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  1. Nogaro B5 S4 w/ no headlights on Amherst st. in Nashua...
  2. Another Audi of Nashua bad experience
  3. Hartford-Springfield Mechanic?
  4. S4 Black Interior (Front and Rear Seats) on CL...
  5. Any ZF qualified tranny rebuilders locally?
  6. Hey Boston Driver... Are those the 17" RS4 Celebration wheels from your 2.7T gracing the new 4.2?
  7. Friday Avatar =)
  8. Seeking 95 90s or similar for nephew
  9. Still spots open in the Boston BMWCCA Watkins Glen school Weds-Thurs next week
  10. Spotted: B5 S4 Santorin in North End ... no headlights. Looked all too familiar
  11. Alignment in metro-Boston or central MA
  12. ***Hartford, CT area GTG - Wednesday, September 27th, Updated Info***
  13. Anyone know German that can help with a website. Looking for a trailer hitch for a friend
  14. Who has experience with a GT2871 setup on a B5? I'd like some feedback
  15. Who wants to play 9 @ LJM tomorrow?
  16. Any reason why car rental companies won't give under age 25 luxury cars? in MA only? (more)
  17. w00t - car is officially totaled!
  18. FYI: Unmarked MA state cop HONDA CR-V on 128 near Dedham
  19. Clair now offering thru Sept 30th the Audi Maintenance plan at no extra cost on new/leased Audis.
  20. Who's got the b6 s4 with exhaust in N. hampton NH, some one here??
  21. NH Staties and use of radar
  22. Snow Meet
  23. any new england area logging/tweaking guru's with ECUx??
  24. Whats your favorite roads in Mass? on teh top of my list is teh Mohawk Trail...
  25. Does anyone have an oil pressure sensor?
  26. Spotted: A6 in Sutton MA on fire in bank parkinglot
  27. paging doctorno
  28. yellow rs6 @ f1 boston
  29. Black B5S4 avant at ENE Ultimate Sectionals in Maine this weekend?
  30. Rant: I went to test drive the CTS-V today.
  31. Good place to get windows tinted?
  32. was anyone here with a silver b5 s4 or imola b5 s4 at hooters or longhorn this afternoon
  33. Looking for drive & lunch recommendations for Monday
  34. What is Vermont's best driving road apart from RT. 108?
  35. Spotted: Nice B6, debadged, dark blue, Dick's parking lot in Natick/Framingham...
  36. Is anybody selling a B5 S4?
  37. Sam Adams Oktoberfest Today in Boston!
  38. Whos going to H20 this year?
  39. Anyone local natick/framingham/wellesley/waltham-ish have a cd cleaner for the HU?
  40. anyone know of a good wheel repair shop in RI or MA?
  41. So who is going to snag this beast at Clair Audi? BD? You know you want it.
  42. Anyone going to the Sam Adams Octoberfest today? *Details*
  43. dgkul......... advice needed
  44. Can someone please tell me what the picture is of in the 'New England' banner at the top?
  45. Fun run in w/ a B6 (ming blue?) S4 this morning in Merrimack, NH. Anyone here?
  46. Worcester State College people....
  47. I should have posted this earlier, but I had a great experience with Brian's garage in Needham....
  48. I need some help!
  49. Just had another good experience with Shine
  50. "Cruise" to the 9/27 Hartford GTG.
  51. New here, just saying hello
  52. good experience with Force 5 Auto
  53. another good experience at Bernardi
  54. Anyone know of a good shop in the DC area to have work done on an 87 4000 cs?
  55. Some unfortunate news,,,
  56. Time for the offical AWNE: "What is your first name?" thread.
  57. Boston Driver: Without cheating, can you name these courses?
  58. New Member
  59. Some pics from this last weekend at Fort Ticonderoga NY and drive in VT...
  60. just curious. what does everybody's AW alias stand for or mean?
