Travall Liner Fitting Guide (Video)

By Curated Content Editor - March 13, 2019

Say hello to your trunk’s best friend, the Travall Liner! It fits fast and it fits perfectly. The original Travall Liner is part of Travall's Safety Plus Pack and it's fit for your every adventure. Bristling with technical features, the Travall Liner simply shrugs off muck, wear, and tear. It’s also a superior quality upgrade, which totally transforms the look and feel of your trunk space.

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Travall Liner

  1. The "Like-New" appearance
  2. Haul anything and everything without the damage
  3. Fits your car trunk perfectly
  4. Cleaning made easy
  5. Ready for a quick and easy installation
  6. Control the mess
  7. Long-term durability
  8. Limit existing damage to your trunk’s upholstery
  9. Easily remove dog hair
  10. Reduces road noise

Heavy-Duty Material, Vehicle-Specific Design

Travall Liners are extremely thick for maximum durability and protection while remaining flexible for easy installation and cleaning. The material used is a fortified rubber compound that's fully waterproof as well as crack- and fade-resistant for years of reliable use. To further contain spills and prevent soiling your upholstery, Travall Liners are designed with a raised lip around the entire perimeter to hold back liquid and messy debris.

Integrates with Travall Guard and Divider

As the perfect complement to the Travall Guard and Divider, adding a Travall Liner to your car or SUV gives you a complete "system" for hauling cargo and pets in a clean, efficient way. When our engineers designed each vehicle-specific Travall Liner, they factored in the footing position of the Travall Divider for seamless integration.

Easy Installation and Removal for Quick Cleaning

The term "install" might be a bit of an overstatement when it comes to adding a Travall Liner to your vehicle. Simply slide the Liner into place and off you go. After you've put your Travall Liner to good use-transporting your dog, a few dozen potted plants, or the family's ski gear-just pull out the Liner, hose it off, let it dry, and slide it back into place.

Travall Liner Fitting Guide Video

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