Electronics and Equipment

Navigation: Electronic Scouts

Two navigation systems are available as optional extras for the new Audi A4 Avant: the basic version supplies information by means of a spoken announcement and arrow diagrams in the instrument cluster's high-resolution color display. The driver is given all the relevant directions along the chosen route, and the distance to the destination or the estimated remaining journey time are displayed.

In all Audi navigation systems, a new processor ensures even quicker route calculation and maximum user convenience.

The navigation system Plus also has a five-inch swivel monitor on the center console, which also projects the route in map mode. The driver can have the route displayed in close-up or on a larger scale. Dynamic navigation using Traffic Message Channel broadcasts from radio stations is a useful additional feature. Thanks to CAN bus technology, the data picked up in this way can also be used by the navigation system and directly incorporated when compiling an alternative route.

Audi Telematics

A unique telecommunications service is also being offered by Audi for the Audi A4Avant: by supplying carefully selected traffic information directly to the cockpit, Audi telematics helps drivers on Germany's roads to reach their destination quickly and without getting caught up in traffic congestion.

Audi telematics users benefit from a unique network of information sources. Several thousand sensors monitor the traffic flow almost everywhere on German autobahns. The traffic situation is then calculated electronically, based on the sensor data; tailbacks and hold-ups are reported to the vehicle's terminal. Information output is either via the display of the Driver Information System (DIS) or by speech output in conjunction with the navigation computer.

The advantage this information technique enjoys, especially over radio traffic services, can be expressed in plain figures. At the moment up to 83 percent of all traffic hold-ups on autobahns can be detected quickly and reliably; this figure is only about 45 percent if conventional methods are used - air surveillance and reports from people whose task it is to identify traffic congestion, for example.

In emergency situations Audi telematics makes sure that help is sent out to where it is needed as quickly as possible. In the event of a breakdown, pressing a button is all it takes to connect the driver by telematics telephone to the Audi service center: the latter will then arrange assistance. The driver need not even know where the car is situated; the automatic position-finder tells the breakdown recovery personnel where to go. In the event of an accident, the system even makes an automatic emergency call. In situations like these, functional safety benefits from the crash-resistant installation of the stand-by battery and an emergency aerial.

The Audio Systems

Audi drivers have been accustomed to concert-hall quality for many years. The new A4 Avant further refines this quality with the audio systems available as optional extras. The audio characteristics of these systems have been specially matched to the Avant's interior acoustics and the selected equipment.

Ten loudspeakers ensure tailor-made acoustics. A loudspeaker in the center of the dashboard generates a highly differentiated spatial effect, and a subwoofer towards the rear of the interior supplies impressive bass sound even on the standard version, with at least 150 Watt output. The total output of the Bose sound system is no less than 215 Watts.

As with the Bose sound system, an additional CD changer for six CDs located in the glove compartment can be combined with all three radio systems.

On all radio versions there is an increase in the number of programmable station memory keys to 12, and long-wave reception is now available too. The "Concert" and "Symphony" models benefit from aerial diversity, which results in significantly better reception.

Telephone with voice activation (in conjunction with Audi telematics)

The optional car telephone system can be ordered with voice activation, which is extremely easy to operate. The driver just has to speak the desired number in order to be connected. The hands can remain on the steering wheel and the driver can continue to concentrate fully on the road.

Easier to Read: The Instrument Cluster Display

The new Audi A4 Avant features a new, particularly easy-to-read central display on the instrument panel when ordered with a telematics or navigation system. This display (referred to by the specialists as an active-matrix display) between the two large circular dials no longer simply consists of red lettering against a black background; it can now use eight different foreground and background colors for the presentation of information.

Considerably improved resolution of 442 x 236 pixels further enhances graphic displays, and above all optimizes the appearance of navigation symbols and directions. It is now also possible to adopt the typeface used on the dials in the display, for a more harmonious appearance.

Anti-theft alarm system with integral tow-away warning

There is a tilt-angle sensor in addition to the tried-and-tested anti-theft alarm (optional extra) on the Audi A4 Avant: if the vehicle is jacked up when parked - whether in an effort to tow it away or to remove its wheels - the anti-theft alarm is triggered off. This function can be deactivated manually at any time, for instance when the vehicle is to be towed with the owner's permission.

Ultrasonic monitoring of the car's interior and the sensors at the doors and lids are effective safeguards against any attempts to gain access to the car's interior.

