June 13, 2000

New Dimensions 8th Annual VW/Audi Charity Car Show 2000
Article and photos by Steve Sherwood

Heaven -- pure heaven. That's the best word to describe the New Dimensions Charity Car Show this year at the Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA. Why? Because there were a ton of German sports cars and sedans on display in the show area, the parking structures, on side street, and just driving around the area. Everywhere you went you would find an expertly maintained, slightly-to-moderately modified, piece of Bavarian machinery. Since my car ownership history included many VW and Audis, I thoroughly enjoyed myself inspecting every nook and cranny of each car despite the 98-degree heat.

People traveled from far away places just to join in the festivities. I saw several license plates from Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, and of course the remainder were from California (both north and south). All told the estimate is that between 2,400 and 3,000 people showed up for the event.

The Audi car show section was glittered with a fine range of new and old Audis including Ti Kan's pristine silver Audi 4000Q, Tucker's pearl UrQuattro, Jason's 2Bennett prepared Audi Coupe GT, Scott's lowered silver Audi TTQ, the Tarox brake equipped A4 1.8T owned by Mike Morris, Frank's immaculate A4 1.8T Avant, Eric in the Imola S4 owned by Scott Hartmann sporting 18" Technomagnesio wheels, Bill's Nogaro S4 with LLtek rear spoiler, Dion's silver S4 donning the just-installed APR cat-back exhaust, the two faux S4 Avants owned by Gary (green one) and Mark (silver one). Oh yeah, my Nogaro S4 was on the end.

Vendors were very plentiful at the event with the following vendors either donating prizes and/or manning booths(*) in the arcade section: Hella*, Club H2O, Eserini's Automotive*, Neuspeed*, MintexBoge-Sachs*, Virtual World, Scirocco.Org, Sunnyvale VW*, VWVORTEX.COM, WheelSkins, Max Power Magazine*, MAK Wheels*, RPI Equipped*, Eurospec Sport*, Barlocker Insurance, San Jose Mercury News, Dynospot Racing*, Cord Design*, Midknight Motorsport*, Momentum*, Gran Turismo*, HPA*, European Car Magazine, JT Motorsport*, Dick's Audi Performance*, Bob Lewis VW*, and Cascade Performance Group*. Many well known individuals also attended: Greg Woo and Aaron Neumann were present from Neuspeed, Richard Kasper from MAK Wheels, Warren Goodman from RPI Equipped, Dick and Rick Reynolds from Dick's Audi Performance, Dick Chiang from Dynospot Racing, Steve Zlotkin from Eurospec Sport and Michael Shartsis from MaxPower. There are probably many others that I am leaving out!

The show cars ranged from Rabbits to Passat wagons, from New Beetles to Audi S4s. There were special locations for Golfs, GTIs, Passats, Sciroccos, New Beetles, Corrados, Jettas, and Audis. The show saw 159 entrants including winners in the following categories:

Best of Show - Todd B. Golf - Alta Loma CA

People's Choice - Tosha B. '81 Scirocco - East Palo Alto CA

1st - Jason L. '93 Corrado SLC - San Jose CA
2nd - Ron H. '90 Corrado - Vacaville CA

1st - Jan P. '98 Beetle TDI - Mountain View CA
2nd - John & Judy C. '99 Beetle - San Jose CA

1st - C.J. G. '98 Passat Wagon - San Jose CA
2nd - Art. S. '99 Passat - San Diego CA

1st - Jason C. '93.5 Audi A4 1.8T - Seattle WA
2nd - Dion O. '00 Audi S4 - Santa Clara CA

Mark 1 - Rabbit/Jetta/GTI
1st - Aimee M. '88 Cabriolet - Escondido CA
2nd - Clayton P. '78 Rabbit - Bellingham WA

Mark 2 - Golf/Jetta/GTI
1st - Todd B. Golf - Alta Loma CA
2nd - Feras (Tom) N. '85 GTI 16V - San Pedro CA

Mark 3 - Golf/Jetta/GTI
1st - Jason B. '95 Jetta - Soquel CA
2nd -Tony A. '96 GTI VR6 - Westminster CA

Mark 4 - Golf/Jetta/GTI
1st - Carlos P. '99 Golf - San Diego CA
2nd - Adrian P. '00 Jetta - Los Angeles CA

1st - Kevin S. '81 Scirocco - Dublin CA
2nd - Craig W. '81 VW Scirocco - San Ramon CA

Open Class
1st - Christopher C. '89 Fox - San Francisco CA

A small sampling of the awesome array of cars is shown below.

2.jpg 11.jpg 23.jpg
16.jpg 1.jpg 20.jpg
21.jpg 12.jpg 26.jpg
3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
6.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg

The event was a big success with many pounds of food collected for the Second Harvest Food Bank, as well as a cash donation of over $5,000 by New Dimensions to augment the canned goods.

Oh yeah -- a special thanks to Dynospot Racing for feeding me.

New Dimensions
2240 De la Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara CA 95050
(408) 980-1691 (Info line)

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