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  1. Anyone interested in co-driving in the 3hr Enduro at the Glen on 10/11/03???
  2. Off to Thunderhill next weekend
  3. guys, we lost a real talent. Mumford dies in plane crash :(
  4. SCCA NARRC Runoffs
  5. i need some expert tire judgement.......slight n00bery inside.....
  6. hey SF-SCCA guys, one of your own is supposedly on vacation on this side of the pond
  7. If you have soft brake pedal problems ...
  8. Evo8 runs 1:54 at laguna seca with stock tires/suspension
  9. Which ACCNA chapter went to Mid Ohio this past summer? I'm trying to plan an "A4 ShootOut".
  10. New garage addition...
  11. best (cheapest) place to get Pagid street pads for a B6 A4???
  12. New Kumho R compound - V710
  13. 1) Is anyone going to Watkins Glen via EMRA on Oct 19? 2) Are there any HPDS events between Nov 5-9?
  14. ACNA Road America event.
  15. Any AW folks getting together at the USGP?
  16. Confused: what is this motorsport called "drifiting." Apparantly it is a Japanese thing.
  17. Anyone know where I can find a old audi racecar for sale?
  18. Racing School Recommendations
  19. The suffering is about to stop - Takuma Sato to replace Villeneuve starting at Suzuka.
  20. 12 hour Endurance Race at Sepang F1
  21. Charlevoix rally canceled this year :(
  22. Virginia City Hillclimb?
  23. My first track event
  24. Can someone teach me how to change my brake fluid?
  25. Anybody a pro here about kart equipment wise?
  26. So is everyone using contact pyrometers or laser pyrometers these days...
  27. WTB: Sightly/Moderately Used R Compound Tires
  28. vid from Pocono South Course...and a shloppy STi driver...
  29. Calling NASA - Have joined the 'Arms Race'
  30. Recommendations for a car - want to AutoX, RallyX and maybe Clubrally
  31. X-Post: Registration Open for PIR Quattrofest 2003 !
  32. So Cal tracking
  33. Rally-x tires
  34. Better late than never, a few pics I took at the ALMS race @ Road America...
  35. Anybody know a good source of insurance other than Parish Heacock for...
  36. I saw a hat at the Vintage car races at the Glen I should have bought. It said
  37. Open trailer folks, question for you
  38. START YOUR VOTES!! Who leads after the next F1 Race? KIMI, MICHAEL, or JUAN PABLO?!?!
  39. Say you lap for 20 minutes to heat cycle tires, how should you drive?
  40. Just got back from LS (no spoilers)
  41. Where is the cheapest place to buy pagid pads?
  42. OMW out to Laguna tonite
  43. What do you think about the name...Entropy Racing
  44. If you are interested in reading about the president of SPEED TV and
  45. Props to Sharon and Corey
  46. Can anyone recommend organizations or clubs that track in the N.E?
  47. Audi racing with NASA GTS???
  48. Tire Pressure recommendations
  49. Will my hoosiers last 2 track days?
  50. Who's going to Gingerman this weekend?
  51. The string of bad luck continues at Lowes Motor Speedway
  52. More tire issues...
  53. thru-radiator posts? (repost)
  54. what would you recommend as a good streetable track tire?
  55. pics & commentary from the Entropy DE @ Pocono South Course
  56. Was at a cool autocross yesterday
  57. What do you think about:
  58. tracking tomorrow...
  59. So I bought a Radical (epic and BWW)...
  60. Tire comparison...
  61. New rules for restraint systems : Restraints only last 2 years now...then need to be replaced
  62. Someone please edu me about Carbir DS3 chassis....
  63. did anybody ever have any luck getting tirerack to help with replacement costs
  64. Road America First Lap Footage
  65. F1 vs. CART on same track? Montreal: 2003 CART pole = Tagliani at 1:19:665 and 2003 F1 pole = M.
  66. Is anyone else as happy as I am that Jensen Button is kicking Jacques' ass after all the crap
  67. 1976 Porsche 914 for sale in GA:
  68. I did it!!
  69. Leaving race car in driveway....pros and cons...what are they?
  70. anyone want an RX7 race car?? Stumbled onto this, looks nice!
  71. Is this a repost? New motorsports complex in central california?
  72. Anyone in the northeast want to rent me their trailer?
  73. Wow...spent a day in the world of C and D sports racing...
  74. Report on Canadian National Autocross Championships
  75. Do you folks have a special dolly or jack to manouver your trailers?
  76. Anyone with A4/S4 replaced your driver's seat with a Sparco
  77. First Impressions (ride-along at autocross)
  78. finally got a nice pic....
  79. OK, this is urgent, need to order wheels/tires tonight
  80. Track superstars, help me out.
  81. 2-hour enduro race report
  82. Reminder: Mosport ALMS race today at 2pm EST on NBC.
  83. STaSIS and the ACCNA present Audi A4 Touring Car at International Autos
  84. Weight transfer and brake bias (long)
  85. Anyone know roughly where Ingolstadt and Nurburgring are, relative to Munich ?
  86. Bryce, Jyoteen, Michael and any Nor. Cal peeps...looks like we may be doing the 25 hour...
  87. I hope to see more Audis sign-up for the Entropy Racing weekend at Pocono South on 8/30-31. details:
  88. RST Performance Racing report from SCCA ITB Race at Lime Rock Park 8/9/03 "Pole Position Final"
  89. Coupe GT okay for track?
  90. x-post on the S4 forum, from NSXfiles "what type of racer are you?"
