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  1. Bob W: Bob, I would like you to come out and join us if you are local.
  2. GMG OpenHouse this Saturday!! 12-5 be there!!
  3. saw 5 RS4's not listed on ebay, autotrader, etc.
  4. Supercharger from ABT
  5. Still Getting brake squeal after bedding the brakes several times
  6. Clutch Problems
  7. Maybe the RS4 can generate enough UPForce to fly?
  8. Outstanding! The new Bentley allows you to key DTCs in directly. No more searching various pages.
  9. Another Magnaflow vid
  10. RS4 Registry: Audi meets their 2007 RS4 sales goal!
  11. Star607, how's the LLP working for you?
  12. i need to buy this steering wheel asap!
  13. Delivery dates
  14. Brought home my Avus Silver/Black/Myrtle Nutmeg Wood Trim RS4...Pictures included.
  15. Not one Audi makes the 2006 Car & Beemer 10 Best Cars List, note even the lowly RS4...
  16. I used the one quart that the dealer gave me of Mobil1 5w-40; where can you buy this stuff?......
  17. Daytona detail
  18. Does BMW have same bolt pattern on wheels?
  19. iPod cable
  20. :: ECS Tuning :: 2nd Annual Holiday Give-A-Way !!!
  21. Join us in our Open House this Saturday! 12PM-5PM in Orange County. Food, Fun, and Fast Cars!
  22. RS4 Steering Wheel Coding (Bob W. this might be what you were looking for)......(edit)
  23. Please weigh in...Hartmann vs. tirerack winter packages...
  24. Has anyone put on the european brakelights? How diffcult are they to swap with the oem?
  25. Picked up my Avus/Black/Myrtle Nutmeg Trim/Premium...Best Sports Sedan on the Market.
  26. Anyone up for a So Calif RS4/M-car meet?
  27. Road & Track says RS4 is best looking car of the year, best style
  28. So I finally had to add some oil to the car...........
  29. Put deposit down on Daytona Gray on black (premium package) RS4 this weekend.
  30. Brake Squeal form 2-5mph
  31. Crashing a LP640...
  32. What is the bore on B7 RS4?
  33. M3 guy seems irritated by my RS4. So this Sat I am at the track.........
  34. Yellow RS4 in Miami (there can't be that many) -- Are you here?
  35. Can 265 or 275 width tires clear the suspension arms on the OEM 19" rims? I will probably need to
  36. Those running 18" M3's what PSI are you using?
  37. 47 RS4s listed on autotrader.com. Quite a few used with low mileage.
  38. Guys..How about the placement of LPP transponders here........
  39. perspective on these wheels for my 07 - RS4 Winter use
  40. Yellow RS4 with 20-inch Antera rims
  41. Have you guys seen this article on how to be a street racer?
  42. RS4 - got my VIN and status change to "in transit" on 29th Nov
  43. Anyone going to the LA Autoshow?
  44. OUCH!
  45. First trip in the snow
  46. I found out how the haters on this board can get an RS4, or at least drive it !
  47. RS4: Is it any competition for the M3? (X-Post)
  48. Black optik
  49. rs4 doesnt feel as powerful as the old one.....help i need more power!
  50. Why I will NOT be getting aftermarket wheels for the RS4.....
  51. sound
  52. Has anyone here seen that motorweek episod with the RS4 in it?
  53. Have any of you ever taken the FAASST Performance Driving School and is it worth the $795 ?
  54. AutoWeek needs you -RS4 Owners for their Autofile
  55. Just passed silver RS4 with Washington St. license on 21st btw 5th and 6th....anyone here?
  56. Question: RS4 owners, how are your OEM tires holding up?...
  57. LI-S4 V1 Concealed Display......
  58. Please Post More Pictures
  59. Will 265 or 275 tires clear the suspension arms? I am checking into Winter tires on the stock OEM
  60. What type of bulbs do we have on the RS4?
  61. opinions on resonated vs. non-resonated cat-backs?
  62. Sia Im back! (winter wheels find).....
  63. RS4 Bluetooth Compatible Cell Phones
  64. Please help fitting Velocity RS4 reps on B7 RS4
  65. smoked bumper marker
  66. ouch... beware what you post
  67. Wow, yes it is a front engine car!
  68. Radar Detectors
  69. ELEVENS....Question on the Lidatek install
  70. anyone here from Germany or England? Do you have the passnager seat occupancy with the Euro RS4 seat
