The Interior

As in the A4 saloon, the Avant's interior combines exceptional ergonomics with a subjective feeling of comfort. Its spaciousness marks a leap forward from one design generation to the next.

The lines of the new A4's cockpit extend far into the door-panel and middle console areas, "embracing" the driver as it were. This "wrap-around" effect is accentuated by the A4's high waistline.

The architecture of the dash panel and center console make it possible to accommodate instruments and controls at a high level, in other words within the driver's ideal field of vision - an ergonomic strategy that is adopted in every aircraft cockpit for very good reasons.

The new lines divides the driver's display and control area into clearly defined zones. These can be distinguished at a glance, which is a worthwhile ergonomic improvement that speeds up access to the individual information units and function groups. This has been achieved in a visual and haptic manner: the control and display elements are associated with one another as functional units by means of the materials used.

The most important information elements on the instrument panel are located under a dome-shaped cover. The dial graphics of the large round instruments dispense with all fashionable gimmicks. Together with the standard central color display, the white instrument lighting ensures optimum readability.

The most important controls for occupant comfort and convenience are grouped together on the center console: automatic air conditioning, the audio system and the swivel monitor for the optional navigation system Plus. The separate air conditioning controls are within easy reach of both front seat occupants.

The door trim design reflects the differing needs of the driver and front passenger. Because no grab handle is needed on the driver's side, the window lift buttons and door mirror adjusters are integrated here, in the best location ergonomically. The front passenger, on the other hand, has the grab handle precisely where it is ergonomically most appreciated. The padded door armrests and the optional center armrest are immaculate touches on both sides.

As in the A4 saloon, the seats are of completely new design and improve the A4 Avant's ergonomics even further. They have a larger cushion surface for increased thigh support and comfort. This improves the sitting position considerably, particularly for tall occupants. The fine-adjustment mechanism allows the front seats to be adjusted almost continuously in the forward/back direction and in height.

There are more benefits to the new interior design apart from sheer practicality. The design of the self-contained zones also creates a basis for a wide range of materials and color options. From the designers' viewpoint, this opens up entirely new horizons, and for the A4's customers it provides scope for an unprecedented degree of customization.

The customer's tastes and imagination are almost unrestricted when it comes to the choice of equipment and decor. Craftsmanship and the quality of all fabrics and upholstery materials to standards you would normally expect to find only in a luxury model - a true indication of how Audi perceives itself as a supplier of fine cars.

The Load Area

The A4 Avant's load area combines an exclusive atmosphere with optimum usability and a versatile layout. This synthesis of successful interior design and multi-functionality sets new standards.

The available storage space has been increased by inserting a variable double storage floor. With three different floor-panel positions, the load area capacity is between 377 (closed), 422 (partially open) and 442 liters (removed). With the storage floor open, the increase in capacity compared with the previous model is between 32 or 52 liters. Maximum storage capacity with the rear seat folded is 1,184 liters. Loading heavy and bulky objects into the car is simplified considerably by the low height of the loading edge. Objects up to 1,000 mm wide can be loaded through the hatch opening, which is unprecedented among B-segment premium estate cars,. Through-loading width has been increased by 64 mm compared with the previous model and the load aperture width by as much as 70 mm.

The smooth-surfaced inside panels have no bulges, making the load area look tidy at all times. The available capacity can be used efficiently, with neither edges nor projections in the way.

Even in its standard version, the A4 Avant's load area offers a full range of ingenious details such as a net for small items, chrome-plated load-securing lugs, a storage compartment behind a cover in the rear side panel, an easily accessible 12V power socket in the side panel and a light in the tailgate that also illuminates the area behind the vehicle. To increase carrying capacity, the rear seat back can be folded by one third, two thirds or completely.

The load-area floor is at the same height as the folded rear seat backrests, thus guaranteeing an almost level storage surface thanks to optimized backrest pivot points. The luggage cover and the dividing net are located in a special compact, space-saving housing.

This combined housing is attached to the wider part of the rear seat backrest and folds forwards with it. In this position, the housing can easily be removed through the rear side door.

In many vehicles, extending the dividing net requires some dexterity. This is why a more convenient, innovative solution is used on the A4 Avant. The new dividing net can be attached to the retaining eyelets without having to apply excess tension, and subsequently tautens itself automatically. The net can be used in the rear or front rear-seat back positions. The luggage cover can also be operated conveniently with one hand.

The storage floor is a second level in the luggage compartment, but is not rigidly attached to the vehicle and can be folded. Its position can therefore be changed easily, making a useful contribution to the unique level of load-area versatility.

Under the floor there is a plastic pan attached to the body; this increases carrying capacity further. It is made of water-repellent PP plastic with an embossed surface, and is easy to clean.

The toolbox cover in the spare wheel recess on the opposite side from the plastic pan is dust-proof, which is particularly beneficial when dirty objects have to be carried.

The load area can be prepared for various transporting tasks with a few simple movements. To carry smaller objects securely, the floor panel can be positioned vertically in the middle of the load area. If the plastic pan is to be used for transporting larger objects, the floor panel can be folded forwards completely. When maximum load capacity is needed, the entire floor panel can be removed equally easily.

The reflective warning triangle is stored on the inside of the tailgate und can therefore be reached even if the load area is full. The tailgate opens to an overall height of 1.98 meters, which corresponds to an inside handle height of 1.83 meters. By applying additional pressure, the tailgate can be raised by an additional 15 centimeters and stops in every intermediate position thanks to a new gas spring. This prevents damage caused by striking low garage ceilings.

Two handle recesses at the left and right allow the tailgate to be pulled shut from any position.

A load-area package with practical detail solutions for numerous situations is available as an optional extra: a luggage net prevents objects from sliding about; it can be fastened in no time at all to the four lugs provided. The luggage net can also be transformed into a net-type storage pouch and attached behind the rear seat or at the rear to carry smaller items. There is a choice between hooks on the left and right side trims or two hooks on the luggage cover housing or beneath the roller cover. A retaining strap in the right side trim can also be used to secure smaller objects and is adjustable to several positions.

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