  61. So who else got the Booty?
  62. Coming over the Bourne Bridge.....
  63. Going up to Stockbridge, VT tomorrow....any recommendations for a good restaurant?
  64. VT BMW CCA OktoberFAST in Stowe, VT Oct 6-8 - all German car show and scenic drives
  65. Intro from Seacoast NH and a question
  66. Spotted: Audi on a road! Are you here?
  67. Tragic accident this weekend near my home in MA.
  68. For those who couldnt make the seafood fest
  69. Shondame nice hearing from you today!
  70. spotted: Black B5 S4 debaged, tint, AW sticker. NH plate 'gestalt'
  71. Guys with FMIC, where did you put your front license plates. I'm not looking forward to putting one
  72. Everyone loves pics. :-)
  73. I have joined you.
  74. anyone in nashua there is a pretty good classic car show today at nh technical college i went
  75. thought any one near the boston area might like to see these
  76. Searching for a B5 2.8 Quatro Exhaust used or new doesn't matter.
  77. Anyone golf at Windham Country Club in Windham, NH?
  78. Looking for the owner of a B7 A4 who got spanked by me on Route 3 South around Chelmsford today.
  79. Hey guys, sayin hello. Just got into Boston a couple days ago from CT.
  80. b5 s4 sighting Newport RI
  81. HPDE nov. 9: any AW guys going to be there
  82. anyone break down in a blue B5 S4 alongside 95 near dedham last night?
  83. Check Your Calendars VT Oktoberfast Oct 6-8
  84. Rhode Island help! License Suspended in RI, live in MA. Please help!
  85. GTG idea-
  86. Spotted: IY B5 S4 at 495/93 interchange
  87. black b5 in Natick near scrubadub, heading onto Oak St... 5:15pm car looks good.
  88. Saw an M6 twice this week on the Boston U campus...
  89. Anyone have their VAG-COM handy near Needham today?
  90. Spotted: Santorin S4-Westfield
  91. Any good hand carwashes around medford/somerville/cambridge?
  92. I'm spoiled, after watching the Sox beat chicago 1-0 on tuesday from the green monster
  93. Great write-up on the new BMW 335i from an S4 owner after a test drive. (details inside)
  94. scratched a RNS-E 2006 USA NAV DVD ... what do i do?
  95. Spotted.....
  96. Some [email protected] in a black A6 with NY plates cut me off today. Are you here?
  97. Saw a yellow b6 s4 on I35w near Rosedale tonight, you here?
  98. Nogaro S4 Avant - On the turnpike this PM, you here?
  99. Sighted: UrS4 on road! Are you here?
  100. Dolphin B6 S4 sighting on Beacon St in Boston...
  101. Black B6 S4 in Umass Lowell (North Campus) parking lot... you an AW'er?
  102. Nagaro Blue B5 S4 on the Pike today w/ gunmetal wheels and tinted windows >>>
  103. spotted NY plate: '340HP S4' in allston/brighton this afternoon
  104. NAAC dinner GTG on Sept. 19th at Joe's American Bar & Grille in Woburn, MA
  105. So any of you audi peeps going to the bav auto show in oct?
  106. Looking for a good source (meaning cheap) for new Nokian WRs. Any ideas? Ebay is out..
  107. Clutch Install
  108. Anyone been to the Aston Martin/Lotus dealership recently?
  109. What is the best Indi Audi shop in the Alston/Brigton area?
  110. Mass folks!!!
  111. 2 Nogaro B5 S4 on 93 yesterday afternoon.
