September 3, 2000

Audi Artwork Project
Story and artwork by Bryan Ventura

Editor's Note: A few months back I was approached by an Audi enthusiast with some obvious artistic talents. We chatted via e-mail and that dialogue eventually led to this project. In addition to providing five examples which clearly demonstrate the spirit of Audi, the artist shares with us his own thought process (and design evolution) as each picture is transformed. Suitable for use in a screensaver program, as wallpaper or just for admiring, I am pleased to acknowledge this fine contribution.

The culmination of design and technology forms the essence of truly memorable automobiles. This essence sparks inspiration of many forms in those who drive, admire, study, photograph or build these refined works of art.

Inspired by the current fleet of Audi's and the devoted community that follows them through the AudiWorld site, the idea for the Audi Artwork Project was born. Merging priceless photos with design embellishments we set aim to capture the true spirit and heart of several models then share the results with those of you who know the Audi spirit all to well.

It is my hope that the resulting collection will inspire your mind and place you behind the wheel at every glance.

The All Road

Beginning with a still shot of the new All Road I began envisioning a design direction for the final image. The color and vibrance of the original was remarkable and something I didn't want to distract from. If one thing stood out in my mind, it was that this car needed to run. The challenge was to set it in motion. By selecting the car from its background and applying a series of blurs to both the background and an opaque layer of the car itself, the image began to take form. For a complete look of speed and motion, the wheels and tires were airbrushed and a layer of dust was applied to the foreground. Finally, I toned down the sharp static reflections in the paint to loosen the standing feel and tinted the windows to mask out the absence of a pilot at the helm of this high-speed tour through the desert.
design evolution

Sweet Yellow S3

The original photograph of this Imola S3 had it posed before cascading snow capped mountains. A great place to begin yet this image too was a still shot and the Audi was begging to be set free. I wanted to accentuate the invigorating yellow that has become the infatuation of so many devoted owners. To establish this as the focal point I created the billowing white background to frame the S3. I wanted to create an image that could be left open to viewer interpretation so I left the blurred pavement looking more dry than wet. To some it reads as an S3 kicking up water while tearing across a wet tarmac, to others it reads as an S3 dropping enough tire smoke to engulf a top fuel dragster. True enthusiasts will point out that quattro grip is too efficient to waste power in the form of tire smoke, while they secretly dream of leaving every stop light like this sweet yellow S3.
design evolution

Midnight TT

The original shot of the black TT depicted the car racing across a green grass lined country road. With the goal of this image to pay tribute to the unmistakable silhouette of the racy TT, I decided minimize the contrast between the background and foreground of the image. Proof that even when surrounded by black, this black car stands out with just a sliver of light illuminating its form. Alluding to the inviting temptation of a wide-open midnight run on a deserted road, I felt the signature Audi speedometer lighting up the skyline completed the surreal setting.
design evolution

Le Mans 1,2,3

What more can be said? The R8's were simply phenomenal this year at Le Mans. Much like the TT image, I felt black on black best spoke of the R8 and its 24-hour conquest. With an image that was unbelievable to begin with, I outlined the R8 and proceeded to set the sun on the course. I applied a subtle motion blur, faded from the background to the foreground, to establish speed and to draw focus to the illuminating headlights then Le Mans 1,2,3 was in the books.
design evolution

Sure Footed S6
This one says it all. Abominable conditions with security behind the wheel. Quattro is no doubt the allure that speaks to so many Audi owners and consequently this collection had to capture a slice of its brilliance. The original image of this S6 was a still shot of the car sitting before a large cement wall. No threat of showers but things quickly changed. By selecting the outline of the S6, I isolated the foreground and background of the image. After applying the blurring and airbrush techniques to set the car itself in motion, my attention shifted to creating the storm. Several layers of rain and clouds were composed both behind and in front of the car. Various angles of sheeting rain create the illusion of intense wind, while the strong gleam from the headlights speaks of the sure-footed S6 confidence. After hours of fine-tuning and some masking of the bright sunny reflections in the paint, the waterlogged image was complete.
design evolution

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