May 11, 2000
ALMS and Motorola Cup at Sebring
Text and photos courtesy of Joseph Hillenburg

During the last half of March, I attended the SANS (System Administration and Network Security) conference in Orlando, as part of my job. Just before the conference, I took a day to go to Sebring in Southern Florida. I was able to see the American Le Mans Series race, as well as some of the Motorola Cup race. (I'll get to why I didn't stay for all of it.) Just before the race, I got a new camera (Canon EOS Elan IIe) and was obviously anxious to put it to use.

I took 312 pictures in all, but for AudiWorld, I left out the GTS/GT pictures in the ALMS race. Many of the others were only of half a car (a result of shooting several shots in rapid succession), or some, such as all of the night shots, turned out poorly.

Several of the pictures were cropped because I was not able to zoom in sufficiently, so a 1024x768 image would have been a car filled by a huge area of nothing.

For those of you who followed the race coverage on TV or on the web, or live, the race was pretty much an Audi/BMW duel the whole time. The factory Cadillac cars and the Team DAMS car which also runs Cadillacs didn't perform as well as they did at Daytona. Severe competition came from the Panoz cars and the Rafanelli/Olive Garden Lola.

My personal favorites are images 5-15 and 5-21 (Frank Biela). I have included a 1600x1200 version of 5-15 suitable for wallpapering.

Images 6-10 to 6-15 were taken in the infield. A bunch of young dudes brought a bunch of stuff there and decided to take sledgehammers to it all. Included in the destruction were a car, furniture, and a computer, among other things. Pay attention to the signs.

I got several pictures of other cars, but they either had parts of the car cut off, too small, or out of focus. I really need a more powerful lens for my camera.

Why did I include 7-10? I thought it was odd that a truck line sold only in Europe is in the US in this manner.

Notice there is a zoomed version of 7-21. There's an AudiWorld logo at the back of the Istook/Aines #4 car from the Motorola Cup race. This car fields an APR chip. By the way, if you didn't already know, this car was totaled two weeks later at the Charlotte race.

The other S4 racer you see is the Champion #10 car fielding a TAP chip. Champion has at least one car in the Speedvision GT series, an S4 with the RS4 engine.

For the record, at this race, the Istook/Aines car was kicking the snot out of the Champion car during the pre-green laps and the one green lap where the Champion car was still running. I suppose this probably is related to the fact that the Champion car went out at lap 1. The Istook/Aines car stayed in for at least 45 minutes, came into the pits for some repairs, went back out again, and finally had to quit due to a busted radiator.

Once there were no S4's left, and it started raining, I decided to call it quits, and went on to the next part of my trip. I don't quite follow the Motorola Cup series as I do ALMS. Maybe I should.

I have provided all of these images freely, for reasonable noncommercial use by the public at large. Please contact me if you want to use them for other purposes -- there probably won't be an issue. I have the originals, and I also have 600dpi scans of the images, so I can provide better images if someone needs them.

AudiWorld coverage of Audi's Sebring victory

Mar 18 (ALMS)

Turn #5:
4-09 BMW #42
4-11 Audi #77
4-14 BMW #43

Ulmann Straight:
5-11 BMW #42
5-13 DAMS Cadillac #31
5-15 Audi #77
5-16 BMW #43

5-19 Audi Sport helmets (L: Tom Kristensen. R: Rinaldo Capello)
5-21 Frank Biela

6-10 Demolition area #1
6-11 Demolition area #2
6-12 Demolition area #3
6-13 Demolition area #4
6-14 Demolition area #5
6-15 Demolition area #6

Mar 19 (North American Street Stock/Motorola Cup)

7-10 MAN truck owned by BMW Motorsport
7-12 APR S4 (Sadly, doesn't this look like a Caprice Classic?)
7-13 APR S4 (Sadly, doesn't this look like a Caprice Classic?)
7-14 Istook/Aines S4
7-15 Champion Auto S4
7-16 Champion Auto S4

Front Straight
7-20 Istook/Aines S4
7-21 Istook/Aines S4
8-01 Istook/Aines and Champion S4s

Ulmann Straight (first few laps)
8-02 Istook/Aines S4
8-03 Istook/Aines S4

Ulmann Straight (after 30 minutes or so)
8-06 Istook/Aines S4
8-07 Istook/Aines S4
8-09 Istook/Aines S4

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