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  1. Final Exhaust GTG Location - I mean it this time =)
  2. Brother's car died today... looking for something to get him through the summer
  3. Itouch hardwire kit?
  4. Hi everyone, Need some help, 25 y/o looking for summer job, see inside
  5. 2009 Northeast Audi Spring Bash-full details
  6. Anyone have a VAGCOM around Southern Maine?
  7. Final Time/Date/Location for Exhaust GTG
  8. I will admit that I like the modifications the new AW has implemented.
  9. Rt 100, couple of pics
  10. Whoa. Threaded View is on by default now...
  11. A couple of revised Porter Cable Kits and a very nice special offer
  12. Wow! We actually have "stickies" now. Progress.
  13. WTB - 5x112 17 or 18s in New England
  14. NEQ at Monicello May 7 & 8. Who is going?
  15. VT detailer
  16. OT: University Student Needs COOP Job 2H09
  17. Now both forums SUCK! AWNE and QWNE
  18. S6 Video w/Custom Intake and Exhaust
  19. New layout made news Fast Lane Daily
  20. PSA: Be weary of Worcester Parking
  21. Join AWE Tuning on Facebook, Twitter and My Vintage Racing League!
  22. small ding question and an apology
  23. How do I expand the threads to see it like before??
  24. ne audiworld golf day g2g?
  25. Look what just came in the mail...
  26. This is a serious FAIL! Thumbs WAY down
  27. Good Ur-S shops in Massachusetts?
  28. Save the date! Chili's GTG (Burlington, MA) April 2nd!!!
  29. :( Change people ... stop your crying...
  30. classic it says I last visited 12/31/1969
  31. This is going to take some getting used to, feels like AZ!!!.
  32. AW user contact sheet info...
  33. So confused... By AWNE...
  34. Custom Intake System on 5.2 S6, WOW
  35. How to tip odds in your favor with dealer problem
  36. crazy stuff...............!
  37. Mike & the guys at Autobahn in Peabody were great to deal with today.
  38. KAWF IS KING>>>long live KAWF BWW
  39. Kawf lives on!
  40. F5F5F5F5F5F5
  41. :)
  42. Block...................lol
  43. LAst post?:
  44. <looks at clock> Good luck AW on the conversion to vB! Hope to see you guys soon!!!
  45. Last post?
  46. I think the RMV is now ignoring me :) Latest email I sent (and the chain) included:
  47. Nice meeting you wicked ! Great lookin car !
  48. SPOTTED: black S5 Burlingotn area
  49. How much will a cab ride from Post Office Square to Logan run me?
  50. argh. suggestions for bodyshop?
  51. Bump?!
  52. I think I spotted ScratchRob13's car, 7am today at the Andover Commuter Rail.
  53. Spotted: Older fellow in RS6 dropping son off at UVM. NH plates. 5-spoke RS6 wheels. Hot.
  54. VTB vB...kawf is king
  55. still here before the change?
  56. RIP AW-KAWF.
  57. Finally bought new wheels: 18" CHs. I know... I know... Welcome To 2005...
  58. WTB: B5 A4 sedan/stick
  59. lol okay one more...but its a funny one...
