2001 News Archive

December 2001

Audi News: Convenience Electronics II - Fingerprints & Personalisation - 12/27
The second part of this series.

Audi News: Sales Report for November - 12/08

Audi News: Convenience Electronics - Vehicle Access Systems - 12/05
The new Audi Vehicle Access System will offer the customer comprehensive convenience functions. This article discusses some of the recent developments in this area.

November 2001

Motorsport News: 2002 Audi Motorsport Programme - 11/30

Audi News: International Awards for Audi A4 - 11/29

Audi News: Structural and Management Changes of AUDI AG Adopted - 11/23

Featured Article: First Drive: Audi A4 1.8T with Multitronic - 11/18
The new Audi A4 FrontTrak equipped with Multitronic could be one of the most significant cars to roll out of Ingolstadt in some time. Find out why.

Audi News: Sales Report for November - 11/08

October 2001

Motorsport News: Big Weekend for Audi in Atlanta - 10/10

Audi News: Audi Reports September Sales - 10/8

September 2001

Feature Story: 15 Minutes with Len Hunt - 9/29

Audi News: Sport Package for the Audi A6 - 9/18

Audi News: Sport Package for the Audi A3 - 9/18

Motorsport News: Audi Wins ALMS with 1-2-3 at Laguna Seca - 9/9

Motorsport News: Bell and Galati Have Tough Laguna Race - 9/9

Feature Story: Audi Technician Training - 9/5
Audi ensures that its Technicians are prepared to work under the hood (for older and newer models alike) by offering training in 8 facilities across North America. We've got exclusive details.

Audi News: Record August Sales for Audi - 9/4

Audi News: Audi S3 Gets 225 bhp Engine - 9/4

August 2001

Audi News: A Detailed Look at the New Avant - 8/30
After becoming one of the most successful premium wagons in the world (over 500,000 of the original A4 Avants sold), the model has been redesigned and improved both inside and out.

Audi News: Seal of Quality for Audi Seats - 8/29

Motorsport News: Audi Second at Mid-Ohio - 8/25

Audi News: Audi Introduces its "S Line" - 8/24
Uncompromising sportiness is the distinguishing feature of the Audi TT Coupé 1.8T quattro "S line" which is available as a limited edition, probably until the end of 2001.

Motorsport News: Audi Strikes Back: Victory at Mosport - 8/19

Audi News: Folding Loadliner for Audi A4 - 8/16

Audi News: Audi TDI Technology Breaks International Records - 8/14

Audi News: Audi Collection Shop Now Also Accessible Online - 8/9

Audi News: Cabriolet Confirmed! - 8/7
Although it won't be shown until the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Audi has released photos and information regarding its new A4-based Cabriolet design.

Motorsport News: Audi Finishes Second and Fifth at Portland - 8/5

Motorsport News: Galati Wins Portland - 8/5

Audi News: Panoz Motorsports Group Enters Multi-Level Partnership With AoA - 8/1

Audi News: Audi's 2001 Rapid Pace Continues With Best July Sales Ever - 8/1

Audi News: RS4 Production Ends - 8/1
Audi ensured exclusivity for its latest super wagon by announcing the end of RS4 production today. Just 6,030 hand built vehicles were produced by quattro GmbH.

Audi News: "Audi Driving Experience" Comes to North America - 8/1

July 2001

Audi News: 2002 Audi Model Year Changes - 7/22
Audi of America has confirmed details for the 2002 models, including the redesigned A4 with more powerful engine configurations and the S6 Avant. Many models also get new color choices for the upcoming year.

Motorsport News: Galati Fourth, Bell Sixth at Sears - 7/22

Motorsport News: Audi Starts Up Front at Sears - 7/21

Motorsport News: Herbert Gets First Look at Sears - 7/19

Motorsport News: Galati Leads Points, Bell Back for Sears Point - 7/16

Audi News: First Half of 2001: Audi Even Better than Expected - 7/16

Motorsport News: Herbert Joins Champion for Remainder of ALMS - 7/13

Audi News: New Audi Technology Now in the USA - 7/13

Audi News: Audi has Built More than 150,000 Aluminum Cars - 7/12
Text from the Audi press release

June 2001

Audi News: FSI Technology Revealed - 6/28
The secret behind Audi's double win at Le Mans 2001 has been revealed: the Audi R8's utilized new direct injection technology which will soon be available in Audi's passenger vehicles.

Motorsport News: Audi Repeats its Le Mans Triumph - 6/17
Fighting torrential rain, Audi has won the toughest motor race in the world for the second straight year. The R8 celebrated its 13th consecutive victory in sports car racing, remaining unbeaten for nearly a year.

