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  1. Some pics from Laguna Seca
  2. though ppl gonna be biased,when would u pick CaymanS over RS4 if u could buy both at the same price?
  3. I think I'm getting a GT-R
  4. Any Thoughts? Rear end clunking again...
  5. anyone do the XM mod for satellite radio?
  6. RennSport4... were you on Smith Street tonight around 8:30ish?
  7. 2007 non-CPO under 20K miles, is high 40s a good deal? also is blue/yellow more $$?
  8. Dropped car off for the 5k service today. Got a special visit
  9. Any place to catch a replay of the bonneville salt flats discovery thing? Missed it
  10. What happened to GM thread?
  11. Easy to get iPod support if I dont already have the iPod adapter?
  12. What are the original Pirelli PZero tires that comes with our cars
  13. Sad news
  14. need help! does anyone have a way to get me the vin # on this car????
  15. AWE Exhaust Survey. Who wants one?
  16. 20% off Storewide for 7 days! Starts today!
  17. Am I the only one who hates the RS4 Bose sound system?
  18. Saw an RS4 Avant today...Sprint Blue...perfect
  19. 07 RS4 for 23K? is this for real, a mistake (mixed milage and price)?
  20. Red B7 RS4 South I-95 Sunday Afternoon...
  21. "You know this thing will go actually really, really fast"
  22. has anyone ever gotten an rs6 engine from a c5 into an rs4?
  23. Is this a correct oil drain plug crush washer for RS4
  24. My car must hate me.
  25. Sorry in advance, but what oil do you guys use??
  26. Wonder if anyone has a copy of the RS4 registry data they could send my way?
  27. Got a hold of a TSB on shock leakage - Assessment Aid
  28. Took my RS4 to the track
  29. Checking the hydrolic pressure for the DRC...
  30. Show of hands. Who seriously wants to purchase an R8 V10? I do.
  31. We don't get this in Canada so anyone that....
  32. Reminder - Wreckreation Nation Tuesday Feb 17 on Discovery Channel
  33. Found this on another site...... the picture made me chuckle a little...
  34. B5 S4 Stage-2 vs. RS4... I've seen ppl claim B5 S4s are faster... any proof otherwise?
  35. changed my air filter...
  36. Anyone changed the navi buttons? Need help on installation!?
  37. Carbon Fiber Trunk Trim
  38. Steering wheel shimmy at 70+ mph
  39. I hope the hotel I am staying at has Discovery channel..
  40. Brake Service in NJ
  41. Revo Technik & BGB Motorsports Spring Cleaning at Roebling Road.
  42. Black or blue???
  43. The "S" button
  44. Curious as to what all you Audi lovers do for a living?
  45. awe exhaust from S4 to RS4
  46. VJ'd My Ride
  47. Coming to the neighborhood
  48. Taking the plunge!!!!!!
  49. my 2 cents on motul (did an oil change)
  50. Track tires Toyo R888, anyone using them?
  51. removing antenna
  52. Paging RS4 SE... I may have found that info you wanted on the KWs...
  53. Awsome video.....h2o 2008
  54. Some Pictures of my new HRE M40
  55. what is a good lightweight track wheel that you use?
  56. Anyone here with a Mugello Blue/Ti package RS4 on the WSH north bound near Chelsea around 5:30pm...
  57. Anyonehere actually taken off teh window trim before?
  58. Stern Adjustable control arms all back in stock!
  59. DRC - 'parts' are in
  60. Nav system in Australia can view TV programs
  61. Got KW coilovers from Germany, some sort of race version??
  62. My car is visiting it's home away from home again...
  63. Exhaust question. Is there anybody here who tried the milltek and magnaflow exhaust? If yes, was....
  64. Well I did it...... I went shopping and bought a R8 just on a whim.
  65. HRE Monoblock Owners
  66. Pee'd away a few bucks on Bling
  67. Looking for a stock RS4 exhaust
  68. oil change
  69. Need DRC help fast!!! Please read.
  70. 07 RS4 Value question
  71. Could the 'golf tee' exhaust flap mod cause initial acceleration stumble?
  72. What to do when RS4 lease runs out?
  73. V1 fans check this out...
  74. RS4 vs. 997 C4S... any comparisons, pulls, track back-to-back?
  75. Spotted an Imola in Central Park Ave, Yonkers yesterday around 4-5pm. Is that you?
  76. DRC Diagrams
  77. ideal tire width
  78. Need some advise on possible DRC issue (long-ish)...
  79. Anyone know how much the window trim kit is from dealer?
  80. Pics from Jebel Hafeet (RS4 and GT3RS)
  81. titanium pkg with carbon trim
  82. about to pull the trigger
  83. anyone in the NYC area had there DRC replace
  84. Question about DRC Part information
  85. Those who went from S4 to RS4 and snow driving questions...
  86. Good news on my DRC repair...
  87. Anybody know how to reproduce the color and finish of the RS4 titanium edition mirrors?
  88. Good tire safety video.... Panic stops with different tread depths.
  89. Where can I buy a VAG-Com and...
  90. Dead key fob. Anyone else experience this?
  91. a little sliding in wet weather. tires or me?
