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  1. Outdoor community
  2. Anyone own a Remington 1911 R1?
  3. Looking for a Strider SMF.
  4. Gun Mounting Magnet
  5. Transmision problems
  6. A6 pistol mounting
  7. Ruger Super Blackhawk 44mag
  8. Best concealed mounting option ?
  9. Change of thinking
  10. sorry for the intrusion but...
  11. Any Arizona Audi driving gun owners here?
  12. Underseat storage cubbies? (C7 A6)
  13. Hooray for Magpul!
  14. IWI Tavor
  15. Fire safety courses to prevent workplace fire accidents
  16. Had never seen this forum before...(toys)
  17. Saiga 12
  18. Bought Something "Just For Fun" At A Gun Show Last Weekend
  19. Bersa thunder 9 UC
  20. Traded my Norinco MAK-90 today.....
  21. Can I advertise a handgun for sale?
  22. GSG-5 and a question
  23. Nice settings!
  24. Post a picture of what your daily 'loadout' is (aka the crap you carry every day)
  25. Guns rule.
  26. A single pic I took of some tacti-cool toys (pic)
  27. national CCW reciprocity?
  28. Guns or chamberings you wish they'd make...
  29. New Gun Day! Ruger SP-101 in 327 Federal.
  30. Audi and Guns
  31. chirp.. chirp... (crickets)
  32. mini 14
  33. Pelosi: 'we want registration'; holder: 2a won't 'stand in the way'; saf: 'gloves are
  34. Shooting Ear Muffs
  35. join the NRA... for FREE. we need to get the membership up
  36. dead forum....*hears scary echo*
  37. M&P Duo
  38. My Daily Carry
  39. Hi-Powers
  40. I didn't realize what all the formating fuss was about until now
  41. Obama trying to end armed pilots program
  42. Follow Me.
  43. More New Guns
  44. 1911 series 70 or 80 ? pro/cons of firing pin block
  45. Now that it's finally happened...
  46. I still think guns are bad but could you guys shoot the people responsible for the
  47. Picked up a new shotgun...Franchi 612 sv
  48. Woohoo, Just picked up a Transferrable MG42.
  49. can't you gun owners do something about this?!
  50. I kind of like the new layout.
  51. *sighs*
  52. Anyone hear any news on KelTec RFB? My dealer hasn't heard anything, and KelTec's website
  53. Looking for optical recommendations that can be used with flip up iron sights on a DPMS LR-308T?
  54. so a friend of mine offered me a springfield 1911 A1 last night for $400.
  55. :::::::Official AWOT thread::::::::
  56. Yes!!! Finally located a Ruger LCP! Going to pick it up on Wednesday
  57. I know this is the wrong forum, but is AWOT and Feedback not working for anyone else?
  58. so...how long until they take down this forum too?
  59. So I guess the AWF is putting up a good fight with this vB invasion eh?
  60. remember the alamo!
  61. whats your favorite SIG thats not a 9mm or .45?
  62. just picked up a beretta 90-2f, great feel and weight, will probably go shoot with it
  63. Picked up a Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm, sweet gun... fits my hand perfectly
  64. Saw AZ license plate GUNLOVR at lunch today. Guess on what vehicle?
  65. Ouch. Read the facts on this home invasion murder conviction. Murderer used garage door opener from
  66. Any experience with PT Night Sights? AKA MMC?
  67. Surplus G3 Leather Sling fitted to GSG-5 Rifle.
  68. Anyone familiar with the ITT brand Gen 3 night vision goggles? Have a chance to pick up set used
  69. Can you buy handguns or rifles online in California?
  70. Here we go......Violent spillover from Mexico is focus of House hearing
  71. Looking for a rail mount flashlight w/ strobe. Can't remember who makes them.
  72. Ammo Supply Question... How much do you keep on hand, bulk versus quality Ammo.
  73. thoughts on this 1911, pls
  74. Breaking in a new toy.
  75. So I picked up a Sig P250 9mm last night
  76. Northeast - anyone going to the Big E show (Springfield, MA) this weekend?
  77. Got my new AR-15 with EOtech Sight
  78. Cabela's Ammo supplies
  79. new tank overhaul mil at 9edt for those who like big guns.
  80. *****9mm Federal LE Tactical HST 124gr. +P HP***** This stuff is tough to find
  81. NY Times article ... hedge fund manager recommending shotguns.
  82. Finally got my 556
  83. 5.56 Federal Lake City XM193CBP 55gr. FMJ Ammo
  84. 9mm Federal LE Tactical Bonded 124gr. Hp
  85. keeping magazines loaded.....
