July 19, 2001

Herbert Gets First Look at Sears

Sonoma, Calif. -- Johnny Herbert was able to get his first look at Sears Point behind the wheel of an Audi S4 Competition SCCA Pro Racing Speedvision GT car today. The former Formula 1 pilot will join Andy Wallace in the number 38 Champion Audi R8 for the X-Factor Grand Prix of Sonoma on Sunday.

"The track is good, you have to be up on your seat, the one I had was very low and that makes it difficult to see over the brows. This circuit has a nice technical flow, which reminds me of Oulton Park back home. I also like the nice combination of high and medium speed corners like the esses. I am one up on factory driver Tom Kristensen, I have been laps in a saloon car and he has only driven around with Hans Stuck."

Herbert commented on driving the Audi S4 Competition. "I thought it was tough to drive at first and then I was able to get some heat in the tires and it was really fun. This is the very first time I have ever driven a proper saloon car. I was following Michael Galati around, which was fun. It can be tricky here with the brows trying to guess where the turn-in for the corner will fall."

Asked how will the experience today in the S4 will translate to the R8, Herbert replied, "I know I will have to raise the seat so I have better visibility and I won't be in the way out there come tomorrow's practice."

Audi Sport North America is the motorsports arm of Audi of America, Inc.

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