Key dates in the history of WANDERER
1885 On February 26, establishment of "Chemnitzer-Velociped-Depot Winklhofer & Jaenicke"
1887 On January 4, adoption of the WANDERER name for the company's bicycles
1896 Change of company name to WANDERER Fahrradwerke AG, formerly Winklhofer & Jaenicke, Schönau/Chemnitz, on May 5
1900 Start of machine tool production
1902 Start of motorcycle production
1904 Start of typewriter production ("Continental" brand)
1905 First experiments in automobile design
1908 From January 15 on: WANDERER Werke, formerly Winklhofer & Jaenicke AG; capital: 1.6 million Marks, increased in 1915 to 5.25 million Marks
1913 Start of WANDERER automobile production
1918 By this year, well over 10,000 motorcycles and over 2,000 automobiles had been built. The price of the 1.5 hp motorcycle was some 750 Marks; the WANDERER Puppchen automobile cost 4,000 Marks
1926 The Wanderer W 10 with a 30 hp, four-cylinder engine appeared on the market. This model was available in various versions until 1932
1927 Wanderer's car production operations were moved from the main plant in Chemnitz-Schönau to a newly erected plant in the Chemnitz suburb of Siegmar
1928 The new Wanderer six-cylinder Type W 11 extended the model range upwards
1929 Wanderer motorcycle production wound down. The production facilities were sold off to NSU and the Czech company Janacek. Establishment of the JAWA company (Janacek/Wanderer) in Prague
1931 Ferdinand Porsche developed a modern generation of six-cylinder engines for Wanderer Werke AG
1932 Wanderer Werke AG sold off its car division to Auto Union AG. The machine tool, office machinery and bicycle production divisions remained within Wanderer Werke AG