  86. For a new gun owner
  87. Wow...another crazy shooting. I can't believe no one tried to stop this guy in Alabama.
  88. Any big fans of the XCR? They seem to have some good options for CA:
  89. DC safe roster, part 3 :)
  90. I picked up one of these....
  91. Interesting coating on Hornady TAP .308
  92. So I finally found a Springfield XDm by me, question is, what caliber? 9mm vs .40?
  93. If there was an AWB...
  94. Anyone own stock in firearms manufacturers?
  95. Illinois church shooter reportedly used a Glock
  96. I'll be taking my CPL\CCW next week, any pointers besides the obvious? Thx.
  97. I went with an Israeli FAL
  98. My EDC.
  99. noob question. what does ACP and MP stand for with respect to some S&W handguns?
  100. Picked up one of these
  101. TA33R-8 finally showed up. Pretty impressive optic. Hopefully I can get to the range this weekend
  102. Ambushed pizza man kills attacker
  103. hey, DC, thanks for adopting the CA safe roster :)
  104. Utah News: Would-be robber killed in fight with store clerk
  105. Okay Mini 14, AR-15, or AK-47
  106. "Why I carry a gun." Found it on another forum, liked it.....so I thought I'd share.
  107. local gander mountain has tons of clothes but limited firearms and ammo
  108. Disaster avoided at the range yesterday
  109. This would be a very slick way to store firearms and ammo...
  110. LOL...Tin foil hat time
  111. lol. funny shirt.
  112. .308 / 7.62 NATO Radway Green 145gr. FMJ Ammo
  113. 5.56 Lake City Red Tracer
  114. If one could find an AR-15, how much should he/she expect to pay for it? Say, bushmaster variety...
  115. Took my CCW certification class today. Picked up some good tips too!
  116. Is there anywhere that ACTUALLY has .45ACP FMJ ******in- stock****???? WTF!
  117. sign up for your free Shooting Sports USA digital edition
  118. Just got back from Hollywood, I can't believe how bad the roads are, what a joke
  119. diswney world, magic kingdom in FLA report
  120. speaking of ammo, is there anyone who has 124 gr. 9mm +P Speer Gold Dot in stock?
  121. Went to walmart to get some ammo for new shotgun and they were all out of hand gun ammo
  122. H/S - White Oak NM Uppers
  123. The 2008 and 2009 gun salesman of the year goes to
  124. How the hell can you be so stupid? Wouldn't the first thing you do when you grab a gun for...
  125. First post on this forum.
  126. Brooklyn Stimulus Contribution
  127. h/s: wasr-10 hi-cap , compensated barrel, 2 30round mags, bayonet,
  128. H\S? Used Mosin Nagant for $99?
  129. do i need to pay the $200 stamp for these?
  130. Sturm, Ruger, and Co. (RGR) pumps portfolios.
  131. 9mm BT: Unable to kill a dog, says the FBI
  132. What should I look for as a CCW revolver in the $3-500 range.
  133. Anyone ever use a Maxpedition Versipack for warm weather CCW?
  134. Considering putting up a sign near my gun display cases. It will read something like
  135. Stopping Power ... 22 LR to 12 guage
  136. CMMG Stripped Lower Receivers
  137. woot - got my PA LCCW yesterday
  138. Wow, I had no idea Mossberg 44s went for this much. I paid $25 for mine.
  139. AA-12 World's deadliest shotgun!
  140. X-post: Best way to sell a rifle?
  141. (slightly off topic) what part of the country is best to live in during a SHTF scenario?
  142. What would be a fair price for a laserlyte Sub-Compact V2?
  143. that's why i say hey man nice shot
  144. Here's a back-door reason for backing down from the AWB.
  145. Picked up a new CC
  146. How often do you clean your carry weapon?
  147. New DPMS M4 A3 for $899 +++ at a local dealer- is that about as low as they come these days?
  148. what are the costs of reloading (not including equipment)?
  149. First Firearm Purchase
  150. Is all this red speck crap in my SOCOM receiver normal?
  151. Sobering real life SHTF lessons from Argentina's economic collapse, FWIW.
  152. which one?
  153. Anyone have any experience/opinion on this spotting scope? Nikon ProStaff 20-60x82mm Angled
  154. Anyone have any interest in purchasing a Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50 scope?
  155. Military to use new gel that stops bullets
  156. LAWSUIT coming!!!! wtf?!?!
  157. berretta 92
  158. What is the current standard issue .308 round for the U.S. armed forces? Is it M80?
  159. Sweet spot on concealed carry
  160. anyone recently apply for an ffl?
  161. Gotta love Wal*Mart
  162. shot a box of rounds through my Kimber SIS Ultra last night, review inside:
  163. well, i tried this out. left my mags on the airplane and at the airport!
