  103. Someone likes the RS4 even more than we do
  104. MTM rear quarter pic
  105. nokia
  106. Lack of RS4 aftermarket
  107. intake solenoid failure..........
  108. Don't let your spirits fade and don't leak out that joy! STaSIS 15% Sale, one more week!
  109. Some pics I took the other night...
  110. even the gamers (IGN) know what they're talking about...
  111. Want some pics of white RS4s?
  112. MTM
  113. Taking delivery next week and some questions popped into my head......
  114. APR announcement part 2 and Happy Holidays from the entire APR staff!
  115. If you were to upgrade your brakes, would you choose Alcon 14.5" 6-pot or European RS4 ceramics?
  116. Are our DRL bulbs the same as regular 2006 A4 DRL bulbs ? I assume so
  117. I had a great day yesterday.. RS4 brakes put on and saw my first R8.. more RS4 stuff in here too..
  118. Huge snow storm here in Denver... how many others are here ?
  119. Recommended Break in / period?
  120. Question for LPP owners
  121. MTM RS4 video on a snow track, (in german), sorry if repost, ...like the hood vents
  122. Sillyboy, did your car get its mind right?
  123. Painted front filler panel (plate) revisited - what's the latest wisdom
  124. Have you seen this RS4 Watch ?
  125. Possible cheaper roadster rival to the R8, (and Lotus like), 0-60 in 4 sec and 1cent/mile, go green:
  126. Just drove the rs4 after it got broken in @1,400miles. Props to the rs4. that is all.
  127. Major APR announcement
  128. OT. Not to brag but...
  129. Roof racks...anyone put them on their RS4?
  130. OK now for some real awards instead of "Straightest Car BS"
  131. craigichliebedich: what happened to your RS4/M-car SoCal meet?
  132. ATTN: Star607 Question>>>>
  133. Was gone for a week....fired her up and now the EPC and MIL light are on
  134. R8 filming a commercial in the Vegas area...
  135. I kinda like this picture
  136. Paging Der Kimbo... what happened to the mods + dyno runs you were doing...?
  137. Can anyone give the part numbers for B7 RS4 brake calipers and discs
  138. Job [email protected]
  139. This weekend's kills: Modded 350Z, SC430, S2000, C32
  140. So my RS4 got its first compliment last weekend....
  141. Keep an eye on this thread...
  142. Buy a $6621.50 t-shirt and get free STaSIS 14.5" Alcon BBK and Motor Sport Ohlins Suspension...
  143. 1200 mi vs 1500 mi limit rpm throttle limits?
  144. OT perhaps. Since we are in the spirit of tracking our cars (some of us are) well here's a...
  145. Buddha, Can you post some pictures of your Calibre Install
  146. Link me to a good license plate holder (rear)
  147. RS4 in quarter mile challenge video
  148. Snow tire questions...
  149. Beautiful day here in the SF Bay Area
  150. Anyone try the Hartman 19x9 wheels for the RS4
  151. Anyone Buy from Don Rosen Imports in PA?
  152. Am I the only one that has a short quick dip in power between 2K and 3K. It is random and only......
  153. RS4 vs M3 thread (Video we alll watched)
  154. RS4 Registry: over 100 new cars added
  155. SPOILER: New Modified Luxury/Exotics has road test of RS4
  156. Hey Vijay, Counting down the days?? Lets see some pix when the ..
  157. what is everyone paying for RS4s?
  158. RS4 w/19 or 20 inch wheels? New look
  159. Not sure if this is an award or not?
  160. Anyone do 0-60 and1/4 mile runs with sport mode on and off?
  161. New Orleans and the surrounding areas are putting up Big Brother cameras. Is there a good.......
  162. NAV Update: "Go Straight On"
  163. A question on censorship - If a post by Bob W. undead or not were to get deleted will that........
  164. FYI - got my Autoweek yesterday and they had the owners reviews of the RS4
  165. Orange reflector in front bumper......
  166. Just screwed myself
  167. Help with DVD
  168. It's all good.
  169. Paging dxben...
  170. Does the B7 RS4 and S4 use the same oil filter?
  171. Well here they are
  172. Request for Oil Analysis
  173. OEM Audi RS4 source on the internet
  174. I posted Piggy Piggy Oink Oink on the RS4 board only for the benefit of our RS4 owners and.........
  175. Engine Misfire
  176. Autoweek Mag on the RS4..."the best around".
  177. Black optik....
  178. Sort of sad, this whole M3 business.. good thing the new M3 comes out in 2 weeks
  179. She's arrived . . . I'm scheduled to pick her up tomorrow morning.
  180. help shift jerkiness...snub mount??
