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  1. if anyone wants an afternoon laugh.
  2. RS4 demographics favor a specific area in the lower 48? List the state titled pls.
  3. Does the airbag harness have to be replaced if switching to the Euro wheel?
  4. Foeget the M3....with $hitty audi residual...its cheaper to lease an M5
  5. Well here is proof that DRC rules if I ever saw it!!
  6. How long till delivery when car comes to port?
  7. My father-in-law just put his Hartmann RS4 replicas with snows on his car and found out they don't
  8. Schumi to drive for Audi?
  9. Reminder: SoCal OC meet...10/19/06 Thursday 8:30 PM! 2NITE! UPDATED LOCATION
  10. Month old article from the WSJ about RS4 .. may be a repost
  11. Will this model have an RS4 upgrade?
  12. anyone interested in a mugello rs4 for 5k
  13. How likely would a supercharger kit be available for the RS4...?
  14. RS4 owners who have installed the Euro steerring wheel- impressions please!
  15. Does anyone know what the dealer Cost Price is For the RS4?
  16. Video of the Porsche 997 GT2, Audi R8, CLK DTM Black Edition, BMW M3 E92 and more at the "Ring"
  17. Took my RS4 in for 5k service and dealer is going to keep it because "Audi is getting involved"
  18. STaSIS Motorsports Prepares for the Final Round of the Speed World Challenge TC @ Laguna
  19. Update on the stereo swap, dealer put in a new one today and the FM & AM now work but .....
  20. The silence on the Milltek System is deafening.
  21. Poll: Best color for a new RS4 I haven't had a white car in a while, but..
  22. How long before delivery should I be able to get a VIN# ?
  23. POLL: New England GTG on Wed, Oct 25 - Is this a good date? (YES or NO)
  24. Can someone take me a pic of the rear seats? I might have to resort to Mags!!!
  25. Cranked the STaSIS down to 4/3/8 yesterday...
  26. Go ahead, shoot me... I just asked to have my steering wheel...
  27. Info on MTM bimoto wheels
  28. So have we officially put the issue of world-class oil consumption to rest?
  29. A world class engine - new RS4 commercial from Audi
  30. XPost, RS4 Cabriolet coming to the US?
  31. Anyone here read Audi Driver magazine?
  32. Der Kimbo any plans on Der Dyno?
  33. [L.A. REMINDER] Tomorrow, TUE Oct 17th, is the last GTG @ The Stand for 2006. Don't miss it!!!
  34. Engine Compartment Appearance
  35. new RS6 spied
  36. Strat Short Shifter-
  37. Has anyone run the Tail of the Dragon? I am taking the RS to Atlanta Friday; would it be worth.....
  38. what's the most additional miles you noticed when getting a car back from a service visit?
  39. I'd like Jason Teller to explain this...
  40. B7S4 Milltek+Stasis+ Alcon brakes VS RS4.
  41. on this clip, is it the resonated or non resonated version of miltek?
  42. Blue RS4 on Riverside Drive (79th st) at 4:10pm? Who dat?
  43. Stasis/Ohlins settings...
  44. No one really seemed to notice this car, until today. I am crossing the lake minding my........
  45. sell your OEM RS4 19s
  46. Where can I find weight/dimmensions of RS4 motor? Have some forums "battle" :-)
  47. Is everyone happy with the Bose "Premium Audio System"?
  48. Lidatek installation ideas inside
  49. Clarification on my enjoying my custom alignment....
  50. Repost? European delivery announced! RS4 not part of it yet......
  51. On top gear the Gallardo went around the track in 1.25. something. Wasn't the rs4 1.25. something 2?
  52. Brand new S8 crashed...
  53. Easiest way to get an RS4 Avant? I know it's possible. Respond pls!
  54. I am considering the K40 radar and laser system and was quoted $1400 non dealer and........
  55. I had posted earlier about quad exhaust tips......
  56. Nice RS4 review from our Canadian neighbors.
  57. V1 on. tires all set to 41psi. extra oil in the trunk. off on about 2000 miles of coastal hwy...
  58. Thanks for all the info on the Stasis shock settings...
  59. New Winter Tires...
  60. Firewired....
  61. What do you guys think about this color?
  62. Papaya Orange RS4
  63. When is the RS6 coming out ??
  64. aftermarket 19s for the RS4 (pics?)
  65. I wish I owned an RS4
  66. Some of you Avant-lovers are going to cry when you see this pic...
  67. Oil analysis inside, looks great
  68. I have a new non activated Sirius receiver in my RS. Does anyone want to swap an XM receiver for....
  69. STaSIS kit ADJUSTMENT instructions (UPDATED)
  70. Paging Canadian RS4 owners: Re SAT Radio
  71. Should we rename this forum the Milltek Forum?
  72. RS4 VIN List Update: 727 cars listed
  73. Someone should make an x-pipe (resonator eliminator) for the RS4
  74. Alex, what are my options if I want stiffer springs for the coilovers?
  75. Milltek downpipes and cat-backs, Stasis coilovers, short-shift kit...
  76. Sia you owe me 300 bucks!!!!!!!!
  77. Had someone ask if I wanted to sell my oem exhaust...
  78. Formatting an SD card...
  79. How do you say GmbH? A true acronym, or an initialism?
  80. Will audi oem B5 rubber floor mats fit in a B7 properly?
  81. [TUE Oct 17] This is it L.A., last GTG @ The Stand for this year... don't miss it!!!