  164. I compared 9mm XD to .40 Cal XDm
  165. She understands the 2nd amendment. Sorry if this is a repost.
  166. Do the majority of Gun Shops offer a Firearm Safety Course?
  167. Why don't we see more vertical foregrips on pistol grip shotguns?
  168. Seems the AWB might have a real fight on it's hands this time...
  169. U.S. Senate Votes to Uphold Second Amendment in Washington, D.C.
  170. pay attention, all you whiners and FUD eaters
  171. Glen Beck - Prepare For The Worst - Various Scenarios
  172. FYI: pkfirearms.com has complete AR15 uppers in stock
  173. Dutchess/Ulster County NY
  174. the NRA was "a cynical, mercenary political cult"
  175. OHNOEZ, awb!!! *scrambles for bannable items*
  176. It's baaaaaaack...... (useless AWB that is)
  177. So I am looking hard at purchasing a Kimber SIS Ultra.. thoughts on it?
  178. range day thoughts on FNAR and FN patrol XP
  179. I pretty much narrowed down my first gun to a S&W M&P 45. Comments?
  180. any reasons to not go with Sig. 556?
  181. Poll: What should be my next purchase be in the 600-800 dollar range?
  182. Took the Saiga-12 to range it fired well, my shoulder is pretty sore, guess that's normal?
  183. I must have them. That's all......ordered.
  184. 9mm-357-44-50
  185. NRA LM for $300?
  186. Aftermath from this weekends shoot...
  187. What are the differences from a .45 from say a 1911 vs a .44mag from a DE
  188. Looking for a plinker. Ruger MK i,ii,or iii or Browning Buckmark?
  189. What do you guys think about a Walther P22?
  190. Any opinions on SAO Sigs?
  191. Lou Dobbs on HR45
  192. What would you do?
  193. picked up 2 guns today.
  194. awot xpost: Need a new hand-held flashlight...
  195. just picked up a Kimber SIS Ultra
  196. new rifle, Czech it out
  197. Beretta M1D
  198. AK-47 or AR-15? Why?
  199. Are all the AR-15s sold out these days?
  200. Best book about guns?
  201. Anyone have a recommendation for a stock for my Rem700 SPS Tactical? (must have adjustable cheek)
  202. someone needs to buy these and put them on their 1911
  203. Got another pistol
  204. For out 4th Anniversary my Girlfriend took me to the range for my first time ever. It was very fun.
  205. Homeowner alerted of an impending home invasion shoots back at M-16/AR-15 wielding robbers
  206. Questions about gun ownership in Florida
  207. Just ordered up all my parts for my Semi auto XM16E1 project.
  208. Kimber Ultra Raptor, picking one up this afternoon
  209. It's about that time again...
  210. Just tried to go to my local gun show
  211. Anyone familiar with the DPMS LR-308 AP4?
  212. power (rights) to the people!
  213. FN 5.7x28 ammo BT: what did a 2000 round case cost a year ago?
  214. Thinkin of getting one of these next, any opinions?
  215. looking to buy a new gun maybe a .40-.45
  216. So here it is, my new Gun
  217. It's been a couple of weeks - Update on H.R. 45 (pre-confiscation registration)
  218. Free shipping from Cabelas. Code: 29SHIP. They have decent deals on ammo.
  219. So are Robinson Arms XCR's even available right now? Seems scarce.
  220. get a haircut
  221. i am looking for a new/used carry weapon, between $400 and 500
  222. Hss anyone taken a class from Thunder Ranch?
  223. Do you guys give out SS# on BG check, I'd rather not
  224. In my hands... Beretta M1D
  225. This should be fun...
  226. good point
  227. opinions. Nodakspud XM16E1 lower.
  228. Thoughts on a FN 57?
  229. Anyone looking for a good, hot, 9mm personal defense round?
  230. Since we're talking ammo, any great deals on 308 match right now?
  231. H/S: Case of 1000 Federal xm193 for 399+tax.
  232. How is the Smith & Wesson Model 22A for a cheap range toy?
  233. Where is the comparison of self-defense ammo?
  234. Shotgun still good as home defense?
  235. was thinking about picking up a .38 special pistol, any recommendations?
  236. Ooooohhhhhh, goody,... Another idiot proposes a gun buyback - Dallas
  237. hit or skip? Custom Colt Combat Commander
  238. Well that's the last time I buy a Taurus handgun...
  239. gunsafe BT: What do you guys think of this safe near the bed/desk to keep a pistol in
  240. NOT guilty? well, then... let's make it HARDER to get your guns back than it is to buy guns
  241. Sorry, been away from this for a while - where is the National Parks firearms reform now?
  242. the woot.com for outdoorsmen
  243. way to go, tennessee!!!
  244. Remington 700P(SS) 308 - Advantages/Disadvantages with DM version?
  245. why do some blank out serial numbers in photos of guns?
  246. Has this been discussed over here?
  247. My H&K SP89 project -- early progress.
  248. Any good on-line places to get ammo?
  249. Students Aim for Gun Rights on Campus
  250. commies defend a gun nut