Audi TT Roadster

January 9, 2000
Audi Unveils 2001 TT Roadster at LA Auto Show

After a record-breaking sales year in 1999, Audi is kicking off 2000 in high style with the introduction of the 2001 TT Roadster at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. The Roadster will be launched in May 2000 as a year 2001 model.

A pure sports car that seems tailor-made for the show's sunny Southern California environs, the TT Roadster builds on the remarkable design strengths of the TT Coupe with a little more performance punch. The 2001 TT Roadster - and 2001 Coupe - is available with a new 225-horsepower 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged five-valve engine and Audi's legendary quattroŽ all-wheel drive. Translation: 0 to 60 mph in a nifty 6.7 seconds.

The TT Roadster also sets new standards in design. The soft top, with its large heated rear window, can be opened in a single-stage process and stowed behind the seats. Turbulence, something inherent in any roadster, is reduced by an electrically retractable glass windbreak, shaped to follow the outline of the rollover bars.

In addition, the Roadster unlocks a new chapter in open-top car safety, beginning with the two aluminum rollover bars which, with a gleaming matte finish, not only represent a striking design feature, but also are an integral component of the body structure and a major contribution to the Roadster's overall safety and structural rigidity.

Other exemplary safety features include crumple zones at the front and rear, high-strength side intrusion protection bars in the doors and large-volume body sill sections.

For more information:

  • Audi of America's full press release on the TT Roadster debut is available online. Click here to read it.

  • The Audi of America press conference from LA is also available in Real Audi format. Audi of America Director of Marketing Walter Hanek looks back at Audi's 1999 and talks about 2000. See the press conference in its entirety (RealVideo).