  82. How load it the Milltek exhaust w/ the windows rolleded up?
  83. Does anyone with the full Milltek system have their CEL going on?
  84. RS4 going at a pretty nice pace
  86. Here it is folks. More lapping at Le Circuit Mont Tremblant, this time in moderate rain...
  87. Milltek? It should be called Sexytek!!
  88. Anybody have info on available/upcoming racing harnesses?
  89. Ok so I drove it for a while today and just did my favorite stretch to South Beach and back...
  90. Anyone have any info on the ammount of performance change with lightweight wheels?
  91. For a car in this price class I should get a DVD and not another book to read. :-)
  92. No big deal but the AM and FM don't work, dealer tryed to fix to no avail......
  93. I noticed on Bob's post of the euro wheel the dials around tach etc. are silver...
  94. Off topic: need rs4 owner's help on my business plan
  95. :: ECS Tuning :: B7 Grille / Inserts - Huge selection!!
  96. Anyone discovered any new Vag-Com programming
  97. Nav warning every time car starts?
  98. Dear Audi: I need a new car. I'd like it to be another Audi. It must be a wagon.
  99. Anyone else feel that when you drive the car easy...
  100. Cargo net?
  101. Order has progressed to the "factory order bank" - wtf does that mean??
  102. What are the owners of the silver leather putting on to seal it........
  103. I want to order an 07' RS4 so bad, but I don't like any of the colors......
  104. Der Kimbo, we are all on our knees begging. Dyno results with catback?????
  105. the chicago audi club is having a fall drive this saturday....details------->
  106. Merry Christmas to me!!!!!
  107. Starter button
  108. Blackout grill: is it one piece or can the upper and lower mesh be purchased separately
  109. RS4 vs Exige S video
  110. Any 'rumor' updates on US RS4 avant avilability? '07, '08? Ever?
  111. Laser Diffuser
  112. Some people driving RS 4s. Nice to watch.
  113. Commission Number
  114. Police Attention???
  115. Your preferred car magazine?
  116. Spare Tire
  117. Rear Ended and Paint Repairs
  118. Car is at home and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
  119. European Plate Holder Part Number
  120. Sport Exhaust Valve question
  121. link to pic of Stasis/Ohlin install in engine bay? TIA
  122. that was self-deleted, btw.
  123. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year.
  124. The wheel gods were with us at Road Atlanta.
  125. Saw my first RS4...going up Glendale Ave towards Mountain Ave
  126. What is a good Money Fact Sell Rate this month?...............
  127. Anyone know the weight of the stock wheels?......
  128. I've had Milltek CB/Res for awhile now, just installed Downpipes. WOW!!!
  129. Oil consumption now 1 quart / 2000 miles.... 7500 miles on the odometer
  130. So today my car finally hits the dealer and I am out of town in Chicago.....
  131. Any real world pics of Mugello Blue RS4???
  132. Anyone buy their RS4 below sticker?
  133. So, its been weeks.. do we have any quantifiable HP gains with Miltek full exhaust?
  134. Fuel consumption
  135. Hot Lap at Mosport with capello ...
  136. Best Way to Launch the RS4...0-60?
  137. KW V-3 on the RS4 anyone have any additional information?
  138. Here it is folks, new 1/4 mile time for my car...
  139. European delivery for RS4? maybe in future?
  140. VERY PISSED OFF.....
  141. When is the first service for RS4?
  142. tirepressure warning came on, but all 4 tires are between 48-50 psi...
  143. Who would prefer quad exhaust tips on the RS4?
  144. I know many of you are not fans, but nevertheless does anyone know when DSG would make its debut?
  145. What is the redline of the B6/7 S4 ? The RS4 is 8250 right ?
  146. RS4 Owners: Anyone want to sell their Recaro front seats?
  147. What are the chances of getting a used RS4 two years from now?
  148. Stereo warning
  149. R8 Video
  150. RS4 vs S6
  151. Question for Stasis owners and Stasis people
  152. Check out the beautiful Daytona RS4 on the Hoen website
  153. Crosspost RS6.com: Hot Lap with Dindo Capello at Mosport
  154. So I just replaced my fog lamp bulbs with XenonMatchs and found out...
  155. Will the 05.5 B7 stock rims fit on the RS4??? thinking winter....
  156. Suspension...
  157. Cargo liner & all weather mats
  158. O great and all seeing Der Kimbo do you see where my car is and when it will hit the dealer?......
  159. Stasis & Bob W.
  160. XPOST....Help needed
  161. Headlamp ID help
  162. September sales strong
  163. Got clearbra installed on the hood and several strategic locations
  164. Anyone ever accidently hit the panic button when removing the key...
  165. OMFG! Tremblant this weekend was nuts (part 2)... Video.
  166. Can no longer order "Sunroof Delete" on AoA build website???
  167. RS4 steering wheels on Ebay
  168. Need advice for First Track Day
  169. Porsche Flat-6 = exciting | Audi 4.2L V8 = boring
  170. can anyone give me a realistic price i would be expected to pay for a non-premium RS4?