  60. Spotted....Rare and Famous sightings!
  61. Spotted: Black B5 S4 Lowered & Hardwired V1
  62. Wrapped wood trim with carbon fiber fabric....
  63. *bump*
  64. Just finished installing new brake setup. Such a PIA to bleed new calipers the first time
  65. I believe the switch over has begun...a lot of forums are now "not found" if you try to go to them
  66. anybody down to wash some cars today. i live in east hampton CT
  67. car and coffe meet ...9/15 9:30 - 11:30
  68. White S5, Belle Circle Revere tonight around 8
  69. Anyone have a Euro RNS-D or know how to modify U.S. discs to work in a Euro system?
  70. Still need one Goodyear F1 235/40/18 -anyone? Sorry for the repost.
  71. Long shot: anyone got a spare J17 fuel pump relay
  72. anyone else having problems w/the search? trying to find out how to remove
  73. I'm going to clean out ABS sensors...what would be the best solution to use on them?
  74. Anyone selling their stock C6 S6 wheels?
  75. TRACK DAY May 8,2009 At Pocono Raceway
  76. Audi Service
  77. Hmm Black S5 plates on i93 boston/somerville just now..., M7W plates?
  78. Question on Dealer Allocations....
  79. To the ass in the red mk1 TT on 90W this afternoon
  80. So i was just pulled over for having an "altered exhaust to increase noise"
  81. Anyone in the CT area have B6 f&r bumpers avl? blems okay.
  82. Don't see the NAAC event on the Motorsportreg calendar anymore...had to be cancelled?
  83. Who's white S5 at LLBean in Burlington last night?
  84. spotted b5 avant in newton..
  85. Anyone with a vag-com in RI? I wanna tweak a couple things. I will provide beer of your choosing
  86. Best place to park in Downtown/ BackBay?
  87. Roswell, did you pass through Brookline Ave/Park Drive today around noon?
  88. Any UrS4/S6 wrenches around this weekend?
  89. Need parking info - 128 & 90
  90. Gruppe M Intake is installed
  91. NAAC High Performance Driving School to be cancelled?
  92. FS: B6/B7/C5 17" Winter Tire/Wheel Package, $500 (x-post to classifieds)
  93. POSTPONED: NHMS Track day April 13 & 14.
  94. Spotted: Silver R8 at Inskip Audi Q5 launch event tonight. I think it was Kreaburn's fathers.
  95. In today's world, even good results are "tempered" . . . .
  96. sbh tuned, you're famous in Germany...
  97. Anyone in Peabody or real close?
  98. Ibis white TTS in danvers today
  99. seems like many of you have gone out west for skiing lately, next week is my turn :) some advice?
  100. How to transport a used vehicle after purchase?
  101. Who's going to cars and coffee this sunday?
  102. anyone stock autometer guages in ri area?
  103. SPOTTED? tadhgbrosnan were you on 90E by Newton ~6pm in the S4?
  104. Spotted: Black S6 Avant. Derby Street in Hingham on Sunday
  105. X-post to wheel/tire classifieds - Tire Trailer FS
  106. Looking for stock B5 S4 exhaust and suspension
  107. Besides the freak snow storm that 4Driver4 caused, its about time for summer tires
  108. Anyone here have a black B7 S4 and go to Babson?
  109. Thanks for all the well wishes so I'll tell you what I know of what
  110. PSA: Tire Rack comes to Windsor, CT
  111. Honda Ruckus: Considered MOPED in Mass?
  112. Drove from Boston to Quebec City...what a drive....
  113. Paging DonQ: Introducing...DONQ cat
  114. Detailed my friends imola b5 s4 and took some pics yesterday
  115. Some new pictures of my car with new tint and hid foglights =)
  116. POLL: which date is preferred for the 2009 Northeast Audi Spring Bash: 5/23 or 5/30
  117. PSA for all those that snow blow their driveway keep your head on a
  118. TRACK TIME SOON! NHIS April 13 & 14 "TRACK" this thread! :-)
  119. OT: Any motorcycle riders out there? Purchasing insurance soon and dont know who is the best around.
  120. Response from state RE: covering MA registration plate slogans
  121. SPOTTED: In the Boston Herald...
  122. anyone looking for some seats??
  123. SPOTTED: FinallyS5 on Washington St in Brighton. Rob is alive and apparently doing well...>
  124. SPOTTED: Dolphin Gray Debadged B6 with
  125. OT Golf warning: Had a blast golfing in Hilton Head this week...
  126. Best bet for tire mounting / alignment near Dedham? I'm scared I might end up at NTB.
  127. What is the proper way to aim e-codes?
  128. If it snows, blame me.
  129. x-post from classifieds. brand new stoptech 332 bbk
  130. This is one of the funniest videos I've seen- Hertz Corvette vs Nissan GT-R
  131. Audi Shark Hovercraft
  132. After a bit of investigation...SPOTTED: jimmyc83 in Brighton
  133. Independent garage rec needed - Boston area. Thanks
  134. Spotted black D3 S8 on Rt1S around 930am
  135. Sent email to RMV to clarify Spirit of MA (FAQ #25) and law -Thx BD :)
  136. lol someone spotted an undercover Massachusetts trooper in F-150 from Jalopnik's site...