  91. What kind of times has everyone turned at Blackhawk Farms?
  92. Keeping my 104,000 mile A4 for the track - is this a mistake?
  93. Any place to go?
  94. Double bypass on the Integra
  95. Performance friction?
  96. So I need trailer recommendations for a car that's only 62" x 11'...
  97. So I finally realized what it is about racing vs. owning an awesome street car...
  98. Anyone here done any RoadRallies ? Are they fun, or is it just a Sunday drive with added stress ?
  99. x post I'm working on getting a groub buy for neuspeed exhaust anyone interested? details inside
  100. Trailer fire destroys race winning SPEED World Challenge Audi Touring Car
  101. VIR North, ECHC races #7 & 8
  102. What the new mini should have been like:
  103. Anybody besides me notice....
  104. Wouldn't rain be great at the Glen this weekend!! Not a lot so they can't say
  105. Are there any racing events to attend in the NE in Sept or the first two weeks of Oct?
  106. The advantage of cheap race cars...
  107. Corded R compounds...
  108. Question regarding Audi ABS on track
  109. Anyone want to be part of the Stassis Engineering 12v team this weekend?
  110. American Lemans Series near Toronto.
  111. I need opinions on a dedicated track car. I'm looking at an '88 944 Turbo tomorrow.
  112. So...Trained Seals Racing..when you gonna come out west an codrive my car in a race????
  113. My new rally weapon... don't laugh!
  114. What's your engine bay look like the night before you leave for a race?
  115. Withdrawls.. :( My last track event was in Jan. My last Autox was last Oct.
  116. It's off to MFR
  117. who is going to ALMS/WC Laguna Seca?
  118. Pics from World Challenge race at Infineon (Sears Point)
  119. Can the S4 be a good (just good) track car (HPDE, no racing) and a decent commuter?
  120. What's the best material to use for making a roll-cage? Do people still make Chromoly cages?
  121. Review of my 1st ever race: KartingVenture 6hr at Willow Springs. 7/26/03
  122. Hey, I will be heading up to Maine for the Pro-rally
  123. My Race report from Tremblant Summer Classic
  124. Instructor injured in S2000 at Thunderhill?
  125. are there any autocross events around the nyc area?
  126. Questions about Istook or CPP adjustable camber/caster links for the S4
  127. Poll: What oil temperatures are people reaching at the track (car/track/weather/oil brand-weight)?
  128. FREE tickets to ALMS this weekend
  129. Porsche to delay return to factory racing due to finances.
  130. Wow! 6 Audi's running MFR
  131. x-post: Keep and slowly mod S4, or buy used A4 and make it a racecar?
  132. Infineon this weekend
  133. Willowsprings motel suggestion?
  134. Handling question: rear spring-rate vs. anti-sway bar...what's the tradeoff??
  135. Super-low traffic day at Thunderhill tomorrow (7/23)
  136. BeaveRun Event
  137. Anyone looking for a date 8/2?
  138. Support AUDI Motorsports and win a ride in the STaSIS Touring Car at Infineon Raceway...
  139. Upcoming Drivers Ed in Charlotte NC
  140. Need more track time for the S4 in SoCal...
  141. For all those worried about tires and the new TREAD standards...
  142. RST Performance Race report from Pig Roast weekend at NHIS 7/12-13/03
  143. I need some help picking an IT car, I'm a n00b road racer...and a poor one
  144. Track Day - Midwest
  145. Headin for T1 @ Summit
  146. This has not been a good year for Rally in the US....
  147. So I rented a Caterham for a weekend and ran HPDE 4...
  148. Does anyone know the spring rate for H&R race springs for B5 A4?? Thanks
  149. cobalt GTR-VR spec pads - anyone running these?
  150. Anyone Doing PDA event at Pocono 8/9 or 8/10?
  151. Pics of my Laguna races
  152. get this go cart off the track!
  153. Harnesses. How old is too old? Are there rules for track events? autoxes?
  154. Time for another engine rebuild =(
  155. I got a newbie question...Can you AutoX in 19" CHs?
  156. hello? anyone out there? has the world ended? (eg. has everyone stopped racing?)
  157. Road Atlanta update linked from the homepage
  158. Does anyone know what happened to the Justin Bell
  159. Anyone here with experience with a Cartham?
  160. ALMS on TV today: check your CBS station...
  161. TracQuest At Thunderhill On Monday and Tuesday - Spots Still Open!
  162. Solo 1 double-header this weekend at Sanair raceway
  163. X-Post from OT, Pics from the Jim Ellis Audi party, Champion R8 and RS6
  164. Wish us luck at Laguna
  165. Looking for opinions on the Team O'neil Rally School
  166. Free tickets to Road Atlanta ALMS / WC races June 27-29
  167. Anybody going to Bremerton National Tour?
  168. So I found out today I can take a skippy school off as a business expense
  169. are all of the parts "numbered" in this diagram included with the Oil Cooler Kit?