  71. Still Breakin her in.....but wound her up to 7k today, A Lot....Holy F-in Shi*
  72. Winter Test!
  73. Anyone know a good installer for Laser Jammers in Portland OR?
  74. Coming soon to an RS4 near you...
  75. Has anyone painted the front grill crossmember body color to match the car....
  76. Who has the euro seats installed? Can you please share a pic?
  77. She just arrived at the Dealership and I saw her for the first time
  78. Some information I want to share regarding installation of the European Bumper....
  79. 1300 miles.........1.6 qt so far
  80. Hit 600 mi this weekend (1 week) and cannot believe how much I was missing from 6-7krpm
  81. Turns out I need spacers on the Hartmann replica 19s for my winter setup..............
  82. Who wants a free RAZR V3 RS4 Wallpaper?
  83. B5er here but thought you might like to watch this vid. It's from R&T, I remember the recent art
  84. Coming from a black B6S4, just spent an entire day with an Imola RS4. Completely in love.
  85. SD card craziness!!!
  86. RI RS4: Question...
  87. PPI tuning can do stage1 for Audi Q7 with 420bhp
  88. And just why is the RS4 so great, Audi Quattro.
  89. Nothing like opening the mail to find two Euro Fest plaques for first place for my RS4 and they.....
  90. Some good advice needed on wheels....
  91. g2g reminder in Cupertino, CA: this wed evening.
  92. My Lpp arrived...where to drill through Firewall??
  93. Picking up the Car this week, here is what the Dealer offered
  94. It's Official...Lidatek is out of business....
  95. Got the Dunlop WinterSports 3D's mounted.... they are great!
  96. How soon did you do your first oil change?
  97. Edmunds says that the 335i that they tested was only .1 sec slower than the RS4 in both
  98. Gratuitous self-promotion - finally took some new pics...
  99. Need 1 Stock Wheel
  100. what is the 0-60 time for the rs4?? 1/4 mile??
  101. What about these on black RS4?
  102. Opinions on these....
  103. Ordered RS4, starting to think M5 might be better option; opinions?
  104. MY07 vs MY08 RS4 - for kimbo
  105. Lidatek and V1 / K40 in Scottsdale, AZ
  106. Okay, all you tuners and aftermarket exhaust owners.......
  107. Dear Baby Jeebus,
  108. Just got the definitive Audi policy on oil consumption (INTERESTING, but not surprising)
  109. killed
  110. Euro front and rear
  111. need more power
  112. Has anyone noticed that the price has fallen per AudiUSA configurator?
  113. coming up to first oil change
  114. European RS4 vs. US RS4
  115. weird
  116. constant cabin noise - anyone else have this problem?
  117. PSA: Kingston 2GB SD cards $15.29 shipped.
  118. Any of you guys in the Bayview/Eglinton area of Toronto?
  119. E63
  120. Happy Thanksgiving.
  121. OT. Darn that V-10 TDI can really pull...
  122. Happy Thankgiving...be sure to check out the new RS4 Macy's parade balloon.
  123. First my car sounds like a Zamboni and now it smells like gunpowder!
  124. +20.4 whp and + 20.7 lb-ft
  125. Oh man.. Its only been 2 days and already the takeover of my RS4 is complete
  126. raced with an M6 coming back from the dealer
  127. Trial version of Sirius ? What gives?
  128. Just in case your RS4 just isn't bling enough...
  129. larryV, So what makes you want to get rid of the M5 and keep the RS4??
  130. dxben, what ever happened...
  131. not to beat a dead horse...but still no Milltek dynos???
  132. Problem with my Sirius sat radio... keeps fading in and out. Anyone else having this problem ?
  133. larryV, You said you have both an RS4 and an M5.....
  134. Will removing the CATALYST cause CEL?
  135. Anyone in the SE PA area or NJ wanna gtg to do some side by side pulls?
  136. V1 CAN Interface
  137. Proper Break in
  138. Is the new M3 this slow??!!!
  139. X-post: g2g: A couple reasons to get together next week gentlemen...
  140. 18 inch Wheels for RS4 - Recomendations
  141. WOW - that is all. (She's home)
  142. amazing
  143. Paging njaudi1
  144. 68k for fully optioned blue with <2k miles - flawless - is this a great or just good deal?
