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Built to Personal Taste

The Spyker C8 Spyder will be built in The Netherlands by the best craftsmen using tailor-made components. Polynorm, the reputable Dutch Tier-1 supplier to the automotive industry, will produce the chassis with body panels supplied by Coventry Prototype Panels from the UK. Koni, which has been supplying shock absorbers to Formula 1 constructors for several decades, provides the C8's special shock absorbers to F1 specification.

To have a Spyker C8 Spyder, built to an owner's requirements, one must first register your interest by paying an initial deposit of 2500 sterling upon which the buyer will then receive an allocated chassis number engraved on a special presentational plaque, as well as a tailor-made McGregor bomber jacket featuring the Spyker logo.

Whilst the car is being built, the owner will have exclusive access to the Spyker Cars website where he or she will be able to follow the build process of the respective car. An individual webcam will register all operations carried out on each car under construction. Spyker Cars of Holland will do its utmost to guarantee the ultimate individualism of its products, according to the wishes of each of its customers.

The New Spyker Company

The initial idea behind the Spyker C8 dates back to 1990 when young engineer Maarten de Bruijn set out to build his own sports car. With limited financial resources but a strong - almost passionate - dedication for uncompromising perfection, he succeeded in producing an Audi V8-engined two-seater which was initially baptised Silvestris.

When De Bruijn met entrepeneur Victor Muller in 1997, further plans were developed for limited production, and the new, Dutch-based Spyker company was founded, reviving the once great name in automotive history.

When teaming up to create the world's latest top of the market sports car enterprise, the two men took the strategic decision to offer a limited-production sports car, built to individual order for the most discerning customers around the globe, suitable for both road and track use.

The 2000 British International Motor Show was chosen for the official unveiling of the Spyker C8 Spyder, a vehicle that combines international sports car engineering standards with a feel for quality, ingenuity and individualism which is so typically Dutch.


Hand built full aluminium mid-engined open top sports car


Full aluminium Audi V8 engine (S8 specification), four into one stainless steel high performance exhaust

Displacement - 4172cc

Output - 400 bhp (298 kW)

Max. Torque - 352 lb.-ft. (480 Nm)


Manual 6-speed


Twin-circuit brake system with adjustable balance, six-piston aluminium brake callipers (front), 4-piston aluminium brake callipers (rear), rotors with involute cooling ducts, 356mm front, 290mm rear


Forged light-alloy 18" O.Z. wheels


Bridgestone 225/40ZR 18 (front), 255/35 ZR (rear)


Length - 4050mm

Width (without mirrors) - 1880mm

Height - 1080mm

Wheelbase - 2550mm

Track - 1400mm (front), 1580mm (rear)

Fuel Tank Capacity - 90-liters


0-62mph (100 km/h) - 4.5 seconds

Top Speed - 300 km/h

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