  112. ***Hartford, CT GTG - Wednesday, September 27th ***
  113. Drove some fun cars this weekend...>
  114. Im loving the new Jeep SRT8.
  115. silver b7 a4 sline tinted spotted in providence last nite
  116. Another headlight victim....
  117. Winter Tires
  118. Pirelli Winter Carving w/ Studs (Opinions? Experience??)
  119. Any AW NE guys in the trades? (Plasterer)
  120. Selling some APR stuff & parts on Ebay
  121. Sept. 17th Noon GTG @ Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA
  122. Anyone been to Teterboro unlimited mile?
  123. Spotted: MEEM (I think)
  124. Stage III Avant up at ESP putting down 400whp-I seen your car and you spend too much :P
  125. Audi Ride & Drive Oct 20th
  126. Going to Tremblant? 15% discount at Tremblant Sunstar Condos....
  127. RS 4 encounter
  128. PSA - Stay away from tolls in NH (esp Everett Tpk) if your NH inspection is overdue.
  129. Buying a used car in Mass.
  130. Seacoast NH...where is the closest AWD Dyno?
  131. ok, so I'm staying in Boston tonite.(mass ave) where are good places to go out
  132. Po-Po report from I-90 West this afternoon
  133. Somebody else's misfortune is my gain...
  134. Does this really constitute "parking in a no stopping zone"?
  135. Pretty funny cut on N.E.
  136. Need body shop advice for Cape Cod (Hyannis area).
  137. NH inspection?
  138. Need a VAG COM Training session...Who can help?? Anyone in CT or MA?? Buehler?
  139. best place locally to get a used mid 90's vr6 passat auto tranny?
  140. spotted- Santorin S4 avant with AW plate frame parked around Sudbury..>
  141. After a Decade....I'm back home in New England....
  142. So how was the Car Control Clinic at NHIS on Saturday? Anyone here attend?
  143. Anyone have an OEM S4 AVUS wheel they'd be willing to part with for cheap?
  144. Hmm, headlights again? The thefts seemed to have calmed down recently...
  145. Does anyone know any details on Clair? --- 12 cars hit for headlights this weekend?!
  146. Spotted: b5 a4 VT plates on Martha's Vineyard this weekend.
  147. Very nice S6 (Black or Dark Blue) spotted leaving TF Green Airport this afternoon.
  148. 93 CS90 auto transmission shifting
  149. Gauntlet Run: Silver (B6 or B7 )S4 i95 from attleboro into Providence
  150. x-post to my Mt. Washington trip pics...........
  151. We need a "headlight lady" in addition to the "turbo lady"
  152. hey AdMan, your identical twin is on Comedy Central
  153. Northeast Exotic Car Show
  154. New Shoes
  155. VT people - especially Burlington area
  156. Any place that will re-clearcoat carbon fiber in MA/RI/CT?
  157. Poll: those heading to the TT East GTG, Saturday in Stowe Vermont?
  158. Hatred for tow trucks/meters & potential vendetta erupting against Herb Chambers
  159. Clair audi
  160. Spotted: New England Sports Celebrity at the driving range this evening. (more)
  161. Audi A6 (C5 platform): 1998-2004 Service Manual Locally?
  162. paging GigidyGigidy!!!
  163. FYI - if you see lots of TT's streaming through New England in the next couple of days
  164. free B6 non-sport springs
  165. PSA: Maybe a repost - Pass and Weisz was bought by Herb Chambers. The dealership will be moving to
  166. Car control clinic this Saturday 8/26 in Loudon, NH
  167. Upstate NY Rallycross is on for Oct 1st!!!!!
  168. hey rob i need u to take care of some one for me
  169. Heading to the Jack O Lantern Golf Resort in Woodstock, NH...
  170. Feeler Post....
  171. ** SouthboroAudiGuy to the White Courtesy Phone, please!! **
  172. new member
  173. Shine Racing B5 Suspension Review.
  174. Great seeing SouthboroAudiGuy, Yogee and AlmsTT ny at the Audi tech session event.
  175. Blue S4 with wheels and exhaust in Maryland?
  176. Anyone want to go to Roger Waters on September 8th at the Tweeter Center?
  177. Can someone recommend a good indy shop for BMW repairs?
  178. New Hamphire Travel Advice Needed
  179. Need some advice about a cracked sewer pipe with lots of roots in it...
  180. Anyone in Newport RI?
  181. Red Audi 90 with wheels out for dinner at Les Zyg friday night?
  182. LeMans at Mosport
  183. Anyonehave the H-Sport kit on their B5 A4?
  184. OT: Where to get suit tailored?
  185. Anyone up for a drive up the Mt. Washington Auto Road on Wednesday the 23rd?
  186. Good to be home and drive my Audi
  187. Meem spotted! Saw you last night in front of Le Soir around 8pm, was the guy with
  188. HELP Ineed 1 245/40/19
  190. Who just went stage 3 up at ESP in Sterling?
  191. A funny thing happened to me on the way to the bank at lunch ......
  192. need boston area warranty maintance, what dealer to use?
