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  1. If I were marketing... could I say that this car sounds like the RS4?
  2. Playing around with my new lens...
  3. Liam, Kimbo, Atlas... How did the S6 compare with the RS4????
  4. Has anyone tried running 80W bulbs in the fog lamps? Can they take the heat?
  5. What a day!!! My first drive and...........
  6. Off to the New Dome, Go Saints and God Bless New Orleans!
  7. EVO Mag Review of Milltek RS 4 Exhaust...[large image]
  8. Milltek says you get 20hp with the catback...but do you lose some torque?
  9. Mugello owners - has anyone gotten their hands on touch-up paint?
  10. Did some poking around... can anyone explain the air box on this car
  11. Good vid review........maybe repeat post, if it is sorry.
  12. How many would opt for a 997 C4S over the RS4 if you didn't need four doors or a trunk?
  13. RS4
  14. Audi RS4 0-100-0 15.80sec Ranking #18 out of top 30 World's Fastest Cars.....
  15. Just heard Pete's RS4 with Milltek Valved Dual Catback Exhaust
  16. Drove the new S8, S6 and RS4 at Audi Roadshow in Europe...
  17. Top Gear - Richard Hammond Crash Update Vid FYI......
  18. First Time Buyer
  19. Interested question from a non-RS4 owner, but curious...
  20. Hopefully not a repost, but have you seen this on rs246.com about MTM engine upgrades?
  21. I didn't see this posted up recently, but how much are ppl paying for insurance?
  22. Trouble finding reverse?
  23. Has anyone seen the Papaya Orange RS4 in NY?
  24. Do you concur with the conclusion of this article, on S4 vs RS4?
  25. High praise for the RS4 from a confirmed S4 basher.
  26. Chrome interior trim
  27. How is everyone's oil consumtion as the cars get broken in? Me less than 1/3 [email protected]
  28. Next week is gonna be busy....
  29. What's the deal with the white Audi car covers the RS 4's come in with? It's a keeper or trash?
  30. Sprint Blue available in Miami
  31. I just totally beat a daytona grey RS 4
  32. I got it!!
  33. Arghh.. My short shifter arrived short of one part.
  34. 1st RS4 Chip in Germany 445 HP
  35. So this is what you can do when your RS4 gets few years old. (May want to delete sunroof now though)
  36. New AW STFA Avatar =)
  37. RS4 steering wheel installed - yummy.
  38. Review: Skip Barber High Performance Driving School
  39. The STaSIS Gumball Rally has begun !!
  40. Guys, St johns g2g next week, Friday
  41. hopelessly soft B5S4 chassis kicks a$$ at NASA nationals
  42. Want the part number for the park assist sensor on the front bumper (euro spec).
  43. REMINDER: upcoming Audi GTG @ The Stand in Encino -- TUE Sept 26th
  44. x-post
  45. Ben, it was nice meeting you last night.
  46. Everyone knows these wheels are PITA to clean, so I tried something new...
  47. SD Cards. Has anyone determined what the max size is that will work with the Nav unit ?
  48. I never want to use my stereo now... it is not worth it... the new Milltek exhaust sounds way better
  49. If any of you are intrested in "another" RS4 honor.
  50. Ordered VAG-COM CAN, could someone please recommend a good source for programming options?
  51. At Road America
  52. did your car come with a cargo net?
  53. Excellent showdown between M3 and RS4 in latest issue of Sports Car International !
  54. Can the S4 black alcantara interior be custom ordered...?
  55. Mugello Blue RS4 spotted in Steamboat Springs, CO. U on here?
  56. Who here went with the aluminum matte over the carbon fiber?? Any regrets??
  57. OT. I'm afraid I have some bad news. Top Gear's Richard Hammonds in serious condition...
  58. Summer may be ending, but the STaSIS 14.5" Brake Sale begins...
  59. 1 Pair RS 4 DPs Left...