  92. Back from Vacation!
  93. KYB builds the DRC system?
  94. Questions About RS4
  95. Spotted at Cincinnati BMW today...
  96. Had a blinking engine light upon startup this morning
  97. Random dead spots in powerband at WOT - any ideas what's causing this?
  98. custom 19lb wheels
  99. Learned something new today... passenger side mirror swivels down when in reverse...
  100. Might return to Audi
  101. 'Wierd' momentary idling upon going from gear down to neutral
  102. RS4 Avant White Pack
  103. I have an extra set of TDR wheels for track use...
  104. Hello all, new to the RS4 life style!!!
  105. Does anyone know how to order the European center console?
  106. Input....
  107. Getting warm
  108. *Zach88* Thought for euro FB steeing wheel.
  109. for the DRC issues please file a complain. here
  110. car feels very powerful in weather like todays...
  111. Wreckreation Nation with Dave Mordal - RS4 at Bonneville Episode
  112. UPDATE (for those interested): Check out the masterpiece! Thanks Markku for the excellent work...
  113. Mugello Blue Pearl paint code?? Thanx
  114. considering B7 RS4 vs. B8 S4
  115. Since we've started talking about seats, here's a sneak preview of my RS4 with Recaro CS...
  116. Not sure I'm sold on this, particularly the rear
  117. valentine V1 issue
  118. So I sat down into my car yesterday with a knife in my back pocket
  119. Milltek downpipes
  120. spacers
  121. Anyone care to explain this?
  122. A few nice RS4's coming up at auction if anyone is intereted, including '08 cabriolet with 5K mi
  123. Chris Bangle leaves BMW
  124. A few options for an upcomming car (RS4 being one) wanted to get some thoughts.
  125. Need a couple tips...
  126. someone here buy the ibis (titanium pkg) from audi exchange?
  127. Who was able to get a Griots front license plate frame to fit?
  128. Did you see the Audi Superbowl ad?
  129. bruised rs4, to prevent the yellowing of the CF engine parts...
  130. Need some advice for tires.....
  131. 8k miles on SL suspension and clunking noise started from right rear a few days ago only at slow
  132. Got to play with the AMI/MMI ipod interface recently in an A8 - it's pretty good!
  133. smoked my tail lights
  134. Best product for cleaning nav screen w/o scratching...
  135. Show me Sprint Blue RS4's with Ti Package. GO!
  136. A seasonal pic. That is all.
  137. Rs4 Car Cover?
  138. Sticky Clutch
  139. GMG carbon airbox
  140. Runnin rich on cold start?
  141. SoCal RS4 owner interested in free AFE intake?
  142. AofA stepping up to the plate on latest DRC repair! Thumbs up!
  143. FWIW: RS4/M3/C63 by the numbers...>
  144. Poll: If you had to do it all over again today, would you buy RS4? or (M3, S5, IS-F, S4, other)?
  145. The one annoying thing about my car
  146. RS4 vs Lexus IS-F shootout
  147. Likely a repost, but it's totally worth it!
  148. Gruppe M, Anybody get one yet?
  149. Winter driving
  150. I'm just wondering...so far i've seen only four RS4s on the road. What about you guys?
  151. Sprint blue RS4 in Tenafly NJ, anyone on here?
  152. Awsome snow video......
  153. Rear seat removal
  154. Did your Motorsports come with Hyperco's or Eibachs and which are better?
  155. Installing Motorsports and need input.
  156. Milltek 4pipe resonated...
  157. Oil cooler problem
  158. rhsnyder, thank you for your help. The JHM ss is awesome when adjusted right...
  159. Is turning the rotor required for every pad change? Dealer told me this weekend that I have 7mm
  160. Stasis MS and Sway Bars - What is the right set-up?
  161. 7-eleven gas any good?
  162. Woot! Got my exhaust installed today.
  163. Nav DVD ejecting. Anyone have a problem?
  164. Dash Display/Radio Questions
  165. Disable TPMS warning on dash?
  166. Couple of questions...
  167. drc > stasis sl.