Motorsport News: Audi in Pole Position Again at Le Mans - 6/15

Motorsport News: Audi Claims Top-three Positions in Le Mans Practice - 6/14

Audi News: "Silver Award" for the A2 - 6/13
Text from the Audi press release

Motorsport News: Audi Well Prepared for Le Mans - 6/7

Motorsport News: Lemarie and Coronel Join Johansson at Le Mans - 6/5

Audi News: Dynamic, Elegant, Versatile: The New Audi A4 Avant - 6/1
Audi introduces the redesigned A4 Avant - from the Audi press release (includes photos)

May 2001

Motorsport News: Galati First, Bell Nith at Lime Rock - 5/28

Motorsport News: Pescatori Completes Audi Driver Line-up for Le Mans - 5/28

Motorsport News: Galati Third at Mosport - 5/20

Motorsport News: Audi Finishes 1-2 in Spain - 5/20

Featured Article: First Annual Lone Star concours - 5/17
Quattro Club members and Audi fans alike gathered in Houston on May 12th for a meeting of the Lone Star Chapter of Quattro Club USA and their First Annual Concourse.

Audi News: New TDI in the A3 - 5/15
Text from the Audi press release

Audi News: Audi Online Pre-Owned Car Exchange Now Even More Attractive - 5/15
Text from the Audi press release

Audi News: Audi Reports April Sales - 5/14

Featured Article: First Annual North American TT Gathering - 5/11
TT owners from across the country recently converged on Western Pennsylvania for a weekend of social and automotive activities that included touring two of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous houses, Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob.

Motorsport News: Guest Appearance in Spain for the Team Audi Sport North America - 5/11

Audi News: Audi Extends A4 Range - 5/7
Text from the Audi press release

Motorsport News: Audi Fastest in Le Mans Pre-Practice - 5/6

April 2001

Audi News: Cause of Alboreto Accident Clarified - 4/30
Text from the Audi press release

Featured Article: Audi Motorsport Tragedy - 4/26
Michele Alboreto was killed in a stunning accident on Wednesday when the Audi R8 racecar he was driving went off the track and rolled on the Lausitzring in Saxony, Germany.

Audi News: The A6 Gets a Facelift - 4/19
Text from the Audi press release

Motorsport News: Audi Continues Winning Streak - 4/16

Featured Article: Alloy Wheel Repair - 4/16
A common, yet typically devastating problem with owning large alloy wheels is the ever-present threat of damage. Curbs, potholes and road debris can all lead to cosmetic defects and performance/safety issues. There's hope because most damaged wheels can be repaired.

Motorsport News: Audi Heads to Donnington for Easter - 4/7

Audi News: Audi Reports Best March Sales Ever - 4/3

Audi News: 12 Cylinders for the A8 - 4/3
Text from the Audi press release

March 2001

Featured Article: Audi AG Annual Press Conference - 3/20
Concluding fiscal year 2000, Audi held its annual press conference in Munich on March 20th. Audi Chairman Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen mentioned two future variants of the redesigned A4 in his speech: A4 Avant and four-door Audi Cabriolet.

Motorsport News: Audi is 1-2-3-4 at Sebring - 3/18

Audi News: Positive Trend for Audi Suggestions Scheme - 3/15

Motorsport News: Dress Rehearsal for Le Mans in Sebring - 3/13

News: Spyker C8 Laviolette (Using Audi S8 Engine) Unveiled at Amsterdam AutoRAI - 3/10

Audi News: Audi A4 Gets 4 Stars for Safety - 3/2

February 2001

Motorsport News: Audi Faces Tough Challenge to Defend its Titles - 2/26

Motorsport News: Infineon Announces Global Sponsoring Program 2001 with a Focus on Sports - 2/19

Motorsport News: Vortrag Motorsports to Campaign in Speedvision World Challenge GT and Touring - 2/16

Audi News: Audi A2 1.2 TDI - 2/15
The Audi A2 1.2 TDI is the world's first four-door three-litre car; in other words the first automobile with fuel consumption of less than three litres per 100 kilometres (that's over 78 miles per gallon).

AudiWorld News: The Audi Zone Acquired by AudiWorld - 2/3
AudiWorld is very pleased to announce the acquisition of The Audi Zone (www.audizone.com) effective February 1, 2001.

Audi News: Review of 2000: "Audi Group Grows Successfully" - 2/1
Text from the Audi press release

January 2001

Featured Article: Audi S4 Racing in America - 1/28
Audi S4 owners are probably familiar with the rush -- both literally and figuratively -- associated with the accelerator pedal in their cars. While we all aspire to be street racers once in a while, there are professional race teams actually using the S4 in competition.

Audi News: A Successful Year 2000: Audi sales figures at a new record level - 1/8
Text from the Audi press release

Audi News: Audi Breaks All-Time U.S. Sales Record - 1/3
Text from the Audi press release