  137. 4th Annual New England Car Enthusiast Meet, June 13th 2009 Worcester MA Anyone go to this before?
  138. ot:does anyone specalize in home equity loans here? I could use some help. email me if possible
  139. worcester audis..
  140. Who wants a brand new S4 for ~$12k off MSRP?
  141. hello. Those with ecodes do ur passenger side reflect light high ? Like lighting up road sighns and
  142. Registration is now open: NJ Motorsports Park May 16/17 in Milleville, NJ, hosted by ACNA-NJ chapter
  143. Poll: So when was the last time you washed your Audi? Hand wash or dare I say car wash.
  144. I've got a ski trip to Sunday River this weekend (meeting up with a client), Hotel recommendations?
  145. Reliable shop for turbo swap w/ good prices?
  146. Need help in RI
  147. Spotted a nogaro B5 stopped in the snow on 93N in Stoneham. What happened?
  148. Anyone know a good place to have some wheels painted around Burlington, MA
  149. Black? B6 Avant, dropped, with some sort of Jaegerbomb like europlate in rear window.
  150. zhuow, you go to Babson today?
  151. white S5, black RS4 and silver A4 in Southie across from Macallen
  152. Still need one Goodyear F1 235/40/18 -anyone?
  153. ACNA Mountain West Regionals June 6-7 Miller Motorsports Park Registration Open
  154. Reminder: Inskip Audi Q5 Launch Party and private screening of "Truth in 24" is next weds
  155. hope all our ne forum buddies survived the storm....heard it was pretty [email protected]
  156. Looking for summer rubber and rims
  157. SuperAvant, was that you on Soldiers Field/Storrow East at around 6:20pm?
  158. Who's at work today.
  159. anyone local have a pass. side stock b5 s4 caliper they want to part with?
  160. RE: ISATI, Banner is there
  161. Wow, copley and downtown were horrible...everyone was tossing snow from the sidewalks
  162. 7 inches or so up here in Derry
  163. be careful out there this morning, all the roads were pretty bad up on the N Shore.
  164. got snow yet?
  165. Murphy Brothers in Quincy?? Feedback?? Good/Bad?
  166. VAG COM access in Boston?
  167. ice racing pics
  168. So I've got a surprise that'll be showing up at the Cars & Coffee 2.... how many "audis"
  169. hrm, turbotax wont let me download state forms this year
  170. Looking for AWD Dyno in MA
  171. Anyone know of a car alarm install shop open on Sunday's? Need a part quickly.
  172. Alignment and tire mounting needed in Waltham, MA area
  173. Any B6 A4 3.0 owners in the area (South of Boston/South of MA Pike)?
  174. Anyone going ice racing tomorrow?
  175. Blue RS6 spotted in Milford NH
  176. Rim & Wheel Works FTW
  177. question regarding inspection stickers: when did rear license plate frames become illegal?
  178. ARGH! Just venting about more body work!
  179. PSA - Harpoon St Patty's day fest is the weekend of March 14/15, if
  180. For all you RS6 guys, your luck has finally changed...DRC is finally being fixed
  181. I saw a big FMIC sticking out of a black painted bumper on a silver audi. Wonder who that could be.
  182. Thule or Yakima?
  183. spotted:: block?