  60. RS4 VIN List Update: 537 cars and counting...
  61. XM or Sirius receiver - can't find it anywhere
  62. [email protected] , have
  63. Nice RS4 review for those who are intrested.
  64. Clear corner mod pics
  65. Those who ordered the euro wheel-
  66. Arrrrrr .... Stasis has ruined another example of perfect Audi engineering
  67. We just can't get enough of these...
  68. Possible RS4+ ????????
  69. 8 weeks from order to delivery: BS or no??
  70. Need help w/ White: Arctic or Ibis?
  71. Triple Black Alcantara Option that Audi hopefully adds to the RS4
  72. Would a XM receiver from an A8 fit in the RS4?
  73. RS4 Ice Driving
  74. Anyone in NJ want to meet up one day?
  75. Anyone in the Portland OR/Seattle area with a VAG-COM?
  76. So Parikh1234, your dealer swapped your sirius receiver and gave you
  77. Observations on my "new" RS4
  78. Dyno'd my RS4 last week
  79. Which is more reliable, expensive audis or porsches?
  80. First I wanted to get rid of the 155mph limiter now after watching this Vid I want this......
  81. How do they create the MATTE finish for the RS parts? Sandblast? Exhaust tips should be matte too...
  82. Who likes pushing buttons? Who likes functional buttons on a steering wheel?;-)
  83. How would previous RS6 owners compare their past 'steeds' to the RS4???
  84. Are people getting discounts on RS4s or still MSRP?
  85. Another RS4 noob question - "supercharger whine"
  86. Some testing and info on clear corners......
  87. Warning! To all new and potential RS 4 owners. It has been determined by the S4 owners.....
  88. so after the whp "discussion" , whos trading in thier RS for 2 335's (thats close to 600whp)?
  89. Delivery time from 9/25 build date?
  90. On a lighter note. Look what the chairman of Audi drives for fun.
  91. Anyone Near Raleigh NC With A RS4 ...
  92. Lets talk about oil and dyno runs together. Less controversy.
  93. So Pete, your RS4 has the downpipes, and the catback with the resonator always open?
  94. ouch :( * RS4 dyno inside *
  95. Yet another autocross weekend, the last one of the season (yesterday)...
  96. Have you modified your braking habits since owning your RS4?
  97. Does milltek make catless downpipe??
  98. Help me out with this - RS4 vs. S4 cabrio purchase
  99. Modifying existing mufflers...
  100. Want more HP, better gas mileage, better sound - in 5 minutes and NO cost?? Look inside:
  101. I'd be pretty mad if I bought an RS 4 knowing that...
  102. Whodat in Redmond?
  103. Is there a easy way to remove covers off wheel bolts?
  104. Can someone explain the differences between tire offsets ?
  105. RS4 Clutch Hosed... Didn't You Get the Memo?
  106. holy man, is the [email protected] forum? sheesh . . .
  107. Amsoil AFL 5W 40 European Car Formula Analysis...
  108. Having listened to the milltek system Stevie Wonder style (no codec 4 mac's)...
  109. Exciting!! My car arrived...
  110. My baby was just sideswiped .... grrrrr!
  111. RS4 snow package options from Achtuning and Hartmann
  112. Winter wheels - Anyone know if the BBS CH or CK (18"x8.5") will fit over the RS4 brake calipers ?
  113. NEW Vid Clip FULL Milltek Exhaust on our RS 4!
  114. Just saw a custom RS4 color at the dealer- Suzuka Gray- very nice. closer to white than gray.
  115. Any US to Euro flat bottom steering wheel transplants been done yet? Degree of difficulty?
  116. Going to be in Boston next week - any dealers with RS4 on the lot?
  117. help me remove my bumper
  118. Does anyone have photos of an RS4 in non-stock colors? Bright Silver? Moro Blue? Akoya? etc?
  119. Just got the dreaded Min oil light tonight at 1500 mi
  120. Custom order questions - Paint and interior optios???
  121. Parikh!! You look a lot better in your sweet ride at the Bullrun start
  122. Has anybody installed a Dension ICELink Plus in his/her RS4?
  123. Thanks S4gasbord ... I scored!
  124. anyone interested in lending an image of their RS4 for an event flyer...
