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kaiserwilhelmi 04-14-2019 06:02 PM

FS in CA: 2001.5 Audi B5 S4
I need to find a buyer for my longtime S4. I have owned it since 2002 (second owner, purchased one year old with 33,000 miles on it!) It now has just over 119,000 miles, and for the last several years has only seen less than 4-5k miles per year added. The full mod-list is below. It runs flawlessly, has had regular upkeep, and is accident free.

Cosmetically the paint is all original (save for the front bumper, due to being replaced after catching too many parking curbs and splitting underneath, not due to any real damage) and in extremely good condition, regardless of it's age. Every panel is completely straight, with only one tiny hint of one door ding in the rear passenger door (from original owner no less) that isn't even a ding as much as it is a small scuff. The only exceptions are a scratch about 3" long that the guys installing my new rain gutters last November somehow added to the rear passenger corner next to the trunk lid. It wasn't worth respraying the entire side of the car, so it was professionally touched up to the point it's difficult to see from anything further than 3ft away. (Believe me, I was pissed when I saw the only damage done to the car after keeping her pristine for 17 years!) Also there is a small scuff on the passenger side aluminum mirror housing, from (slowly) grazing a trash can in an alley that I was sure I cleared... The rest of the exterior is in (conservatively) very good shape. The trunk lid was also swapped with another S4 about a decade ago to get rid of the silly dealer installed wing the original owner purchased. So it's still factory paint, but technically not the exact same paint as the rest of the car. The car has been garaged most of its life, covered for any time spent outside.

The interior is also in (again conservatively) very good condition. It's a black leather with gray Alcantara and aluminum trim optioned vehicle, in which for several years of its life the driver's seat was removed in favor of a Sparco racing bucket, so it has seen about as much use as the passenger seat and looks like it. The headliner was replaced just three months ago after sagging finally, and I replaced the rubberized shifter surround with a new OEM piece after looking at the peeling original for several years. The only issues to note inside is the factory sound system is fully functional but the sound quality suffers, as I understand it the capacitors in the Bose crossovers are dried up possibly, so the sound is garbled, but sometimes fine. Also, the factory drivers floor mat has been worn through noticeably where my heel sits. The original owner also put 5-6 little tiny nicks in the aluminum drivers door trim strip above the armrest, either from a wedding band or possibly the seatbelt (I could never figure out how one actually does that...). Everything else inside is fully functional, including the instrument cluster display with 100% of the LCD pixels still working.

Mechanically the car is sound in almost every respect. Regular services have been performed either by WMS or myself over the years, with lots of records to back it up. (I'm still collecting all the receipts, so I can't say how accurate that statement is over the entire life of the car just yet.) The OEM K04's were installed around the 45k mile mark and exhibit no whine. Power is better than ever with the most recent tune a few years ago from Nye and Anthony at WMS, making somewhere just north of 500hp at the crank. The clutch is brand new, custom from WMS with only ~1000 break in miles, and is much easier to drive than the previous Clutchmasters unit which was horrible and had to go in order to make the car palatable again. The gearbox is a Stasis unit that was installed in the mid 50-55k mile range, and has the typical slow 2nd gear shift (always has, since the day it went in) that even my factory unit exhibited. It does not grind, mind you, it's just slow, not smooth like some B5's I've driven. The Ohlins Motorsport shocks were just rebuilt last year by Performance Shock and have roughly 2000 miles on them since. The rear drivers side shock exhibits the classic Ohlins MS clunk, which Performance Shock claims is a mounting bushing issue. They shipped me several new bushings, but none of them where even close to the right size to use, so it still clunks. They are still amazing shocks, as you know, and are good to go for many thousands of miles now.

Also noteworthy is the front main seal "weeps," not really a leak if you will. Over several months it will sweat on the oil pan before ever dripping it's first drop onto the undertray. Everywhere else the engine bay is dry, as I've done due diligence replacing cam seals and valve cover gaskets et al over time. Additionally, there is a small crack in the upper drivers corner of the windshield. It's not a rock chip, but only the inner layer of (aftermarket) glass cracked after about 18 months new due to poor quality glass or installation. You virtually can't see it from inside the car. A replacement will cost roughly $300, which I can have done if so desired.

