Technical Data - Audi RS4 Avant
Programme for Germany - Status: May 2000


Audi RS4 Avant

Engine / electrics

Engine type

V6 spark-ignition engine, five valves per cylinder, two light-alloy cylinder heads, three intake valves, sodium-cooled, double overhead camshafts (DOHC) for each cylinder bank

Valve gear / Number of valves per cylinder

Hydraulic bucket tappets / 5

Displacement in cc / bore x stroke in mm / compression ratio

2671 / 81.0 x 86.4 / 9:1

Max. power output in kW / at rpm

280/6100-7000 (according to 80/1269/EEC)

Max. torque in Nm / at rpm

440 / 2500-6000(acc. to 80/1269/EEC)

Engine management

Two turbochargers, fully electronic, sequential multi-point injection with air-mass metering, mapped ignition with solid-state high-voltage distribution, camshaft control, cylinder-bank-selective exhaust-gas temperature control, coordinated engine-torque control

Exhaust emission control

Two air-gap-insulated manifolds, two primary engine-bay catalytic converters, two underfloor main catalytic converters, cylinder-bank-selective lambda control with two heated oxygen sensors

Alternator in A / battery in A/Ah


Drive / transmission

Drive layout

Permanent quattroŽ four-wheel drive, automatically locking Torsen centre differential, electronic differential lock (EDL) with manipulation of brakes at all driven wheels


Hydraulically-operated single dry-plate clutch with asbestos-free lining, dual-mass flywheel

Gearbox type

6-speed manual gearbox, synchromesh on all gears

Gear ratio in 1st gear / 2nd gear

3.500 / 1.889

Gear ratio in 3rd gear / 4th gear

1.320 / 1.034

Gear ratio in 5th gear / 6th gear

0.806 / 0.0684

Gear ration in reverse / final drive ratio

3.455 / 4.111

Running gear / steering / brakes

Front suspension

Independent suspension, four-link front suspension with virtual steering axis, tubular anti-roll bar: twin-tube gas-filled shock absorbers and coil springs, tension stop springs, control arms with hydraulically damping mounts

Rear suspension

Double wishbones, anti-roll bar

Steering / turning circle in m (D102)

Maintenance-free power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering / 16.2 / 11.4

Brake system front / rear

Dual-circuit brake system with diagonally split, anti-lock brake system (ABS), brake servo, electronic brake-force distribution (EBV), ventilated disc brakes front and rear, twin-piston high-performance front brakes

Wheels / tyres

8.5 J x 18 alloy wheels in 9-spoke design

Performance / fuel consumption

Maximum speed in km/h

250 (governed)

Acceleration, 0-100 km/h / 0-200 km/h in s

4.9 / 17.0

Fuel grade

Unleaded Super Plus, 98 RON (95 RON with slightly reduced engine power)

Fuel consumption urban/extra urban/overall, 1/100 km

17.0 / 9.0 / 12.0

CO2 mass emission, g/km


Standing - drive-past exterior noise level in dB

82 / 71

Servicing / warranty (Germany)

Oil change every ... km / inspection every ... km

Service indicator and additional oil change/inspection at 30,000 and 60,000 km

Vehicle/paint/rust penetration warranty

1 year unlimited distance / 3 years / 12 years

Weights / loads

Unladen weight in kg / gross weight limit in kg

1620 / 2170

Acle load limit at front/rear in kg

1145 / 1140

Roof load limit in kg



Cooling system capacity (incl. heating) in l


Engine oil capacity (incl. filter)


Fuel tank capacity in l


Body / dimensions

Body type

Load-bearing, fully galvanised, steel, front and rear deformation zones

Number of doors / seats

5 doors with additional side protection, five seats

Drag coefficient cD / frontal area A in M

0.34 / 2.04

Length (L103) / width excl. mirrors (W103) / height (H100), mm

4525 / 1799 / 1386

Wheelbase (L101) / track at front / rear (W101/W102) in mm

2607 / 1549 / 1530

Height of loading lip in mm (H195)


Luggage capacity in l, acc. to VDA block method (V210)

390 (with rear seat back folded down: 1250)

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