August 16, 2001

Folding Loadliner for Audi A4

New patent ensures a clean luggage compartment

Ingolstadt - Simple ideas prove particularly useful in practice if they are well thought-out. Customers buying an Audi A4 with folding rear-seat backs can now order a patented loadliner for their luggage compartment. For 160 (DM 312.93) they can buy a built-in liner that is folded up against the backrest of the rear seats when not in use and simply released at a handle under the rear shelf when required. It can also be retrofitted.

The loadliner adapts flexibly to the various arrangements of the A4 luggage compartment, with the seats in the normal position, split or completely folded. The optional through-load facility with ski bag can also still be used. The luggage compartment always retains its maximum capacity.

When unfolded, the loadliner covers the entire floor of the luggage compartment and the folded rear-seat backs, which are also covered individually if split 1/3-2/3. A generously dimensioned boot sill cover protects the painted bumpers during loading.

The loadliner is watertight, small amounts of any leaking fluids collect in front of the sill and can be soaked up easily. Other dirt is also easy to remove.