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rbravo 03-10-2019 12:25 PM

FS in CA: 2014 S7 Ibis White, Black Optics, APR Stage 1, 42K miles

Selling my 2014 S7 that I bought in July, 2016 as a CPO when it only had 14,822 miles. I’m the second, owner (both non-smokers), and I made a few relatively minor modifications. Only advertising on Audi boards initially.

Mileage: 42,121 on March 9, 2019
CPO Warranty expires at 50,000 miles, or on November 9, 2019 whichever comes first
Price: $43,500 OBO
Location: Cerritos, CA

Factory Options:
Premium Package
Black Optics Package
Driver’s Assistance Package
Wood Inlays
Keyless Entry
Front Plate Delete
Original 20" wheels included

APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade Installed Dec, 2017.
APR TCU Upgrade
21” x 10.5” TSW Bathurst rims with Toyo Proxes T1R 285 x 30 x 21 (Photos of my car on TSW website gallery under Audi)
Lowered approximately ¾” with Vagcom software
Tag Motorsports painted side reflectors
Opticoat Pro+ ceramic coating
FormulaOne Pinnacle Series Ceramic Tint 30%
LLumar Air80 clear film on the windshield
Brake calipers painted red
Black painted rear Audi rings, S7 badge, and side V8T badges
Disc Italia (front), and Akebono (rear) ceramic brake pads
Weathertech cargo liner

I have all service records and receipts since I owned the car. All scheduled maintenance and any warranty work performed by McKenna Audi. The tires were installed at 29,668 miles, and I had an alignment done afterwards.
Last scheduled maintenance (45K service) done on Jan 9. 2019.

No mechanical problems with the car, no dents or dings, and only very minor cosmetic flaws.
The most significant flaw is my recent idiotic curbing of the front left rim in a drive-thru (pictured below).
When I had my calipers painted red, I also had the same guy paint my rear Audi rings, S7 badge, and side V8T badges. This was significantly less expensive than buying painted badges from Tag Motorsports, but they're not perfect. I still like them better black than chrome.
There's a couple of very small nicks in the paint, and one (pictured below) is right in the middle of the hood. It's small, but bothers me because I decided against spending money on a full front end PPF wrap.
My first set of 21" tires were Hankook's 275/30/21 which were too small for my rims IMO, and they offered little rim protection from potholes and railroad tracks. In fact, I hit some railroad tracks very hard and ended up with micro cracks on 3 of my rims which was discovered by a mechanic when I had ceramic brakes installed. I replaced the 3 rims, and went with a recommended Toyo 285/30/21 tire which fits the rims better and offers more protection. However, when driving in Dynamic mode (lowered) with the larger 285's you can hear the tires rub slightly during hard cornering, or hitting a bump while turning. There's no rubbing when driving in a straight line. It's not damaging the tire or wheel well, but wanted to explain in full disclosure.

For whatever it's worth, here's a video I made showing what I use to wash the car.

KevinGary 03-10-2019 04:47 PM

Nice looking car

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