The car is located in the northern Los Angeles area. I wanted to post it here first before listing it anywhere else. I'm not interested in parting anything out, and am hoping to get a fair enough price considering all the expensive/quality parts on the car and the upkeep. The car has just been smogged and registration is paid for the year. Thanks for looking.

2001.5 Audi S4 6MT Mod List

Stock Features:
Black leather w/ gray Alcantara seat inserts (the best combination!)
Aluminum dash/door trim
Polished aluminum mirror housings
Bose Symphony sound system w/ 6-disc changer (Phatnoise included)
All removed stock parts (except factory 17" wheels) included with sale

Borg Warner K04's (installed approx @ 45k miles w/ new timing belt and water pump for good measure)
AWE intercoolers and hose kit
APR BiPipe
710N Diverter Valves
RS4 Factory Aluminum Y-Pipe w/ hoses
RS4 Factory carbon fiber engine cover panels
B&M style auxiliary oil cooler
Bosch EV14 #72 fuel injectors
034 Density Line uprated engine mounts
Polyurethane snub mount
New Interstate battery
Tuned by Nye and Ant at Wicked Motorsports
New coolant reservoir

Stasis rebuilt 6-speed gearbox w/ limited slip center differential
Custom WMS street/track upgraded clutch, pressure plate and slightly lightened one-piece flywheel (~1000 break-in miles new)
Custom mild short shifter
Polyurethane upgraded rear differential mount
034 uprated center drive shaft support bushing
Aluminum DTS bar (Drive Train Stabilizer)

Piggiefied stock downpipes
Borla cat-back system
LaBree split downpipes w/ test pipe and hi-flow cat sections (included with sale, sounds glorious! Includes Borla y-pipe to connect to above)

Stasis Ohlins Motorsports shocks, double adjustable front, single rear (rebuilt by Performance Shock just 2000 miles ago.)
800lb/1000lb front/rear Hypercoils coilsprings
New 034 Motorsport Density Line adjustable front upper control arms
New 034 Density Line upgraded front lower control arm/sway bar link kit
Heavy duty tie-rod ends

Stoptech ST-40 big brake kit w/ two sets of 355mm rotors (one set needs new rotor rings), recently refinished red with Audi logos
Stoptech stainless steel brake lines
Hawk HPS brake pads front/rear (several other track pad compounds included)
Recent brake fluid flush w/ Motul 600

RS4 shift knob
New OEM rubberized shifter surround
New headliner
iPhone integration (supplants factory CD changer, include, along w/ Phatbox)
35% window film all around

Valeo European headlight housings w/ clear/amber corner lamps
Clear side markers with clear/amber bulbs
New OEM lower windshield/wiper cowling
Yokohama Advan TCII's 18"x8.5" et38 wheels (the real hollow spoke versions, 16.85lbs each)
Hamann HM2 wheels 18"x8.5" et38 wheels (need refinishing, no tires)

~119,400 miles
Price $13,000
Car located in Northern Los Angeles, California. Serious inquiries only please.
Contact via email: [email protected]
Complete photo album showing all paint and body details worth mentioning:

s4wood 04-18-2019 05:33 PM

The seller of this car is a upstanding guy in the Audi community, and I have personally known him for probably over 12 years. I have seen this car on multiple occasions over the years. This car is pretty well sorted out. I wish I could buy it. Good luck Michael

s4wood 04-22-2019 11:12 AM

bump for great seller and awesome car

kaiserwilhelmi 04-23-2019 09:44 PM

Thanks Steve for the kind bumps.

The car is officially under offer at the moment. Will update when the status changes.

Thanks everyone.

lunamar 05-02-2019 03:16 PM

Did this sell?
Did this sell?

kaiserwilhelmi 05-02-2019 04:16 PM

Audi is SOLD!! Thanks everyone, especially Steve, as well as the new owner, who is a true B5 S4 enthusiast, and knows/appreciates what he just bought.

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