Key dates in the history of HORCH
1899 August Horch & Cie established on November 14 in Cologne by August Horch
1902 August Horch & Cie Motor- und Motorwagenbau set up in Reichenbach on March 3
1904 August Horch Motorwagenwerke AG established on May 10 in Zwickau
1909 August Horch withdraws from the company
1918 Change of name to Horchwerke AG Zwickau on February 16; capital 3 million Marks
Between 1920 and its liquidation on June 29, 1932, HORCH Werke AG belongs to Argus-Flugmotorenwerke, Berlin. Throughout this period, the HORCH management is based in Berlin, on Mittelstrasse 15. Capital: 5 million RM