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  1. car stereo
  2. My A1 audio system is rebooting
  3. Audi. Application on selection of spare parts for Audi! IOS
  4. Video: Gift ideas for men!! (Gadgets, electronics, gaming, etc)
  5. Video: a movie theater in my home! (Man cave tour)
  6. OT: anyone here have a turntable?
  7. http://TheReferProject.com/index.php?ref=52653
  8. Ask 10 people, get 10 different answers: running AC lights off a car battery.
  9. Audi Bluetooth Speakers
  10. anyone BOSE?
  11. Onkyo Announces 2013 Line of AV Receivers
  12. Auto Radio for Audi Series
  13. Onkyo Debuts Entry-Level AV Receivers With Internet, Network, & USB Capabilitie
  14. Onkyo Debuts its Next Generation of HT-RC Receivers
  15. Stunning - simply stunning
  16. Where can I find decent Mac DRM Converter?
  17. 1.4 Version HDMI Question
  18. Harmony ONe Remote US$129.99 Refurbished
  19. Excellent article on overscan
  20. Toshiba’s latest LED HDTVs feature a bevy of Internet-enabled functions
  21. Questions needed
  22. The Perfect Vision Guide to Flat Panel TVs & Projectors
  23. Cheapest one?
  24. Need Receiver no taller than 6.5"
  25. What will be the price of Blu Ray players by black friday/xmas?
  26. Ultimate Vintage Technics System
  27. What is the best way to connect LCD TV to HDTV cable box?
  28. DLP's
  29. Home Surveillance System
  30. Setting up Polks with a Marantz SR6003 - Would you do it the "Polk Way"?
  31. a little eye candy
  32. This new forum is absolutely horrible. I don't think I can stay here.
  33. why was my reference to the other forum removed ?
  34. might as well just go to AVS now
  35. WOW, this new Audiworld looks like ****!! AWESOME guys, thanks for bland brown.
  36. Is the vB version more "HI FI"? :-)
  37. Who's going to get the hottest thing yet to come? Must have
  38. Friend is looking for a replacement receiver as his current Denon flips out and hunts for sources.
  39. OSD via HDMI on Onkyo TX-SR806
  40. Any Musical Fidelity product owners here? They are offering a 'tweaking' service!
  41. Is this wash ok to use on 78's?? I'm currently using on vinyl..
  42. Banana plugs from eBay: hit or skip?
  43. New question about sound for you guys.
  44. Thanks Adobo & CajunTaco for the link/feedback on the AT PL120..just ordered w/78 stylus..WOOT!!
  45. McIntosh reveals new micro-system..
  46. Hey guys, i need to pick someone's brain with this question...read inside.
  47. Almost done with my updating my family room setup - will post pics when done
  48. To Mr. bac2h, here is a nice TT for you that can play 78's
  49. CNN nyc auction
  50. Hooking up a sub with a 2 channel receiver. How?
  51. Free Denon Blu-ray player (DVD-2500BTCI) with purchase of Denon receiver with Amazon.
  52. Show me your Home Theatre System please! looking for design ideas
  53. Advice Needed
  54. New Panasonic DMP-BD80K Blu-ray player
  55. RD, Adobo, et al: yesterday's take (vinyl content + possible ww)
  56. speaker cable & hdmi cable quality. What is the best bang for the buck?
  57. Anyone have thoughts on this turntable??? <link inside>
  58. Samsung PN58A550 in my goldbox today for $1919. Pull trigger or wait?
  59. how can i keep the sq of my mp3s going to ipod..
  60. h/s Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH for $549 @ Best Buy
  61. I am doing some re-wiring. So how many network jacks should be near the TV-receiver? 1? 2? Switch?
  62. Very frustrated..........help needed w/ my Harmony 880 and Fios DVR box..........
  63. this looks good
  64. Outdoor speakers for patio
  65. Samsung LN46A550 vs. Sony Bravia KDL-46S4100 LCD TVs
  66. New Sony Blu-ray players coming soon (as per their website) - details inside.
  67. Panamax M5100-PM HT power conditioner?
  68. Good price if you need/want a Harmony 880.
  69. Someone recommend a good two channel mcintosh amp
  70. My weekend project:
  71. Paging Duckie and any digital guru's
  72. LCD/Plasma purchasing advice requested
  73. Projector help...
  74. which will sound better for my office......
  75. Looking at 22AWG HDMI cables. Much difference in signal loss between 30-35ft?
  76. Harmony 880 home repair
  77. Directv finally starting to turn off the MPEG2 HD channels
  78. noob question: why is the picture better w/ component video cables than HDMI?