  184. Spotted: Black B6? S4 with exhaust, rims, tint turning onto 140 from rt 6 in new bedford..
  185. spotted:black b6 with black rims and lowered near dunks in salem
  186. :Block:
  187. if anyones looking to order some wheels for summer
  188. spotted: black s5 or a5 salem/peabody line
  189. cars and coffee 2
  190. Exhaust Recording GTG Update
  191. Hello AWNE from the friendly skies above you!
  192. Ice Racing Sunday!
  193. Happy birthday too...me!
  194. Anybody in the Boston area commuting North through or by Burlington area this afternoon????
  195. Zwoobah, ygm.
  196. Spotted in the past couple of days. Avant and an A3 (Newburyport)
  197. Spotted Zhuo, tonight near the cambridge side galleria mall around 8:45 pm. Car looked awesome.
  198. Anybody know anyone local selling an E30? Must be mechanically sound, aesthetics are not important
  199. Who has there RS6 at wagner Audi today?
  200. Exhaust Sample test in HD GTG
  201. Did anyone see a Tesla Roadster driving around Boston last Saturday?
  202. Anyone local need a passenger side autodim mirror for a B5 S4?
  203. Amateur Porn, Fvcking on Closed Public Benches, Participants Wanted...
  204. Green A6 at Foxwoods today
  205. Debagded RS6 on 93N today, are u here? I'm the S8 MTM. Good cruising.
  206. LOL! people get more and more ridiculous...
  207. Wentworth motorsports reviews anybody?
  208. Reality Show, Racing on Closed Public Roads, Participants Wanted...
  209. NEQ Winter Driving Event
  210. Anyone know anything about the HD camcorder - Samsung HMX20C?
  211. anyone have any coilspacks they want to sell around the northshore?
  212. Hey AWNE, i miss home... :-(
  213. Any recs for a realtor in Cambridge?
  214. Q5 Product Launch!!!
  215. Video is up: a few local V8s in action
  216. Robotics Event in Manchester.
  217. Cars & Coffee...no new date but some new info:
  218. Slightly new look... <flame suit on>
  219. hello, i am zhuo
  220. New addition to the family
  221. Mrs. Adman's new to her (non-Audi) ride is now sitting in our garage. I guess I'll spill the beans..
  222. Where do you go for repair work? (around Boston)
  223. Spotted: Green C5 A6 2.7T with AW plate thingy getting onto Rt1S in Peabody
  224. Parents just picked up a 2009 MDX. Where do i go to get a clear bra done
  225. lol picking up the GF from work today, i spotted a lime green Smart Car with Green Neon underbody...
  226. Anyone have experience with Braintree Foreign Car?
  227. Spotted JeffW's School Bus gassing up in Lexington...
  228. Spotted ZHUD today!
  229. Mercedes and BMW Collaborating to counter VW/AUDI/PORSCHE economies of scale....
  230. anyone near Worcester (I'm in Northbridge) with a VAG?
  231. V8 Audi aftermarket exhaust comparison video...local cars
  232. I just saw the C5 A6 that is silver with the black bumpers and half black hood on 93S.
  233. Just got back from Whistler, WOW what a mountain
  234. I know the theory behind transverse motors is good, but I still hate the design mechanically.
  235. saw a white S5 yesterday at the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, man I love that car...
  236. Looks like Quattro weather
  237. Who's the Papaya RS4 "ZHUD" overnighting at my condo?
  238. BostonDriver: refresh my memory...are OEM RS6 wheels(et30) too aggressive for B6 use?
  239. virgin america deals?
  240. S4....new owner!!!
  241. mass "green" license plate dilema
  242. big snow heading your way ne friends....
  243. white TT with AUDI sticker on rear window, hott blonde chick driving square 1 mall? . . and . . .
  244. a Black D3 S8 w/ wheels spotted at fanueil hall by the purple shamrock
  245. Impromptu GTG for a wheel fitting and exhaust testing extravaganzza
  246. anybody know why when i step on the gas at 40mph in 4th i get 2skips......
  247. Anyone local (Hampton, NH) help with a VAG?
  248. Track-day open house Saturday, February 28th
  249. Silver b5 s4 93 south spotted today.
  250. Sleepers performance telephone #?