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Led by Greg Woo, President of Neuspeed, we ventured out in the Imola S4 and the Neuspeed B5 Passat to the secret testing grounds of Neuspeed in the hills of Ventura CA. We had originally requested the Audi S4 and their Audi TTQ project car, but the TT (owned by Boston Acoustics) was unfortunately not available at the time of our visit. For experimentation we found a nicely deserted canyon and proceeded to experience every nook and cranny of the asphalt. We were very impressed with the complete Imola Yellow Audi S4 package. The mixture of the Neuspeed race springs/Bilstein shocks, combined with the Neuspeed rear anti-sway bar, chip, exhaust, and short shifter, made for a very capable machine. The stock S4, as we already know, is no slouch. But, with these little added tweaks the car developed a new character, one more inviting to the canyons and foothills of Anywhere, USA. This car is made for the twisties!

The suspension set-up was quite capable, producing minimal body lean, squat, or dive. It was very predictable with just a hint of oversteer when pushed, probably due in part to the 22mm rear anti-sway bar. One of the things that impressed us most was the new prototype exhaust. The idle sound was very subdued -- not annoying by any stretch of the imagination -- and at highway speeds we experienced no drone whatsoever. The grin-factor increased markedly when we got off the throttle quickly and noticed a very pleasant low-pitched burble. The short shifter was very precise and exact providing for very quick shifting between gears. The lower overall height was not significantly noticeable, nor did it affect shifting. As for the chip tuning, Neuspeed normally takes the conservative route, and we kind of expected a docile beast. To our surprise the Neuspeed chipped S4 was quite powerful and smooth in its power delivery.

All in all, Neuspeed has developed an wide array of Audi performance products to fit everyone's wallet, needs, and lifestyle.

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