  168. De-flapping how-to guide (long)
  169. Fuel consumption - RS4 vs. B6/B7 S4 vs. B5 S4 (stage 2) --> real life, not EPA!
  170. Question for those with the JHM ss...
  171. B7 RS4 vs B8 A4 with HREs
  172. Audi channel...repost? if so...
  173. side markers, anyone have them?
  174. Euro Steering wheel for RS4
  175. dash indicator light for headlights?
  176. Rotor rings part 2...
  177. H-Sport rear sway bar issue
  178. Changed spark plugs today
  179. Milltek quad tips ceramic coated and installed...
  180. RS4 Wheels
  181. I thought all RS4 cabs had nav?
  182. Anyone have access to RS4 body part numbers?
  183. pic of my rs4
  184. Request: Hartmann 204 RS6 wheels on RS4. Photochop anyone?
  185. Mistaken Identity
  186. what is a cool set of summer rims... please post if you have some cool pics
  187. Still love this shot...
  188. X-post: Audi A4 listed as one of the top ticket magnets, so beware
  189. Poll: Favourite aspect of your RS4?
  190. Some technical assistance if you please.....
  191. Mod ideas?
  192. stupid post of the day... all premium package 2008 cars have bluetooth, right?
  193. What the widest tire we can go with for Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric's...
  194. time for replacement tires
  195. Even Floridians have to consider winter tires!
  196. when was the last time you stalled?
  197. It's been a while so I figured I'd give you a sneak peak at what's going on with my car...
  198. Proud owner of 420 beautiful horses...
  199. Europrice is now www.europrice.us...
  200. DTHaus update...
  201. I e-mailed zeckhausen today about aftermarket rotor rings for the B7 RS4s today.....
  202. DRC Question from possible future owner
  203. Looking for help on picking HRE Wheels
  204. Porterfield R-4 full race compound pads
  205. Anybody have pics of 275/30's on stock wheels?
  206. Question for those of you with RE0-1Rs- Performance in the rain?
  207. Out of curiosity, has anyone looked into aftermarket replacement rotor rings for the front brakes?
  208. Did any of you guys read this in the RS6 forum?
  209. Thank you moderators for the much improved atmosphere!
  210. Need help with random/multiple cylinder misfire detected............
  211. H-pipe first mod? who has it
  212. bent lower front rearward control arm...
  213. DRC appt at Dealer - long
  214. Does the tranny oil also lube the front diff in the RS4?
  215. Shipping companies...need suggestions
  216. Guess I missed some fun on this forum the past day
  217. I love quattro
  218. I can't believe what I'm seeing here. Don't feed the trolls. Act like adults. Do not argue with mods
  219. What should I expect to pay for a new RS4 Cab?
  220. For all our regulars who visit for RS4 information, sorry about the hostility and back biting.
  221. You know you're in trouble when...
  222. need new front pads for track day...
  223. After putting my car on the lift today...
  224. anyone has info on (diy) flushing the brake fluid and
  225. Greetings everyone, new to the forum...
  226. Hope everyone had a wonderful night last night.
  227. HELP! ..for no reason CEL came on while going 65 in 6th, no knocking noise or issues....
  228. Powerchip has an ECU mod for the RS4?
  229. Tommy bar...
  230. DRC Suspension Repair
  231. DRC question.....Please help!!
  232. no more rs...asked for pics here they are! C2S
  233. New Guard Dog for the Audi!
  234. Attention. Attention. Yoko Advan S4's blow balls in packed snow. That is all.
  235. Lug Nut Wrench
  236. chipped 335i's are really fast
  237. Paging RS Maniac: spotted you at killington...
  238. getting new car...09 carrera s?
  239. The next car.....
  240. DTH carbon engine cover - oem hybrid.
  241. Exclusive FRRG Event: Buttonwillow
  242. got the details on the car.... Any Exclusive Package RS4s up on here?
  243. Cold temps make getting into first is a battle. Anyone else? Or is my gearbox crap
  244. Considering 3M ClearBra - Opinions?
  245. RS4 vs. S5 with drive select... straight line vs. tracking
  246. I've dumped every type of carbon into the atmosphere to help along global warming and its still -20
  247. Rear brake pads RS4 vs RS6
  248. It's a new year, pictures anyone? :) RS4 owners this time...
  249. TOUCHLESS Car Wash Needed LI, NY
  250. Heading into some -25F degree weather, anything I should be weary about (RS4-wise)