The face of progress

The progressive design of the Audi A2 reconciles two apparent contradictions: lightness and sturdiness. Whereas the roof - with its gently ribbed structure - and expansive rear window are indicative of its lightness, the sturdy, high-shouldered vehicle body creates an impression of considerable substance, suggesting security and protection.

The engine and passenger compartments of the Audi A2 are kept visually distinct by the two-box design concept. This concept, in conjunction with a progressive overall design, gives the compact Audi A2 a tremendously mature appearance.

The clear-cut lines with accentuated joints and geometrical wheel arches communicate an emphatic language of forms. The front end of the Audi A2 appears particularly powerful. The principal design elements are the striking headlights, the bumpers almost fully integrated into the overall shape, and the structural unit consisting of radiator grille and "service module", combined by a surrounding chrome trim.

The tailgate with its extensive glazed area reaches all the way down to the bumper, for convenient loading of the spacious luggage compartment (350 litres of volume, or 1085 litres with the optional folding rear seat). The use of a rear spoiler compared with conventional roof spoilers optimises the aerodynamics and guides the airflow over the window in such a way that it is kept clear in wet weather.

Space Floor Concept for optimum use of space

With an overall length of 3.83 m and a width of 1.67 m, the Audi A2 occupies minimal road space. In view of these dimensions, it is surprisingly roomy and comfortable. The sense of spaciousness inside the Audi A2, which is 1.55 m high, is quite remarkable. The driver, front passenger and rear seat occupants have plenty of headroom, leg room and elbow room.

The Space Floor Concept provides the ideal basis for a relaxed, ergonomically correct seated position, especially for the rear passengers: the lowered rear footwells allow rear passengers to bend their legs at a perfectly natural angle and thus sit in an ergonomic, relaxed position.

Equipment: comfort and convenience to suit all requirements

Economical, not spartan: even in the most fuel-efficient version of the A2, driver and passengers do not have to forego the luxury attributes that are so typical of Audi. The list of optional equipment items is practically the same as the range for the more powerful A2 versions and therefore leaves nothing wanting. Here are some examples:

The equipment range includes power steering and a 4-spoke leather-rim steering wheel. Height adjustment for the front seats makes it easier for the driver and front passenger to select a comfortable position, regardless of their stature. Three audio systems with integrated cassette player provide an impressive sound experience: customers can choose between the chorus stereo with four front speakers, the concert stereo with a total of eight front and rear speakers and the symphony stereo, additionally with integrated CD player.

Automatic air conditioning as an option keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature whatever the weather. Heated front seats provide pleasant warmth in next to no time, even after frosty nights. Heated door mirrors and washer jets optimise visibility and safety in an instant.

The aluminium trim elements in the aluminium package can be selected for a particularly individual effect inside the A2. Decorative rings on the grab handles, the inside of the doors, the gear lever gaiter surround and the glove box add an attractive touch of contrast to the otherwise restrained, clear outlines of the cockpit.

A Technical Data Chart is also available.

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