  145. How much to insure the RS4?
  146. New RS4 owner observations...
  147. Performanc upgrades
  148. Is the camber adjustable on RS4?
  149. Saw Dean Treadway's new "white" RS4 at Infineon this past Thursday/Friday...
  150. So the GD spring on my 16' garage door snapped in half, no big deal except the RS is now stuck......
  151. Can the CD Changer read MP3 cd's? I know the Nav can...
  152. Quote from p.175 of the latest EVO mag...
  153. bring on the cold
  154. rattling from the armrest and cupholder area
  155. throttle remapping
  156. A question regarding trade in value
  157. Anyone have the owner's manual in pdf?
  158. Ordered up the LPP...........
  159. Sirrus
  160. Winter Set
  161. SD card slots
  162. DVD Video for the RNS-E w/ Dietz 1417...Has anyone tried or is going to add DVD Video to their RS4?
  163. Has anyone launched their car hard??? I would like to know if the RS4 can do this...
  164. Love my 2004 S4....Best car i have ever owned
  165. .de
  166. A few questions from someone who just ordered an RS4
  167. Advice/Concerns-Ordering an 07 Rs4 Daytona/Silver with Premium
  168. question about the engine
  169. Not many counter-productive troll posts lately...
  170. Bluetooth
  171. Bluetooth phone book download problems
  172. PSA:: 2 GB SD cards for $19.99.
  173. The bad bad girl is in !! Got the call too :)
  174. Did Audi just drop the price on the RS4 ???
  175. Anyone seen the Hartmann RS4 replica rims?? close to ordering
  176. Mecca
  177. RS4 Registry: > 900 cars and counting....
  178. Car lost power for a split second in second gear after a 7.5k shift from first to second.........
  179. Raining dogs and kittens in the NE, glad to have Quattro in my super sedan
  180. Why is the RS4 not eligible for European Delivery?
  181. any chance of a euro seat group buy?
  182. Sticker 85Euro ....
  183. Has anyone successfully ordered the 18" RS4 rims?
  184. Just got the call - my car is in !!!! Hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow, or definitely Saturday.
  185. Some actually prefer old-school seats
  186. What do you guys think of paint film protection? Worth it ?
  187. rs4 with quad RS6 like exhaust....photochop :))))))))))
  188. Carbon lip from this A4 might look good on my RS, where can I get one?
  189. Did anyone compare the RS4 to the new M5 before they made a decision?
  190. Has anyone else had their car (MMI) change languages on its own?
  191. Questions about my order
  192. so not the smartest move but.....
  193. Some interesting Nurburgring Track Times from Supercars.net
  194. It's a little early but FYI, I am going to organize an RS4/Audi Tail of the Dragon run Oct of 2007..
  195. My RS4 Corollary #1 and it's inverse RS4 Corollary #2
  196. Anyone else install the i-Audi-TT into their RS4 for ipod?
  197. Perhaps is a re-post.. anyways I liked..
  198. Anyone else having fun with lap timer?
  199. Treo 650
  200. The RS4 is Great Value! (all things considered)
  201. CONSPIRACY against the RS4, I'm taking this personal and yes it's directed at all the owners........
  202. Who out there runs all seasons for winter tires???
  203. what are people choosing for winter floor mats for the RS4
  204. Coding for RNS-E and MFSW
  205. Hey Stasis.....what's the latest with wheels?
  206. Watch Der Kimbo fly !!
  207. What is the difference between ASR & ESP ?
  208. Has anyone successfully bought/ordered Mugello touch-up paint?
  209. SD card questions...a little help??
  210. RS4's suck....j/k....drove my buddys last week in Houston and I have to say
  211. New here... A few questions before I order
  212. Okay guys, which way should I go... V1 or Bell RX65? Your thoughts...
  213. Anyone?....
  214. How to disable the rain sensor?
  215. RS4 Maintenance
  216. Sprint Blue Color
  217. Jeremy Clarkson's Top 100 cars, jump to part 6 for the Audi's and NO the RS4 is not in the top 100.
  218. Evil Buddha, I have to agree with you...
  219. DerKimbo, do you still have drivetrain shudder when pushing in clutch at low RPMs in 1st?
  220. RS4 Bluetooth + Nokia 6682 ?
  221. My Car Is In!
  222. What type of Memory Sticks behind the radio are best?
  223. RS4 performance figures versus S4 Modded (to prove my point)
  224. ACNA Infineon Driver's Event, 16-17th, looking for anyone attending with an RS4...
  225. Some talk about delay in release of new M3 due to reliability issues
  226. How easy is it to VAG off the TPMS..........for the snows
  227. winter tires... who has used Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D (Performance Winter)
  228. M3vsRS4 top gear vid.....OK, it may be a re-post, but its bloody fun to watch
  229. aftermarket spare tire/wheel
  230. RS4 commercial....
  231. Anyone ever use the wireless speedcheetah for Laser??
  232. Sunroof
  233. RI RS4, a question for you:
  234. another on 20.
  235. On 20's...
  236. Some of you guys might like this...
  237. What are the Stasis coilover people running for settings these days?
  238. RS4 4 yr Maintenance $500
  239. Looking...have a few questions
  240. The New Sprint Blue RS4, MagnaFlow installed
  241. I used Anti-seize on the lug bolts! Stupid or OK?
  242. As of today, I am the proud owner of this RS4...
  243. Interesting Point: Bugatti Veyron Uses All Wheel Drive
  244. Anyone with VAG-COM in San Antonio? Really like to turn seatbelt chime off. When I get out and
  245. Your cars are slow. Tested an rs4 today. Unless it gains serious HP after break in
  246. Thumbs up to Kmarshall from the B5 board...
  247. Question of the Day (For me at least) What the heck is a UID?
  248. Anyone?
  249. Anyone want to start a new thread that starts with the word "anyone"?
  250. Anyone here have any warnings before I have a line-in jack installed on the audio system?