July 23 1999

Audi Al2 concept car now on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art as part of Different Roads: Automobiles For The Next Centrury exhibition

NEW YORK, NY-Audi of America, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Al2 concept car will be on display at The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan as part of the Different Roads: Automobiles for the Next Century exhibition from July 22 through September 21, 1999. First shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show (the IAA) in 1997, the Al2 design study is a fascinating blend of passion and commonsense. This car, incorporating technology that is already established, is Audi's vision of a high-efficiency car which takes up little space on the road, yet affords ample interior space for four adults. The Al2 provides an intriguing glimpse of the car of the future, revealing all the essential traits of a concept geared entirely towards the new millennium: fascinating technology with ease of movement.

Different Roads: Automobiles for the Next Century, as described in the museum's own press release, presents nine contemporary automobiles that embody fresh approaches to automotive design. This next generation of cars addresses the growing social, economic, and environmental conditions facing the consumer and the automotive industry, and demonstrates that good design can also be affordable.

The general underlying concept of the Al2 design study is to demonstrate how well graceful charm and effortless mobility can be reconciled. This is illustrated particularly well by the transparent plastic roof built according to the stringer principle. There are five illuminated, load-bearing aluminum struts, or stringers, running lengthways, creating a uniquely light-filled, airy atmosphere. The Al2's transparency adds a new dimension to ease of movement, preparing a feast for the senses.

The aluminum body is built following the example set by Audi's all-aluminum flagship, the A8, with its Audi Space Frame (ASF). The second-generation ASF used in this instance combines outstanding rigidity and crash strength with an extensive range of comfort and safety equipment, resulting in an overall vehicle weight of only 1,654 pounds for the basic version. The design study that is on display, complete with all its equipment options, weighs 1,786 lbs. This is about 550 lbs. less than if it had been built with a conventional steel body.

In concept car form, the Al2 design study was shown with a number of engine variants with fuel efficiency being a primary objective.

The production version of the Al2 will have its world premiere at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) this September. While final details regarding the specific applications of new technologies and engine options will be announced at that time, Audi fully expects this new vehicle to be the most fuel efficient vehicle Audi has ever produced and among the most efficient in the world.

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