March 2, 2000

Audi telematics - mobility, convenience and safety

The Audi telematics system represents mobility, convenience and safety. The system helps drivers to reach their destinations swiftly and conveniently, and in an emergency it summons on-the-spot assistance as quickly as possible.

The Audi safety concept is so far the only one of its kind. The installation of a crashproof computer unit with emergency power supply, a separate emergency aerial and access to a built-in telephone card guarantee that service and emergency calls can be made in almost every situation.

Audi telematics functions at a glance:

The Audi telematics system provides the customer with up-to-date traffic information for his or her route, or for any other area.

In conjunction with the optional navigation system "Plus", dynamic destination guidance is possible. Traffic information is dynamically incorporated into the individual route-planning function. If warnings of particular hazards are received, for instance that a car has strayed onto a motorway in the wrong direction, the traffic report monitoring function is automatically alerted.

Whatever form of assistance is required by the driver, Audi telematics offers three different ways of establishing contact with the service partner. A service call is placed by the driver at the push of a button. The system then automatically establishes speech communication with the Audi Service Centre.

In particular emergencies, the emergency call can be transmitted manually at the push of a button. In the event of an accident of a severity that is picked up by the crash sensors, it is activated automatically. Irrespective of whether the call is placed manually or automatically, the car's current position is determined from its GPS co-ordinates. This enables rescue services to reach the vehicle as quickly as possible. The rescue services and police are only alerted if the emergency call is made automatically by the Audi telematics system.

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