May 15, 2001

Audi Online Pre-Owned Car Exchange Now Even More Attractive

From now on the Audi online pre-owned car exchange, at and, will be even more customer-friendly: users can now search for cars to suit their requirements in six different languages. Over the next few weeks this service will be extended to include up to 18 languages. In future the 55,000 cars offered by German Audi dealers will be supplemented by pre-owned cars from major European markets.

When searching for their required vehicle customers specify their own individual criteria, such as model, interior equipment or price. Step by step they are guided through the "dynamic" system towards the car they are looking for. At each stage the number of cars available is displayed. Finally, detailed information is provided about the vehicle, such as price, equipment, colour, mileage and date of first registration. Customers can temporarily save any interesting offers by means of a "notepad" and print them out. They can also find out about financing options online. Customers can contact the Audi dealer selling the vehicle directly by e?mail if they so wish.

Alongside the pre-owned car exchange, Audi also provides a link within its Internet site to AUDI AG's business and company vehicles. An additional highlight is the Audi A8 exclusive exchange containing nothing but pre-owned Audi A8 models. The Audi A8 selected is shown in four pictures alongside a description of the vehicle. Audi has been offering pre-owned cars for sale since August 1997.

Audi is an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality cars. In 2000 the company sold more than 650,000 cars, bringing in sales revenues of DM 39 billion (including Autogerma, Italy). The Audi Group currently has around 50,000 employees.