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Besides the ability to spec, develop and implement highly custom projects, Vortrag works frequently on more "everyday" tuning projects. Todd has been working with older Audis for years and can help bring that old 4000 or Ur-quattro back to life. Similarly, Vortrag has extensive experience with the newer A4/S4, A6 and TT models. Modifications from suspensions to exhausts to brakes to bodywork can be completed to meet both the owners needs and budget expectations. Using brakes as an example, not many people are going to require a Level 7 upgrade. What's nice, however, is that Vortrag can work with you to find a solution and has the experience to recommend and implement any of the alternatives.

I asked Todd what, in his opinion, differentiated Vortrag from the other tuners on the market. Todd responded, "We put in the R&D budget, testing and time required to develop components that have a higher quality than the OEM products that they will replace." It was certainly clear to me during my day spent at Vortrag that there was constant attention to detail.

I also asked about what was new at Vortrag. One product that is just hitting its stride is the Vortrag suspension for the S4. Using Koni shocks that are built to Vortrag specs and are only available from the factory to them, this system also employs hypercoil race springs. They are also looking at a wide-body A4 program in order to develop what would be, in essence, a clone of the RS4's exterior with tuning programs available to increase the power, handling and stopping ability of such a vehicle. Last, Todd mentioned their initiative to begin stocking European parts/accessories for Audis. Vortrag believes that there is a growing market for these types of parts.

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Vortrag at Road America

With tuned cars and the driving experience to back it up, the folks from Vortrag are regulars at many track events throughout the Midwest. The following pictures were taken during 1999's rainy Quattro Club USA event at Road America.

Road America pictures used with the permission of Edmund Lacis and Photographic Imaging.

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