February 21, 2000

Audi allroad quattro: World Premier in Geneva

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INGOLSTADT -- Curtain up for the first example of a new mobility generation at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show: Audi's allroad quattro combines the dynamic luxury of a top-class model with outstanding off-road capability.

Supreme on the road, undefeated by rough terrain - the Audi allroad quattro makes no compromises. It's the answer for drivers whose demands don't stop when the "either - or" decision between an off-roader and a roadgoing car has to be made. In the Audi allroad quattro they enjoy a perfect blend of the finest technology from both worlds.

Alternative power units are the 2.7-litre V6 "biturbo", rated at 184 kW (250 bhp) or the 2.5-litre V6 TDI, which has an output of 132 kW (180 bhp). They give the new Audi the torque and power output potential to tackle every situation with the prowess of a true high-performance athlete.

On all kinds of terrain and in every situation, Audi's permanent all-wheel driveline converts this power with unfailing efficiency into forward movement. Exclusive to the allroad quattro is the driver-engaged Low Range transmission, an option on the versions with manual-shift gearbox, for optimum progress across particularly tough terrain and on steep uphill gradients.

4-level air suspension is a feature not offered by any of the Audi allroad quattro's competitors. Both axles have air spring struts controlled by separate height sensors. These vary the ride height at every wheel to ensure ample ground clearance away from firm surfaces, and optimum aerodynamics when driving at high speeds.

As road speed increases, this intelligent system lowers the body in four stages, between 208 and 142 millimetres of ground clearance. The driver can also select the various ride heights by pressing a button - a useful feature if the surface under the wheels varies frequently.

The Audi allroad quattro's design communicates its highly functional character by interpreting the elegant, sporting appearance of the A6 Avant body in a new way. The wide track and a moderate increase in body height result in a highly individual, muscular silhouette. An undertray made of ribbed stainless steel, boldly shaped bumpers and flared wheel arches are immediate clues to the allroad quattro's off-road talents. This bold appearance is emphasised still more by a roof painted in a contrasting colour and with longitudinal ribs.

The driver and passengers enjoy an interior that transfers the high standard offered by Audi's premium models to this new model concept. Both the materials and their workmanship again set new standards. With various subtle nuances, the designers have brought off the difficult feat of combining the direct, sporting character of the allroad quattro with the elegance of the A6's interior. Two "worlds of colour" are available: Steppe Green or Grey.

As befits an ideal leisure and long-distance travel vehicle, the Audi allroad quattro has a highly variable occupant and load area. As a representative of Audi's Avant concept, it can either offer comfortable seating for up to five people or a vast load area with a maximum volume of 1,590 litres.

There is then ample space for mountain bikes or any amount of adventure-trip equipment. Thanks to a maximum payload limit of 630 kilograms, the allroad quattro swallows up such loads with ease. An additional strength: the Audi allroad quattro is allowed to tow loads of up to 2300 kilograms.

All these outstanding qualities make the Audi allroad quattro an unrivalled all-rounder. Its versatility, its powerful engines, its 4-level suspension and its quattro permanent all-wheel driveline usher in a new chapter in motorised freedom without compromise.

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