  170. Champion is bring S4 Competition out of retirement.
  171. Any else going to Thunderhill this weekend with TracQuest? I need a room.
  172. went to solo2 provincials this weekend. luckily the scenery was good because the "racing" wasn't
  173. What's all the Sears Point Passing under Yellow Controversy?
  174. Interesting weekend, sold the race car and...
  175. Starting my hunt for a used Miata. I think I'm gonna go for a 1.8liter as I'm not Schumi's frame....
  176. Track Junkies: What do you think of Road America?
  177. LeMans
  178. 245/45/16 autocross setup on a TT?
  179. Another reason for not using cross-drilled rotors...
  180. New Product: Achtuning Apex Camera Mount
  181. Okay, since the panel seems to have swung me towards an SRF...
  182. autoX, front sway bar and grip question(longish)
  183. Any Autocross or Rallcross (non-SCCA) in Northern California ?
  184. D'oh...we're THIS close to selling the Civic this weekend and...
  185. A little track called Beaverun
  186. Ryan must be busy today, anyone know who does his(STaSIS') engines?
  187. Does anyone know the standard specifications of a test slalom?
  188. Falken Azenis sport tire experience....
  189. Motorsports related: aluminum trailers
  190. LeMans 2003: The view through the chickenwire
  191. Tracking with Stoptech's.....
  192. Sad day at Lime Rock
  193. Anyone (NorCal) have a set of scales I could borrow?
  194. Beware who you lend your car to in a time trial...
  195. Drivers needed for AW enduro kart team
  196. Before I order a couple sets of Hawk HP Plus pads, can anyone recommend--
  197. Am I the Only Speed Channel/NASCAR Convert??
  198. It's alive
  199. Anyone going to be at the NASA event at Sears Point June 28/29?
  200. Noob Question - double clutching
  201. Pics of me and my car at Loudin, NH getting my COM racing licence.....:)
  202. Lime Rock this weekend 6/14/03
  203. pics from the Grand Am race series last weekend @ California Speedway (including Don Istook's S4)
  204. Radio LeMans up and running =)
  205. Tomorrow is the big day...Gordon/Montoya trading cars at Indy
  206. Can anyone point me to a good online reference on the different kinds of race cars?
  207. Audi in LeMans 2003 - Drivers, Cars and History
  208. Well the 4k finished STPR
  209. I wonder if Don Istook is back from Fontana yet . . .
  210. A tale of 2 tires (Pilot Sport Cups & S03s) one autoX and one car...
  211. Canada VCMC - Kumho Super Challenge 2003! (June 14th & 15th)
  212. Question on trunk mount battery legality for racing?
  213. Any track events going on the weekend of 6/21 in the Midwest?
  214. Racing at Laguna on June 28-29th in the Spec Miata
  215. Review of the Mid-Ohio School.
  216. For those running the Ferodo DS3000 ...
  217. what is the best 16" streetable tire can i rallycross/ice race for RWD? TIA
  218. MidOhio school rocks, that is all.
  219. Rallycross this weekend
  220. Cable cluth question.. wanting to change the distance of pedal travel.
  221. Cheap Open Track time at Watkins Glen next Monday & Tuesday
  222. So, once again, SPEED TV takes a dump on us
  223. Look ma, I'm in the news
  224. Bentley's almost 4 seconds a lap faster thant the R8s in Lemans testing...
  225. Input on open lapping sessions in
  226. Great article from Don Istook (Grand-AM Cup S4 Driver) on the ACNA Website
  227. Updated R8 Video: The Era of Dominance...
  228. Any ideas on where to buy a race car?
  229. Photos from the Rallycross
  230. pics from pocono...[bww]
  231. Images from Lime Rock
  232. Track Days in Illinois?
  233. Speed Channel World Challenge Broadcast - 05/31/03 3:00pm ET...
  234. Saw an article (in the SCCA paper The Wheel) about them adding a turn 16 to Thunderhill. Thoughts?
  235. Shoe polish for window markings - numbers etc
  236. What the hell is wrong with these people?
  237. Trailer towing your A4? Know about some built-in tie down points?
  238. Info about Thunderhill Raceway
  239. Still some 2003 Audi Calendars left - any interest?
  240. I need a rundown of tire pressures for varying conditions.
  241. Champion is Protesting Lime Rock GT results
  242. WooHoo! I'm confirmed for Mid-Ohio school on June 4/5.
  243. Mark, I see from other forums that you have been a busy bee :-D
  244. What does everyone think of the Topspin harness bracket?
  245. I got to race a NASCAR Winston Cup car this past weekend. Wow...that thing can stick in the corners!
  246. Induktion Motorsports Grand Opening....Saturday, June 7th...
  247. CT Stasis Event?
  248. Ya just can't kill em
  249. Some pictures from Tremblant. awesome race weekend even in cold and rain.
  250. x-post vids of san diego autox from my front bumper!