July 3, 2000

Audi A6 Quattro Recall Question and Answer

Note: This information comes directly from Audi and is current as of June 28, 2000.

1. Why is Audi conducting this recall?
Audi has found that the fuel sending units in A6 quattro vehicles could malfunction. If one or more of the units malfunction, the car's fuel gauge would indicate the fuel tank to be full while in fact it may be empty or close to empty.

2. What is the reason for the problem?
Sulfur combined with certain additives in fuel could become deposited on contact points of each fuel sending unit. These deposits could increase electrical resistance causing incorrect information to be sent to the fuel gauge on the instrument panel.

3. Is this recall in response to the class action lawsuit from the two Philadelphia law firms?
No, the class action suit was filed after Audi decided to recall the vehicles.

4. Why is Audi mailing letters without having repair parts?
Audi wants to inform you of this problem as soon as practical and provide you with information about the steps you can take to prevent you from running out of fuel in the event the fuel level sending units malfunction. Unfortunately, it has taken some time to engineer new parts, which are supplied by an outside company. Audi has received assurance that sufficient parts will be at Audi dealerships in early August.

5. What then do I have to do until the repair can be performed?
Please do not rely on the dashboard's fuel gauge. Instead, refuel your vehicle every 200 to 250 miles/kilometers and set your trip odometer to zero when you refuel. This will ensure that you will always have sufficient fuel regardless of whether you take short trips in the city or drive mostly on highways.

6. Have all affected vehicle owners been notified and when?
Audi notified all known owners of affected vehicles by first class mail on or about June 12, 2000.

7. I have had this problem some time ago. Why did it take Audi this long to notify me of this problem?
Although Audi was aware of some complaints, it took time to identify the cause of the problem. The supplier of the fuel level sending units made several improvements in the fuel level sending units but these improvements did not work as intended. Therefore, it became necessary to develop and test fuel level sending units of a different design.

8. Can I drive my car without fear of encountering a problem even if my fuel gauge does not work properly?
Yes, you can. Just refuel your vehicle every 200 to 250 miles.

9. When will you have parts for my car to be repaired?
On or about August 7, 2000. Please contact us in late July and make a service appointment for August.

10. What kind of work is involved?
We will replace all three fuel level sending units in your vehicle.

11. How long will this repair take?
The repair itself will take approximately two hours.

12. Will you make alternate transportation available?
We will happy to accommodate you by:

  • providing courtesy transportation to and from your home, work place, shopping place or other places within a reasonable distance, or
  • providing you a loaner vehicle for a day, or delivering a loaner vehicle to your home/work place, pick-up your Audi vehicle for the repair and return it.

    13. I already had this problem, and I had to pay for the repair. How do I get reimbursed?
    Please send Audi a copy of the repair order, if you have retained it, or tell us about the nature of the problem and the expenses you have incurred. Please address your request to:
    Audi of America, Inc
    Attn: Client Relations - 2F02 (LB)
    3800 Hamlin Road
    Auburn Hills, MI 48326

    14. I have had this problem and already had a replacement unit installed. Do I have to have the repair done again?
    Yes, your Audi may have been repaired with an old unit. Since the redesigned unit became available only recently we would like to update your vehicle with these new fuel level sending units.

    15. I am going on a trip and gas stations are rare on this route. Can you do something for me prior to my trip?
    We would be happy to assist you. Please let us try to get the required parts, as soon as possible, and upon receipt we will contact you to arrange an appointment with you, for the repair of your car.

    16. I have heard from a colleague, friend, etc. of a recall on Audi A6 Quattro vehicles; however, I did not receive a letter.
    All models are not affected by this recall. Give me the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your vehicle and I can check whether your vehicle is involved.

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