October 10, 2000

The New Audi A4
Text and photos from the Audi AG press release

Editors Note: The text and photos contained in this press release refer to the German market only. Currently there is no information on when the new A4 will come to North America or how it will be equipped for the North American market. Also, there is currently no information about Avant, coupe, convertible, or S4 versions of this new body style.

Architecture in motion

Audi is again setting a benchmark in the premium segment of mid-size cars: the veil is about to be lifted on the new generation of the A4. Innovative technology and the advanced architecture of its styling point the way into the future.

Clarity and precision

The design

Clarity and precision are the dominant features of the new Audi A4's styling.

The reduction in the number of chosen lines and creative devices applied is the crucial technique used by the Audi Design team, under the leadership of Peter Schreyer.

So what typifies this language of forms? The size of the large, clearly outlined body surfaces in proportion to the flat, equally clearly defined window area is evident at first glance. The discreetly rising shoulder line accentuates a powerful, dynamic stature, even when the car is stationary. Clear proportions, the gentle curve of the roof, the striking, round wheel arches: even its silhouette immediately identifies the new A4 as a genuine Audi.

The dialogue between the significant elements, between clear lines and pure surfaces, is also characteristic of the architecture of the A4 body. This specific tension is most apparent in the side section, where just a few lines in perfect graphic formation enclose and provide the contours for the entire vehicle body: an effect that is obvious from any perspective.

The powerful tail end underlines this tension: the lines combine in creating a sporty overall impression that is simultaneously classically elegant. This is the epitome of a very mature saloon car, as confirmed by its exterior dimensions. With an overall length of 4547 millimetres, the new Audi A4 is 69 millimetres longer than its predecessor. At 1766 millimetres, it is 33 wider than the previous A4. The A4 is now 1428 millimetres high, 13 millimetres taller than its predecessor.

Comfort and ergonomics

The interior

The perfect tailor-made suit: a metaphor frequently used to describe vehicle interiors. But this image will come involuntarily to the mind of anyone getting behind the wheel of the new Audi A4. This car unites two seemingly contradictory components to produce an amazing synthesis of exceptional ergonomics and subjective comfort.

The design of the Audi A4 cockpit is characterised by lines extending a long way into the door trim and centre console areas, which quite literally appear to embrace the driver. This "wrap around" effect, to use the designers' technical term, is accentuated additionally by the A4's high waistline.

Instrument panel, round instruments, air vents and centre console: Audi's interior designers have completely redesigned every single detail.

Take the instruments, for example: the most important information units are combined beneath a domed cover. The dial graphics of the large round instruments have dispensed with trendy gimmicks. Together with the standard central colour display, the white instrument lighting ensures optimum readability.

The most important controls for the occupants' well-being are grouped together in the centre console: automatic air conditioning, audio system and the swivel monitor for the optional navigation system Plus. The separate controls for the standard air conditioning are within easy reach of both driver and front passenger.

Comfort and space on all seats

More room: this demand was right at the top of the list of specifications for the new Audi A4. A wheelbase increased by 33 millimetres together with a body which has grown in all directions provides substantially more space.

How the A4 has grown in figures:

  • Interior length: plus 32 millimetres
  • Rear knee room: plus 41 millimetres
  • Front headroom: plus 15 millimetres, rear headroom: plus 14 millimetres
  • Shoulder width, front: plus 11 millimetres
  • Elbow width, front: plus 17 millimetres, rear: plus 29 millimetres

    There is also more room than average for luggage: with a capacity of 445 litres, the smooth-floored luggage compartment is well-equipped for tackling more challenging transport tasks. And with a vast 1000 millimetres between the wheel arches, there is plenty of room even for bulky loads.


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