  181. :: ECS Tuning :: Holiday Sale & Holiday Give-a-way !!!
  182. New SW update that gets rid of lawyer screen?
  183. Would 20" S8 rims + 275/35/20 tires fit? Prob Not. On flebay auction:
  184. Piggy Piggy Oink Oink Pulls out the Win! Audi RS4 vs BMW M3 vs Cadillac CTS-V vs Fuga
  185. In case there were any remaining doubts.......
  186. RS4 Fuel Dilution Study (very long and geeky)
  187. Another clutch problem?
  188. Okay: Who has actually been using Amsoil w/good results? Anyone?..
  189. Bet you didn't know RS4's could swim.....
  190. Is there ever going to be a TIP or DSG rs4 offered?
  191. Can we program rolling code or somethiig like Genie intellicode garage remote to
  192. What NAV do we have - RSN-E or MMI?
  193. Red interior pics
  194. Misano red RS4
  195. Nice report on RS4 awards from down under.
  196. K&N for the RS4? Yup. 33-2209
  197. Don't miss out on the savings with the STaSIS Race Down the Chimney Sale...
  198. (never mind ... I found one.) Anyone know of a good breakaway drawing of the RS4 FSI cylinder ?
  199. Brother is moving to germany for 3 years and works for the Govt. Can he
  200. First drive up to snow and mountains...
  201. Picked up my RS4 last night
  202. What are my chances of picking up new RS4 $5-6k below sticker?
  203. hay sparky: what's the latest on VAG-COM goodness for the RS4?...
  204. so...will the R8 be a popular upgrade to the RS4?
  205. Sirius Radio Signal Patchy, even in clear skies with no obstruction
  206. Misano Red Finally Arrived
  207. Am I screwed? Touch up paint issues
  208. Engine Oil vote
  209. Finally test drove the RS4
  210. Just got back from a long trip in the RS4
  211. taking bets- will I need spacers..?
  212. Took the plunge, and have a few newbie quesitons and an observation...
  213. Folks it's coming, part 2. Not one but two A5s caught testing in southern California this time...
  214. Folks it's coming, it's coming!!! New A5 caught testing on the Nurburgring. OMG I think this sucker
  215. euro steering wheel
  216. anyone know if there is a TSB for the clutch hose problem? and are we sure it's an...
  217. Winter Set - Help!!
  218. What do you think about this $40 service manual on DVD?
  219. Correct RS4-logo Floor Mats - Charcoal or Black?
  220. Strange clutch problem...
  221. Max 7000 rpm - what do YOU do ?
  222. Short Shifter Kit?
  223. stuff like this always happens. Going to look at a B5 on sunday, then I just get an email from...
  224. black optik preview
  225. Opinions wanted on my idea.....
  226. RS4 Engine oil
  227. We're planning a Southeast Dyno Day and spots are filling up fast
  228. so Yoda, where'd you come from?
  229. So who was the lucky bastard that picked these up? Who would be selling their RS4 set so quickly?
  230. Black RS4 at Tracy VW/Audi in Hyannis, MA....
  231. Is it just me, or is this car addictive and intoxicating?
  232. C&D Redux: I just saw that Csaba Csere's column has a pic of him in the driver's seat of an Audi
  233. Bun warmers are cool!!!
  234. need help with spandau ballet on SD card, I do.
  235. Another year end, best of article devoid of an Audi.. This time its Motor Turd, I mean Trend...
  236. "Discover why this season is the best time to buy a BMW" - from the main page on bmwusa.com
  237. interested in RS4 speed products, I am.
  238. Save big with the STaSIS Race Down the Chimney Holiday Sale... (Post Not Bob W Approved)
  239. <rant on>Why do so many people post such crappy photos on-line ?
  240. Hartmann Replica RS4 Winters on......
  241. Black optik update
  242. Have anyone tried using 275/35 or 275/30 tires on the OEM wheels?
  243. RS4 potential purchase Q
  244. anyone know the projected cost of replacing 4 OEM RS4 pads and rotors?
  245. paging bob w: can you shoot me an email...
  246. Standard Steering Wheel
  247. X-POST: hot new RS4 video!
  248. 6500miles now, another 1.5qts......
  249. Hartmann Replica winters and Dunlops in too
  250. LPP Installed today...