  79. It's here!!
  80. Anyone know where to get some NTSC desktop backgrounds for my laptop?
  81. Bluray DVD player suggestions?
  82. Did DirectTV change something?
  83. TH BT; when roughing in wire for wall (surface) mount speakers, should i just poke them out of wall
  84. I need to locate some black speaker cable
  85. Does anyone know of an ultra quiet air cleaner they can recommend for listening area?
  86. Can the Harmony 880 be programmed without the web software?
  87. Got my maggie 1.6s back
  88. After much listening and testing I've decided to keep the 804S'...
  89. Onkyo TX-SR806 finally hooked up, few questions
  90. Antenna advice needed.
  91. This might make a nice addition to the music collection.
  92. DirecTV now has my locals in HD, and SWMs, so it's time to switch. Install questions please...
  93. How are these LED DLP televisions?
  94. Seeking quick confirmation of my thinking: I'm planning to pick up a new
  95. Rega Planet 2000 vs. Apollo - Is the Apollo worth the extra $300?
  96. Suurrrrrr-weeeeettt.
  97. velodyne dd15 vs. 18
  98. Good deal? Samsung - 32" 720p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV $498?
  99. 2.1 for my office....
  100. Anyone here ever see a FED monitor in person? Just wondering since I'm at my companies annual
  101. Anyone have Stems and Seeds from Ben Folds? How's the sound quality/compression vs. WTN?
  102. Blu-ray Reviews
  103. Need a new 1080p Projector but need to keep the price down...
  104. Now listening to...
  105. What do you get for $8?
  106. Marantz SR 4002 vs SR 5002 or 5003, whats the major difference?
  107. Good travel headphones?
  108. PSA: the Meridian F80 sounds wonderful; i want one
  109. GFI now trips after installing APC H10 - not making sense
  110. Anyone have the new Sony?
  111. The Police "Live in Buenos Aries" Blu-Ray 2 thumbs Up !!
  112. Now enjoying..
  113. Got a chance to watch Passchendaele last night...
  114. DirecTV HR20/21 works with any external hard drive with an eSATA port?
  115. Need to buy new receiver: Denon 2309 / Marantz 6003 / Onkyo 806
  116. Got a kick out of this, thought I'd pass it along...
  117. Considering a demo Meridian G68 pre/pro. Any experience and/or input?
  118. Just bought a Sharp Aquos 46" 120hz model number LC46D85U
  119. Looks like the Pioneer news is now official. Bummer.
  120. Used Martin Logan Ascent for $1400 or new Maggie 1.6QR for $1650?
  121. finishing HT....what receiver?
  122. Ahhh
  123. Any reason to run something other than HDMI from receiver -> TV?
  124. Best integrated remote solution for system that includes a PS3?
  125. Speaker Drone/Noise
  126. I installed my antenna Saturday...
  127. Last minute receiver comparison: Onkyo TX-SR806B vs Denon AVR-2309CI
  128. shopping for speaker wires (5.1 system), looking for great deal online?
  129. The release of Oppo's Blu-ray player must be very soon - there's ad's for it in the HT Magagazine's.
  130. NAD T515?? any thoughts???? TIA...
  131. If I unplug my cable box/dvr to move it downstairs, will I lose what is already recorded?
  132. wow... no more Pioneer displays. Kuro & Kuro Elite... gone
  133. Another two weeks wait for my new B+Ws !
  134. Deal on cheap copper speaker banana plugs.... $1 a pair, shipping is cheap.
  135. Making the switch to over the air next week. Any DVR's that work with antennas?
  136. So I bought the Marantz SR5003 and I'm having a problem
  137. Can you guys recommend a decent IR repeater?
  138. Powerstrip recommendations under $100, new or used.
  139. anyone from So. Florida? please name me some hifi shops there
  140. Digital TV transition guide - repost?
  141. so i demoed some speakers today...
  142. Cambridge Audio have a Blu-ray player in the pipeline.
  143. I just finished building my AV cabinet... it's a copy of the Salamander "Synergy" design...
  144. home theater newbie with questions.....
  145. Watching Blu Ray for the first time tonight- which movie should I rent?
  146. pixelation during rapid movement sequences?
  147. What happened to all the Superbowl TV sales?
  148. Need to get off my butt and buy a receiver this week, Onkyo TX-SR806B is at the top of the list
  149. It's been a year since I purchased anything 'fun'
  150. New home has home theater already. Should I use my spkrs or their in-walls?
  151. For those who have both... 1080i or 1080p?
  152. Noob question:
  153. Building a new home theater system, how much of my old stuff can I use?
  154. LOL, Senate okays another digital TV transition delay!!!
  155. Universal Remote Control introduces iPod dock for universal remotes with great functionality
  156. Can I get some opinions on surround speaker compromises?
  157. House defeats bill to delay digital TV transition
  158. Anyone have access to the Audiogon Bluebook?
  159. longshot... any magnepan 1.6 owners here? any looking for stands?
