Ingolstadt, January 20th, 2000

Decision taken by Brazilian jury:
Audi A3 is "Car of the Year 2000"

A jury of experts including automotive journalists, industrial representatives and designers has voted the Audi A3 Brazilian "Car of the Year 2000" in São Paulo. The A3 saw off five competitors, including the Renault Scénic and the Mercedes-Benz A-class.

The competition was organised by the Brazilian automotive magazine "Auto Esporte". The jurors assessed the six test candidates, which were all manufactured in Brazil, according to a total of 14 criteria. As well as its overall success, the Audi A3 also notched up individual victories in the categories engine/ transmission, driving dynamics, technological innovation, interior equipment/ quality and brand/product image.

The Audi A4 and A6 models have both won the title of best import vehicle in past years. Public response has verified the jurors' decision: in the first eight months of 1999 the A6 sold better than any of its direct competitors; the A4 has also been one of the most successful vehicles in its class in Brazil for many years.

The victory of the Audi A3 - which also started coming off the production line at Audi's plant in Curitiba in the federal state of Paraná a few months ago - is the brand's first in the category of nationally produced vehicles. This is another success confirmed by the positive market trend: the compact A3 has already become the best-selling Audi in Brazil. Production of more than 8000 units is planned for South America's largest market in the year 2000. A further 4000 vehicles are to be built for export to other countries on the South American continent.

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