  125. Why is the OEM snow wheel a 19x8? Is this too wide?
  126. A question for those that went from B6 S4 to RS4?
  128. Clear Corner Mod
  129. RS4 VIN List Update: 416 cars and counting...
  130. Was anyone here in a Mugello or Black RS4 racing a Viper and an E55 on the Jersey Turnpike?
  131. For anyone else waiting boat left port Tuesday and should be at port in the states on the 29th.
  132. Do the US RS4 seats extend like this ?
  133. IS there anywhere I can compare paint chips of EVERY color Audi offers (for custom order)?
  134. nasty feedback problem with bluetooth fixed!
  135. US RS4 owner with VAG-COM, who wants to check some coding?
  136. OCT 9-10 : 2-day ACNA track event @ Willow Springs (not Streets). Who's going?
  137. NY RS4 spotting: Cross Island Pkwy south-bound on 9/11 morning
  138. ok who are you and what have you done with my old RS4......
  139. Indiana RS4's and Audi Club
  140. M5 or RS4?
  141. Cali RS4 any different than 49-state version?
  142. Milltek exhaust going on next week....
  143. UPDATE. This weekend's autocross unusual oversteering situation explained...
  144. I just ordered mine...but what's the best color???
  145. RS4 Road Test Vid, a bit long but ok.
  146. Break-In complete...
  147. Any European RS4 owners present on this forum?
  148. Avus Silver RS4 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado about 5pm this evening... Are you here ?
  149. Time until order completion? Existing units?
  150. Black Optics, can the parts be ordered?
  151. My alarm is barely audible - Is this normal?
  152. This am SprintBlue RS4 driving by Felix Festa Middle School in Clarkstown anyone from this board?
  153. May be OT for some. Ok, here's my autocross story from this past weekend...
  154. How much did you guys put down on your car...just curious?
  155. Hypershift - which throw option
  156. Clutch "issue" on S4, doe's it exist on RS4
  157. You can never have too many RS4's...
  158. NY Plate "RS4CE" seen (heard) around Larchmont NY?
  159. RS6.com link to RS4 Avant......
  160. MN Rocks
  161. Winter wheels - pics and observations
  162. Guess who and where!
  163. So a couple sightings, but from friends/family on my behalf...
  164. I have heard of a few of RS4's that are avaialble immediately...
  165. So you think you have trouble passing people in the rain. Try this! *Mosport WCTC spoiler*
  166. Winter Tires
  167. What Jack to Use?
  168. Audi R10 vs Harrier Jump Jet "The long clip" Last time I posted the short....
  169. Interesting article on SPEED TV's website about Chip Herr and STaSIS Motorsports
  170. RS4 review from down under, previously seen?
  171. How much do you pay for a lease?
  172. RS6 Wheels on an Avus Silver RS4....Rip & Tear if you must
  173. Fact or Crap, I call crap...
  174. So where's the Superchager at??? Suppose to be released summer 2006!!!
  175. Snow tires- 225's vs 255s
  176. RS4 - Sound commercial - sorry if old post! what a great sound...
  177. Milltek RS 4 Downpipes/Cats IN STOCK!
  178. My 60 minutes with the AUDI RS4
  179. update on clearing my headlights....
  180. Several discoveries made during exploratory surgery.
  181. OT but who cares. OMG! Thank you EVO (I think) now I'm out the door to get their latest release...
  182. just saw my first RS4!!!!!