  160. WOW, field terminated HDMI cables from Audioquest!
  161. Senate okays digital TV transition delay to June 12th.........
  162. What's the easiest way to control a hidden component?
  163. shameless plug: Dali Mentor 2 for sale
  164. Harmony One buttons getting stiff
  165. Headphone BT. they could slap a Ferrari logo on these and double the price
  166. Good on yer Bill Crutchfield..
  167. I think we're being ripped off by our Power Company!!
  168. Helping a friend sell some Audio equipment. Let me know if you have any
  169. Some bargains from the Needle Doctor
  170. Anyone have luck getting a free HD DVR from DirecTV?
  171. Screen Size
  172. If I don't want to wait until March for the Oppo...
  173. If anybody is still looking for a DMP-BD35K for $250...
  174. Anyone in boston area want a Sony RM-AV3000 touch screen remote for $50?
  175. Looking for a powered soundbar solution for a 22" TV, any ideas?
  176. Need upgrade suggestions for my low cost 2 channel system
  177. Not mine but I thought I'd pass it along.
  178. If you had it to do over again would you buy the same gear?
  179. Pioneer KURO PDP-5020FD-Bundle - 50" & Blu-ray BDP-51FD Player for $2299. Good deal?
  180. will soon start shopping for a new receiver + speakers, looking for suggestions
  181. HTinabox BT: DENON 588BA - thoughts?
  182. In desperate need of speaker selection & placement help from the gurus....
  183. Duh -- just found this great link on HD Channels per provider
  184. so is 21:9 the next evolution in HDTV's?
  185. X Post - XBOX 360/Netflix BT: What else besides some tv shows are in HD?
  186. Snagged a DMP-BD35K at Costco this morning
  187. Who's getting one?
  188. RIP LD
  189. Just picked up the Kicker ZK500 for my Zune.
  190. Cable management BT:
  191. Whats a fair price to ask for a Mint Condition Ortofon X5 MC High Output Cartridge ?
  192. Where can I sell an extensive vinyl collection? What are they worth?
  193. Arrived today and already playing
  194. Sony flexible OLED at CES
  195. Another Vintage post for those interested.
  196. Just received an email from Roku that netflix now has instant movies in HD
  197. NAD must be aiming at their loyal customers with their new Blu-ray player
  198. I know I'm late to the party, but love all the product placement in Iron Man
  199. Is this idea to run wires behind walls as simple as it seems?
  200. Panasonic plasma loses color when switching from HD channels to digital channels
  201. Reciever HDMI question/suggestions
  202. Cable box BT, anyone know the newest Comcast HD model?
  203. anyone have info on the Emotiva Audio's amplifers?
  204. shopping for HD TV: help please
  205. Is there enough juice in my Manley Stingray to push the Maggie MG1.6QR?
  206. DivX 7 adds support for Blu-ray rips
  207. Europe to ban energy inefficient plasma TV's
  208. Just received the Music Direct catalog in the mail today
  209. Thinking of getting the Marantz AV 8003 and MM 8003 - thoughts?
  210. How does this cable channel line-up look?
  211. Narnia: The lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is absolutely stunning on BR...
  212. Sign of the times; B&W introduce their first sound bar at CES - 'Panorama'
  213. Just got a Tivo, any tips/tricks/hacks I should know?
  214. Any experience with aperion ?
  215. Thank you skidmark
  216. DirecTV BT: I've had it with Comcast. Anything specific I need to make sure of, like models, etc.?
  217. Need receiver and speaker opinions/recommendations.
  218. denon is gone via craigs list - any comparable reciever to the onkyo 806 for $630?
  219. What are people's favourite replacement for in-ear iPod headphones?
  220. Sennheiser have a new flagship can
  221. Anyone heard the CM9s yet from B+W ?
  222. wow, talk about distant 2nd place! RD, you have too much time on your hands!
  223. Earbuds - Contemplating Shure SE420 vs. Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro
  224. Need non impedance matching volume controls with an 'off' setting for mult speakers<more>
  225. anyonre here use remote from universalremote.com?
  226. Help me AWHT&E, you're my only hope! I'm looking to step into the HD
  227. pretty cool new wireless home audio system from Cisco/Linksys coming soon
  228. Are XM and Sirius the same now?
  229. OPPO BDP-83 delayed until early March :(
  230. Amazon offering "Buy 2 Blu-Rays, get one free".
  231. Paging McGyver: question for you...
  232. My Oppo 981 is having trouble with one particular CD.
  233. Can you buy a cable box that will work with Comcast's cable?
  234. started my bedroom mini HT install process. 2 Hours into the process...
  235. Panasonic DMP-BD35K Blu-Ray Player $229 @ Costco
  236. Roku adding support for Amazon VOD soon...
  237. speaking of netflix...did anyone get someone to start a new account with those cards they sent
  238. 42" Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV 1080p for $850 from Amazon. H/S?
  239. Pre-processor upgrade questions
  240. Sima SCC-1 Color Corrector. Anyone have a use for such a thing in their setup?
  241. RANT, why is Disney HD's logo so BIG? It's ridiculously big.
  242. If I had a 50in Panny, 1080p model, and I was in the market for a receiver, choices being Integra
  243. More Blu Ray player questions. 2006 hdmi receiver. Finally being honest with myself....
  244. can someone recommend a good source for simple Home Audio guidance?
  245. Last chance...NIB Sony BDP-S550 for $300 or it goes to ebay.
  246. Dolby TrueHD from Sony S300 Blue-ray player
  247. just an FYI to everyone, I did get all my M$ Cashback that I was owed. $200 available today too!
  248. harmony 1 at newegg for $200.
  249. Interesting new deck from Thorens
  250. TV delivery day tomorrow!!! Woooooot!!!!!