Appearance Made to Measure

There is a choice of 16 body colors for the new Audi A4 Avant. The color spectrum includes particularly sporty shades such as Silver metallic to Amulet Red, and also elegant colors such as Burgundy Red pearl effect and Crystal Blue metallic.

The high-gloss package available optionally, with the drip moldings and window capping strips included, gives the car a highly elegant note.

The interior also satisfies virtually every design requirement. The materials used are without exception of the highest quality - a characteristic that is conveyed not only visually, but also by their feel.

In addition to Phoenix and Zenith cloth upholstery, there is also the sporting elegance of Buffalino leather, which is tanned without chromium salts and dyed without using heavy metals. This unadulterated material is notable for its natural appearance and outstanding practicality. The combination of Pearl Nappa with Alcantara, as available for the sports seats, is also very attractive.

High-gloss inlays on the dashboard and doors are standard; they are matched to the respective interior in four colors. Aluminum inlays in Visor Grey and wood inlays in Walnut Brown or Amber Vavona are available as optional extras.

Important Standard Equipment Items

A perfect climate can be obtained on both sides of the vehicle - thanks to the deluxe automatic air conditioning in the new Audi A4 Avant. The standard version of this system, which is also regulated according to the position of the sun, can be adjusted separately for the driver and front-passenger areas. This system, which is equally important in terms of comfort and safety, is part of the standard equipment specification of all new A4 Avant models at market launch.

The deluxe air conditioning can be extended with the automatic air recirculation system.

The height and also the reach of the four-spoke steering wheel can be adjusted.

The driver's and front passenger's seats have manual height adjustment. A center rear armrest increases travel comfort.

Electric front windows - with anti-pinch protection - and electrically adjusted door mirrors optimize operating convenience.

The standard ellipsoidal headlights behind clear-glass covers guarantee a good view. High-performance halogen fog lights are also part of the standard specification.

All Audi A4 Avant models from 96 kW (130 bhp) upwards are equipped with alloy sports wheels as a standard: the four-cylinder versions have seven-arm, 15-inch wheels with 195/65 R15 tires.

The standard equipment package for six-cylinder models includes seven-hole cast aluminum wheels. The 16-inch wheels on the 2.4 and 2.5 TDI have size 205/55 R16 tires; the 3.0 rides on size 215/55 R16 tires.

Optional Extras

Six further alloy wheels of sizes 7x16 to 7.5x17, available from the launch date, give drivers a further means of enhancing the characteristic appearance of their new Audi A4. Tire sizes up to 235/45 R17 ensure an uncompromisingly sporty character that is manifested in ways other than just visually.

There are also wheel and tire sets for winter use: for the four-cylinder version there is a 6.5x15 inch pressed-steel wheel with full-diameter cover. This is best used in conjunction with 195/65 R15 winter tires. A 7x16 inch cast aluminum wheel with 205/55 R16 tire is offered for the six-cylinder versions.

Electric adjustment is available for the driver's and front passenger's seats. The seat positions can be stored by a memory function (also available as an optional extra). The position of the door mirrors can also be memorized.

The storage package can accommodate numerous personal items. It includes drawers under both front seats, luggage nets on the front seat backs and two additional cup holders in the rear center armrest.

On warm days, the optional cooling box in the glove compartment is very useful: the contents are cooled by the automatic air conditioning while the car is on the move and remain at a low temperature for some time after the engine has been switched off.

The heated windscreen is a welcome accessory for cold days. It can melt ice on the windscreen completely in just a minute at a temperature of -5 Celsius.

Audi's range of optional extras includes top visibility at night: the best example are xenon low-beam headlights with automatic, dynamic beam angle adjustment. They illuminate the area in front of the car evenly and intensively.

A Made-to-Measure car The standard seats in the Audi A4 Avant provide maximum comfort on long journeys, but they can be customized to meet your individual requirements even more perfectly, for example with a 4-way electric lumbar support for both front seats.

The sports front seats in the range of optional extras for the Audi A4 Avant offer an ideal combination of excellent lateral support and maximum seating comfort. They can also be combined with electric adjustment and a memory function as an option.

And while on the subject of sport, even a car as dynamic as the new Audi A4 Avant may arouse the desire for a more uncompromising concept. This wish can be fulfilled with further items from the range of optional extras for the new Avant. Specially developed sports suspension, with the body lowered by 20 millimeters, firmer shock absorber/spring rates and 7Jx17 wheels demonstrate the new Audi A4 Avant in an entirely new light: here the focus is clearly on its sporting potential - a potential that makes no secret of the sports tradition that the brand enjoys on the racing circuit and in rallying.

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