  193. Can slotted rotors be "turned?"
  194. going to red sox game today
  195. note to the guy in the red 944 p-car on 128 this morning. It's a 944, no need to try and race me.
  196. Looking for a detailer near S. NH or somebody with a PC.
  197. taking my car to school in Syracuse... may be unused for a while. Cover recomendations??
  198. look what i found..
  199. Racing this at NHIS tonight. Anyone else wanna go?
  200. Avus B7 RS4 with Vermont Plates in Steamboat, CO last weekend, you here?
  201. anyone in the Worcester area have an APR or Milltek exhaust on a B6 1.8T that I could listen to
  202. Anyone here attend a college in Boston?
  203. Anyone want to trade their Sirius receiver for my XM?
  204. ***Hartford area GTG - Wednesday, September 27th ***
  205. Watched movie 'Layer Cake' last night..pretty good and it has an RS6...sweet..sorry for poss re-post
  206. If you saw a Moro Blue A4 broken down on Eastbound Pike between 11A and 12, that was me!
  207. You guys know this person? IFLYSOLO?
  208. Looking for a dealership for service,etc. Bye bye Audi of Nashua, you've just lost another customer!
  209. Xpost from B5 forum
  211. SPOTTED: alms_TT_ny i think!
  212. i miss you guys :-(
  213. Going to be in *western* MA tomorrow...
  214. Anyone near Waltham have a Borla exhaust I could listen to?
  215. any place local to northern ma southern nh that strips off vinyl graphix(work van)not on the s tia
  216. Any good indy BMW shops north of Boston?
  217. Black S4 with West Virginia plates on 95 South and 495 South from NH down
  218. xtreetoes, thanks again for helping me today. much appreciated. if you ever need help w/ ne thing
  219. tbb
  220. Anyone with Nagora Blue S4 saw my silver TT on I90 Sat. in West NY?
  221. Recommendations on good places to have the car painted (in Worcester county preferred)
  222. anyone in ma or southern nh area that has pressure tester that can help isolate a boost
  223. Anyone know how to get in touch with Lisa Newberry, formerly of Audi of Nashua?
  224. Im putting on a big fall g2g... its an annual event...
  225. Tech & Maintenance Day at Audi Training Facility, Aug 21, 5:30 PM
  226. New Hampshire folks ......question........
  227. Debadged S4 on I-93S this evening...
  228. anyone selling exhaust and or piggies for a b5 s4, im in the lowell nashua area
  229. Paging SilvrBulleTT: I forgot to tell you at the GTG but the blackedout rings on the front and....
  230. PSA: Friend's wheels were stolen last night (Infiniti G35) in the South End.
  231. The GTG was a blast thanks guys for putting it on.
  232. Update on my situation:
  233. Undercover Cop @ Unos (today) and AUDI SIGHTINGS!
  234. ***Sorry this took so long, but here is a recap of last night's GTG*** <edited>
  235. 8/8 GTG pics
  236. More tutto italiano pictures
  237. Who had the ultrasport bumpah?
  238. **UPDATED** I'll try and post some pics this evening of the B7 RS4 we had running along
  239. need to find shop this week, for central western NH, custom exhaust work
  240. Lots of Audis!
  241. Anyone recognize this B6 1.8T? Spotted at Willowdale Golf Course in Mansfield, MA yesterday.
  242. Hello from NY! It was great meeting you all yesterday
  243. My ears are still ringing.
  244. Need More Pics From Last Night for Those Of Us That Couldn't Go...PLEASE!!!
  245. Great meet today. Nice to see all the cars that made it..
  246. Some GTG pics>>
  247. Niether S will be making an appearance tonight... working late... Have fun y'all!
  248. Have fun at the GTG tonight guys and gals! Can't make it :(
  249. Fedex just dropped off my new RNS-E at my house!!
  250. TRE replacement at the gtg...