Audi A6 C6: Customizing Your Rims

There are a number of customization options out there when it comes to updating the rims on your Audi A6 C6. Keep reading to learn all about the money saving tips we've got for you!

By Charlie Gaston - April 1, 2016

This article applies to the Audi A6 C6 (2005-2011).

Let's face it. When it comes to the sale of aftermarket rims today, there are a lot of options out there (all simultaneously competing for your hard-earned dollars). Luckily, though, not all custom rims carry a hefty price tag. For approximately $2,000 to $2,500, you can purchase a complete set of quality rims (tires included) for your Audi A6 C6. Let's go over some of the most talked about rims on the market today, and go over why other Audi A6 C6 owners can't stop talking, tweeting and posting about them. We've even included pictures so you can judge for yourself! Let's get started.

Customizing the Rims on Your Audi A6 C6

Affordable and Attractive

Some Audi A6 C6 owners have opted to mount a full set of S8 replica rims for Audi fitment. Manufactured by Hartmann Wheels (as seen below), these popular 9-spoke are available in high gloss silver, and have been met with favorable results by other A6 owners. This option works well on both white and black paint, with the quality of the rim serving as a flattering accessory to the overall design of the car. Spacers can also be added to 18" or 19" wheels for extra appeal. Add 57.1 to 66.1 hub rings to complete the upgrade.

  • Hartmann rims on Audi
    Figure 1. These are the S8 rims from Hartmann on a white Audi A6.
  • Hartmann rims on Audi
    Figure 2. Another shot of the S8 rims from Hartmann on a black Audi A6.

Custom Polished Look

When talking to Audi A6 owners, there's one comment that you'll hear come up again and again, and that's wheel finish. Upgrade from a set of black wheels and black rims, and go for a more polished look, as seen in the photograph (below). Add a performance upgrade by installing a new set of coilovers, which will need to be mounted to your shock absorbers. They will provide a marked reduction in body roll (i.e., providing greater traction and grip on the road during turns and other maneuvering).

Polished chrome rims
Figure 3. Go for a polished look.

Price and the Market

As stated earlier, it's entirely possible to purchase a quality set of wheels for your Audi A6 for an affordable price. The 3-piece forged wheel pictured below features a unique chrome center and black rim. A full set is available in a range of tire sizes, including 19", 20" and 21", and retail for approximately $1,200. MTM is the go-to brand among Audi A6 owners seeking to purchase custom aftermarket wheels.

Figure 4. This is an affordably priced custom wheel with a gorgeous finish.

Common Questions

What is the best way to safeguard a set of wheels?

The rim is the outer part of the wheel, and, as such, it is exposed to road debris and other particles. Rim protectors offer a fast and easy way for you to safeguard your wheels against scratches and other surface damage that can occur while driving or parking. The film acts as a kind of skin that covers the wheel, protecting the wheel rim from the curb and flying debris.

What is 'wheel offset'?

Wheel offset can best be described as the distance that exists between the hub mounting surface and the centerline of the rim on your car. It must be measured correctly to ensure your wheels do not interfere with the performance of your suspension while you drive.

How do I measure wheel width?

While the width of your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels is listed in your owner's manual, you can take a manual measurement using measuring tape. You'll need to run the measuring tape across the barrel of the wheel, going from the front rim to the rear rim.

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