  183. Did anyone else have this problem?
  184. RS4 Avant plus Nurnburgring x-post
  185. That's it, I'm getting rid of my Alcons and getting these. They are lighter and they are red...
  186. Max rpm question...
  187. Paging sparkhill. YGM, thank you.
  188. Any chance I can make this happen?
  189. Another video post M5 v RS4 with some history.. well made
  190. Just placed an order
  191. I forget who was/is looking for a spare set of wheels. Here is a set on eBay.
  192. Sparkhill....Here's the Parktown Imports St Louis RS4 info...
  193. Valentine One installed, hardwiring is easy
  194. Anyone have a phone cradle? Operationally, a cradle isn't needed with bluetooth but...
  195. Is Audi no longer installing special spark plugs for shipping?
  196. OT. May be a repost but a good Audi Quattro video clip...
  197. hey sparkhill
  198. Let the wait begin. . .
  199. Clutch fixed - works fine now...
  200. RS4 VIN List Update: now >350 cars
  201. Anyone take the time to properly bed in your brakes?
  202. What does it mean when my car is being "pulled into production as we speak".........
  203. feel lucky that service with the audi is so cheap....
  204. Did your car come with a cargo net for the trunk? It's pictured in the owners manual...
  205. Trunk lid with water inside it...
  206. In compliance with official forum rules and TPIWWP regulations, here's some pics of the new ride...
  207. Question..
  208. Anyone here make the switch from a K04ed B5 S4, or B5 RS4 To the B7 RS4?
  209. Here's how to get from 0 to 60 mph real, real fast and 200 mph in 14 seconds...
  210. anyone looking for a weekend track car?
  211. A Wet World Challenge at Mosport Makes for Exciting Racing *RACE RESULTS INSIDE*
  212. winter wheels: b6 s4 Avus?
  213. off topic: Golf set, what is the best or hottest right now? I know....
  214. Poll: What winter wheel/tires did you put and how much?
  215. I'm thinking about changing the color on my RS4 order from Mugello Blue to Sprint Blue....
  216. Audi Wheel "Sale" - the final word is there is no "50% sale" for the RS4 wheels
  217. any wheel sellers on here yet ?
  218. RSFizzy, bring some Syntec 5W40 with you when you come to get your car.
  219. exactly how much weight do you think sunroof delete saves?
  220. Wow - Daytona/Silver Sunroof Delete spotted @ my dealer...
  221. APR 6.05% for RS4 loan
  222. *edit* is this anyones collection? i think the location is washington
  223. Anyone order euro seats yet? I'll recode your airbag module just to sit in them :^)
  224. In need of some "new" music.
  225. Post your favorite RS4 pic... Need to get some new wall art ;-)
  226. red on red.
  227. An embarrassing day for all M3 Owners. This may be the funniest video I have ever seen though!
  228. Pictures from yesterday's Speed's World Challenge Touring car race at Mosport. Pictures were taken..
  229. B5 and B7 RS4 fare well in German 0-100 (km/h) to zero test...
  230. 2 quarts in 3k miles
  231. WARNING... Speed's World Challenge Touring Car results from Mosport inside. WARNING...
  232. MTM's new full carbon RS4
  233. is this normal?
  234. My Lease saga continues...
  235. A couple of quick pics
  236. Chip Herr with his STaSIS/Mahle powered A4 took the pole at Mosport in Canada today. The race...
  237. Paging bpesch: Did you post your UOA on Amsoil 5W40?
  238. what's the best way to hard wire a radar...
  239. Avus Gray RS4 down at Audi of Charlotte, NC...
  240. Review of Stasis / Ohlin suspension on B7 RS4
  241. Does anyone know if they are fixing the clutch issue on the new(undelivered) cars at...
  242. Probably a repost, but when will the next model year be available? Spring '07?
  243. Cool video, heart pounding!
  244. Need help deciding between 2 available RS4s!!
  245. Nav - Anyway to not have to manually enter in city every time?
  246. RS4 Finally arrived at dealer this PM
  247. Taking additional orders for RS4 Black Optic Front Grilles and filler plates
  248. What a stance...
  249. ATTN RS4 owners : considering avg. tech. knowledege in this forum i must recommend this :
  250. California emissions