September 28, 2000

The Third Dimension: Audi TT hardtop
Text from the Audi AG press release

Drivers of the Audi TT Roadster can now look forward to a whole new form of driving pleasure: the current choice of driving with the soft top either up or down has now been widened by a hardtop as a third way of enjoying the Roadster. The styling of the hardtop takes up and continues the Audi TT design theme. In this way it creates the impression of whole new, third TT version.

The TT hardtop is painted the same colour as the body and, thanks to the smooth transition, fits in harmoniously with the Roadster's exciting silhouette. A very special impression is created inside the car thanks to the high-quality cloth lining in the colour Ebony and a shelf above the tonneau cover which is also cloth-covered.

Besides its stylistic attraction, the TT hardtop also has functional qualities. An aluminium space frame construction provides the supporting structure; the outer skin of the TT hardtop is made of plastic and is comparatively thick. This construction makes maximum stability possible and ensures additional acoustic comfort thanks to the outstanding soundproofing of the rigid roof. The efficient heat insulation achieved by this construction provides valuable protection against the effects of adverse weather, especially in winter. Thanks to its heated glass rear window, the hardtop also provides excellent rear visibility in all weather conditions.

With the four-point attachment system the hardtop can be fitted easily and in just a few minutes. It can be supplied either directly ex works or as an option for retrofitting.

Performance and fuel consumption are the same as for the TT Roadster.

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