  171. Our experiences with the latest high-performance sedans
  172. Xpost: Here are some pics taken of my whip during the fall color change here in CO.
  173. custom exhaust..harder than it sounds?
  174. For those with ECS Big Brake Kits check out this thread from the TT forum...
  175. Are the mirrors fixed? Powered?
  176. What replaces operation dial with "Sunroof Delete"? Plastic blank?
  177. Changed the oil & filter (not fun)
  178. Shift Knob
  179. Interested in an RS4 purchase
  180. No kill but a dead heat tonight. E55 Kleeman AMG. 5mph roll on up to 70mph.
  181. Is it true, not only have a few rs4 avants been floating around the US but...
  182. I thought you all might enjoy my pics from the ring this weekend. Quite a few RS4 Avants...
  183. checked out bmwusa website....335 coupe on special lease....weird
  184. who has gotten a good lease deal on the RS4?
  185. What's your gearing like? What do you guys rev at in 6th @ 60, 80, 100? TIA!
  186. So there's a 2006 and 2007 RS4?
  187. Milltek cat back installed, first mod!
  188. A little SPEED TV video *SPOILER*
  189. Sprint blue RS on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy in PDX, OR around 5pm. You here? Sprint was HOT
  190. For the former S4 owners, Is the ride much rougher in the RS4?
  191. Anyone know the 1/4 mile time for the RS4?
  192. Steven's Creek Audi in Santa Clara, CA has an RS4 available...
  193. Hartmann Wheels Blem Sale! 18" RS4-131 wheel set
  194. "S" button question.
  195. LAST CALL: ACNA 2-day track event @ Willow Springs (Oct 9-10)
  196. OMFG! Tremblant this weekend was fvcken nuts...
  197. STaSIS Motorsports Continues Home After Round 9 at The Petit Le Man's *SPOILER*
  198. Latest pic from Road trip in Sun Valley
  199. Does anyone have a line on 4GB sd cards?
  200. Wonder if this steering wheel is order-able and will work? Then you could have
  201. Video: Racex3 BMW M5 E39 vs Audi RS4 Sedan
  202. Car hit port here in the states Sep,Sat 29th does anyone know an average time port to dealer?.......
  203. what is your normal oil temp? Mine is running at 210F, normal?
  204. Ordering next week!!!!!! A few questions.
  205. Has everyone read this report by HiRev?
  206. Couple of RI RS4s
  207. Red RS4 spotted last night in Cambridgeside Galleria w/FL plates
  208. Ne1 else catch the Comcast HD Motorweek review of the RS4?
  209. God damm POS Fake carbon fiber....
  210. Purchase vs premier lease.......thoughts??
  211. Audi magazine RS4 / jet video
  212. Paging SteveRS4: Did you sell your RS4?
  213. A question to satisfy my curiosity....
  214. firewired...i think i saw you yesterday.
  215. Mr "RS Four" on rt 78 and 24 in jersey. I know you are on here.
  216. Strat short shifter
  217. Shout, shout, let it all out...
  218. Re: Euro Wheel. So although there is a phone button below the Nav screen...
  219. Does the nav unit support MP3 playlists from either SD cards or MP3 CDs ?
  220. In no way am I affiliated with Tein, but apparently they need a B7 chassis for testing.
  221. Just found some of Parikh's childhood, home video footage!!!
  222. So has it been announced 100% if the B7 RS4 Avant will come stateside? I saw one today
  223. Another RS4 rolls out of the shop, though this one has it all...
  224. RS4's are teh hotness.
  225. How long to build a car?
  226. Need help: I disconnected my battery last night and now my key fob will not work.
  227. "Ticking" sound under heavy load.
  228. Any Avus Silver pics out there?
  229. Gray RS4 spotted 146N in RII
  230. So what do RS4 owners think of the just-released R8? Chime in.
  231. The Clutch Issue in my presumably "b" series car?
  232. Anyone looking for a set of winter wheels and tires. RS6 ET 30 18x8.5 w/M3's starting $600 2d left
  233. RS4 Phone logo
  234. You should be checking out the R8 Forum.
  235. Video: RS4 vs. French Air Force Mirage jet.
  236. H20 International 2006
  237. Is it just me OR the RS4 bumpers and fenders have different color, as if would have been painted -
  238. The verdict is....
  239. Wanna give the RS4 a run for the money?
  240. Two left feet?
  241. Ordering RS4, need help with wheels/snowtires >>
  242. Only a few days left to get in on the STaSIS 14.5" Brake Sale...
  243. TONIGHT: L.A. GTG @ The Stand in Encino (SFV) - 7:00pm
  244. Chillllllly...
  245. My visit today to the Audi Forum in Neckersulm (BWW big time)
  246. Spare Wheel/Tire ideas
  247. Ibis White or Mugello Blue?
  248. NEW BEAST!!
  249. Why should I go for an RS4 over a 335i? Seems like equal performance for $20K less... damn
  250. What to do with these?